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2017 CK Arms Mississippi Open State Championship



The 2017 CK Arms Mississippi Open State Championship will be held July 23rd, 2017 at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club near Biloxi, MS. This is a USPSA sanctioned, level 2 Sectional championship match.

The match will be 10 stages in a one day format. There will be a lunch break with complimentary food provided. Division will be Open only.

One CK Arms open gun (MSRP $4,000) courtesy of match title sponsor CK Arms to be given away by random draw at the awards ceremony.

State Champion, open to MS residents.
1st-3rd place overall, open to everyone.
High Lady, High Senior, High Super Senior, and High Junior .
Class awards in each division based on number of entries.
(1st in class for 5 entries. 1-3rd in class for 9+ entries)

Registration will open at 7pm CST on April 4th on Practiscore at the following link:

Limited to the first 75 entries. Any registration after that will go to the waitlist.

Once registered and approved you will be sent squadding and payment info. You have 14 days from registering to pay or you will be removed from the match. Refunds will be given up to 30 days prior to the match.

We are in need of 15 staff members to run the match. Three staff members will be assigned per squad, and will shoot as embedded RO’s within the squad and run the timer and scoring tablet for that squad. Need not be a certified RO to volunteer, but is recommended. Staff will shoot FREE. If you would like to volunteer as staff, check the box indicating so on the registration form. Please note, not all applications may be accepted once we have 15 staff positions filled. You will receive email confirming if you have been selected as staff.

We are also in need of 5 setup crew members to setup the match. The match will be completely setup the evening before. Setup crew will shoot FREE. If you would like to volunteer as setup crew, check the box indicating so on the registration form. Please note, not all applications may be accepted once we have all setup crew positions filled. You will receive email confirming if you have been selected as setup crew.

9:00 – 12:00pm Shooting
12:00 – 1:00pm Lunch Break. Complimentary lunch and drinks provided.
1:00 – 5:30pm Shooting
6:00 – 6:30pm Award Ceremony.

See you at the match!

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April 2017 Poplarville 3-Gun match reminder

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3gun banner composite


The April 2017 3-Gun match in Poplarville is now open for registration. Sign up online if you plan to attend. Just click the Register button below.


2017 Rosco Manufacturing Mississippi Two Gun State Championship Results!

The 2017 Rosco Manufacturing Mississippi Two Gun State Championship is in the books, and from what we saw and the feedback we got from several folks it was a great one! The squads ran on schedule, everything seemed to run efficiently and everyone had a great time. Huge thanks to all the staff and folks who pitched in to make it run so smoothly, and of course huge thanks to our title sponsor Rosco Manufacturing who really helped make it special.

When the hammer went down at 9am, we had 77 shooters start off on the five stages of the pistol portion of the match.

Stage 1, Stomp Action, was a 20 round stage that had you activating a swinger and drop turner via stomp box. This was by far the quickst paced stage of the match, and Jeff Blackmon shredded it with his open blaster with a time of 7.50. Brandon Guillory and James May were next behind him winning the stage in both Tactical and Limited respectively with runs of 8.94 and 8.95.

Stage 2, Full Throttle, was in stark contrast to stage one, a stage that had 15 targets really spread out and you had to cover some ground. The guys that could shoot well on the move gained some time here, and that was none other than Ethan Boudreaux, known in some circles as “Lil Sweet”, he cooked up the overall stage win here with a 18 second run. Jason Welch was right on his tail just .13 seconds behind.

Stage 3, Flying V, had you starting with a gun on barrel, and then fter grabbing the gun navigating a parallel shooting area with 14 targets. Bryant Willett went against the grain here going right first and it paid of for him with th overall stage win with a 12.80 run, Jeff Blackmon was behind him with a 14.28 run and Thomas Knight set the iron sight pace with a 14.63 run.

Stage 4, Blazing Stealth, was a 26 round course with some tight walls to navigate moving laterally and forward. Jeff Blackmon came up aces her with a 14.75 run, and Ethan Boudreaux was right behin dhim at 14.90.

Stage 5, On The Move, was a 30 round stage that was another one of those that showcased who could shoot on the move, or at least move really fast in between the shooting. Jason Welch set the pace here at 16.05 with Jonathan O’Brien right behind at 16.32.

As we broke for lunch and put the pistols away, the halftime leaderboard had Jams May in the driver seat in Limited, Bill Mahley on top in Open, and Brandon Guillory atop in Tactical.

Stage 6, Stomp Action 2, was a remix of stage 1 with rifles. In what became a recurring them in the rifle portion, Luke Gosnell took the overall stage with a run of 8.13, and Jeff Blackmon was right behind with a 8.53.

Stage 7, Fuller Throttle, was stage 2 redone with rifles. Luke Gosnell was pushing the gas here and finished on top with a run of 16.94, followed again by Jeff Blackmon at 17.11.

Stage 8, Flying V Reloaded, was just that, Stage 3 reloaded and run with rifles. Again, Luke Gosnell cam eto play with his long gun today and took this stage with a run of 13.22, Bryant Willett was secon at 14.59.

Stage 9, Blazing Stealth Returns was stage 4 done over with rifles, and Luke Gosnell’s streak was broken here as h picked up a penalty and the stage was taken by Jeff Blackmon with a run of 14.11, followed by Brandon Guillory at 15.24.

Stage 10, On the Move Again, was stage 5 redone for rifle, and Luke Gosnell re-asserted his rifle dominance with a 14.44 run and Jeff Blackmon was second with 15.01.

Luke’s rifle run was impressive in the second half, but just not enough for him to make up ground he needed. Look out for this guy if he decides to come down again for the MS CQB state match in August, as it’s all rifle on small stages like today.

When all the stages were in the books, Jeff Blackmon was able to make up the ground he needed to take the Open win, Jonathan O’Brien likewise closed the gap and more that he needed with the rifle portion to take the Limited win, and Brandon Guillory staved off a few runs at his lad and was able to hold on for the win in Tactical.

Recognized winners as follows:

MS State Champ- Bill Mahley
1st place- Jeff Blackmon
2nd place- Bill Mahley
3rd place- Bryant Willett
High Lady- Ashleigh Gosnell
High Senior- Trey Nicholson
High Super Senior- Gerald Forbes

MS State Champ- Gerwin Henn
1st place- Jonathan O’Brien
2nd place- Gerwin Henn
3rd place- Luke Gosnell
High Lady- Michele White
High Senior- Gerwin Henn
High Super Senior- Robert Settle

MS State Champ- Steve Lashinsky
1st place- Brandon Guillory
2nd place- Jason Welch
3rd place- Steve Lashinsky
High Lady- Anniston Baluyot
High Junior – Anniston Baluyot
High Senior- Cheryl Fordyce
High Super Senior- Michael Fordyce

Full final results here:

And another huge thanks to Rosco Manufacturing who provided one of their high quality barrels to each of the first and second place shooters in each division, along with five of their stainless steel barrels for random draw to go along with the Springfield Range Officer 1911 that was given out.

And of course want to thank everyone for coming out and shooting, and especially for the hard work in running squads and tearing down stages after the match. Without the team effort, none of this would be possible.

See you the next match!

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CORRECTION – Brothers N Arms March 2017 USPSA Match Results

March 25, 2017 Leave a comment

It was brought to my attention earlier this evening that the uploaded scores were not correct and for that I do apologize!  Due to the deletion of of stages that weren’t shot by both squads, a bug in the scoring software caused the overall match score to be incorrect even though the individual stage scores that were shot were right.  While there were no changes to the either overall or classification winners that I could tell, there was some movement in shooter ranking.  Might be worth taking a second look, even though it was only two a stage match.

Sorry to those affected, I humbly accept the “Loser” Award!


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Brothers N Arms March 2017 USPSA Match Results

March 25, 2017 1 comment

I grew up in south Louisiana, a place where people speak bluntly.  My mother was no exception to this and had several very pointed witticisms she used frequently in trying to raise my brothers and I to adulthood with all of our digits and visual faculties in working order.  I can hear them like it was yesterday.

“You shoot your brother with that bow and arrow one more time and I’m gonna jerk a knot in your head.”

“Boy, when you turn sideways and stick your tongue out, you look like a zipper.  Get in here and eat something!”

There were many more, but the one she used when I was being particularly frustrating was “Son, you ain’t got sense enough to come in out of the rain!”  Well, Ma, I found 19 more just as dumb as me!

Twenty shooters showed up for a match when it was a known fact that there was going to be rain.  And boy, was there rain.  But, man, did we have fun!  Each squad managed to shoot three stages before it just got to be to difficult to proceed, though there were only two stages shot by both squads.  Thankfully, one of those two was the classifier, so we were able to submit the results to USPSA.

Cliff Gaddis was the decisive winner of both the match overall and Single Stack, coming in Read more…

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UPDATE – March 2017 Brothers N Arms USPSA Match

March 24, 2017 Leave a comment

Though the weather is probably not going to be what we would like to have, tomorrow’s match is still on!  There are six stages plus a classifier and while we look forward to seeing everyone there, we completely understand if you can’t make it.  Please take the time to withdraw if turns out that you won’t be attending.

Obviously, we reserve the right to delay or even call the match if safety concerns warrant, but to quote our fearless Match Director – “Shooters ain’t snowflakes!”.  See you at the range!

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2017 Rosco Manufacturing Mississippi Two Gun State Championship Preview!


The 2017 Rosco Manufacturing Mississippi Two Gun State Championship takes place this Sunday, March 26th, at Coast rifle and Pistol Club near Biloxi, MS. Eighty-five of the best shooters from around the state and region will come out Sunday to test their skills on ten fast paced and challenging stages using both rifle and pistol. The match is full, but spectators are more than welcome. The action will kick off at 9am and run all day.

Limited division will feature 39 total competitors. This division shoots iron sights or non-magnified optics on rifle. The battle for the state title here promises to be a dog fight, with Thomas Kight and Gerwin Henn being the favorites, although David Martian, Jeret Howard, and Ken Cornwell could each make a run. For the overall division title, added to the group above are some heavy hitters from Louisiana and Alabama in Jonathan O’Brien, Chris DiMenna and Mike Settle. Senior division features eight competitors, but looks to be a lock for newly turned 55 Gerwin Henn, but don’t count out Herman Cox, the sly old dog is pretty handy with a rifle. Super Senior is a four way battle between Jim Francis, Richard Tucker, Wayne Humphrey and Robert Settle. In the ladies division, Nancy Cole is a huge favorite for High Lady.

Tactical division will see 31 competitors battling it out. This division uses magnified optics on the rifle. This group is led by the favorite, Louisiana’s own Brandon Guillory. Should he stumble, look for Hank Coates, Joe Jones, Don Granier, Ivan Deroche, Steven Mosher and Freddy Smith to keep him honest. For the Mississippi state title, it looks to be a five way race between Gerald benton, Steve Lashinsky, Steven Mosher, Freddy Smith and Ivan Deroche. Ladies division comes down to Anniston Baluyot and Cheryl Foryce, with Anniston also being the favorite for High Junior. Senior division has five total, with the favorites being Cajun Kerry Bailey, Gerald Benton, and Trey Nicholson. Super Senior comes down to Lee Frasier and Michael Fordyce.

In Open division, anything goes, and fifteen folks threw their name in the hat for this one, led by favorites Charles Alexander and Bill Mahley, although Gary Kerr and Neil Drennan could make some noise here. The Mississippi title looks to come down to a race between Mahley, Kerr, and Drennan. The ladies division is deep here, with Ruth Mahley, Michele White, Carla Williams and Ashleigh Gosnell going for top honors. Super senior is a three way race between Don Evans, Shappley Harris, and the favorite, Gerald Forbes.

It looks to be a great match with some stiff competition.

See you at the match!

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March 2017 Brothers N Arms USPSA Match

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Registration is open for the March USPSA Pistol Match at the Brothers N Arms Range in Hattiesburg. This month’s event will have at least 5 stages, including  a classifier.

Setup starts at 7:00 am and registration/check-in ends at 8:30 am.  No walk-ons after 8:30, no exceptions.  There will be a new shooters meeting at 8:30 and a mandatory safety meeting at 8:45.

Payment will be due upon arrival.  If you are a member of the Brothers N Arms Range, $15 will be due.  Otherwise, the entry fee is $20.  To register, just click on the big button.


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March 2017 Poplarville pistol match results

March 19, 2017 Leave a comment

Dawson PrecisionWe were SO close to setting a record today. Our previous record for match participation was set way back in April of 2010. On that day, we had 40 shooters and today, we had… 40 shooters. A tie is nice but one more shooter would have set the record. Oh, well. Forty is great and we really appreciate the participation on the make-up Sunday.

The stages were pretty good, and featured a quick classifier (which no one did particularly well on, with the very best score only reaching a middle A level), and an easy (really?) steel stage that will appear in the Optics Nationals next weekend. The other three stages were more traditional, with a 38 rounder that invited the shooter to re-engage multiple targets, and another stage from the upcoming Optics Nationals included 27 targets with only the heads exposed that required a single shot on each. The final stage featured moving and shooting with a good mix of paper and steel. The best hit factor was only 5.29, so it paid to be accurate and not too slow.

There were two unfortunate DQ’s today, both for accidental discharges while reloading. It’s a good reminder to make sure your finger is out of the trigger guard when reloading. It can happen to anyone when the finger gets in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now, for the good news (for one person). The match today was runaway for the overall match winner and Limited division winner. With a commanding lead of almost 14%,  Read more…

BPSA March 2017 3-gun and Shotgun match results!

We had 38 shooters come out today for the BPSA March 2017 3gun match, with 25 of them hanging around afterwards for the Shotgun match.

The weather was perfect and things ran fairly smooth considering we finished two matches by 3pm.

Now on to the results:

Stage 1, Star Wars, was a rifle and pistol stage that featured the Texas Star at 100 yards. It turned out the bark was much worst than the bite, as folks did a lot better than they thought they would on it. Steven Mosher set the pace at 30 seconds in Tactical, and Dustin Stevens was right behind his with his red dot in Limited with a 33 second run. The rimfire rifle guys got to avoid the star, and were led by Ronald Hilton at 28 seconds.

Stage 2, Backward or Forward, was a quick paced shotgun and rifle stage that had you deciding to go up or back at the start. Ivan Deroche chose to go up, and it worked out for him as he led the stage at 14 seconds, with Jerry Howard and Aaron Fitzgerald right on his heels at 15 seconds. The rimfire division shot it all from the back, and Bonnie Coates set the tone with a 19 second run.

Stage 3, Get Low, use all three guns, and featured four targets in the back that had to shot prone. Ivan Deroche again set the pace here with his nimble shotgun work at 27 seconds with Ethan Boudreaux right on his tail at 28 seconds. Rimfire division bypassed going prone, and like father like son, Luke Deroche led the field here by a lot with a smoking 18 second run.

Stage 4, Forward March, used all three guns and you had to cover some ground doing it. If you could work the shotgun on the move you could really gain some time here, and that’s what Kevin Leonhardt did when he hung up a big run here that propelled him to the match win with a 27 second run. Hank Coates was a mere half second behind him with his own 27 second run. The next closest shooter was 5 seconds behind them. Rimfire got cut no slack on this stage and had to do it all, and that’s exactly what Ronald Hilton did in securing his Rimfire Rifle win with a 46 second run.
When the final results were compiled, Dustin Stevens was your Limited winner, Clayton Daigle won Open division, Ronald Hilton won Rimfire Rifle, and Kevin Leonhardt was the overall match and Tactical winner.

Full final results here:

For the Shotgun match held afterwards, it was real clear real quick that there are two types of shooters. Those that reload shotgun really good, and those that don’t.

Stage 1, Unloaded, was an unloaded start that featured eight pieces of steel. David Martian took the stage win with Hank Coates a quarter second off the pace.

Stage 2, Get Low Again, was sixteen pieces of steel that featured four that again required you to go prone. You don’t see a lot of prone shotgun shooting. Hank Coates was unfazed with a smoking 16 second run, with Aaron Fitzgerald next behind him at 19 seconds.

Stage 3, Forward March 2, had sixteen pieces of steel and again rewarded those who could work the shotgun on the move. Hank Coates put the match to bed here with a 16 second run. Steve White was second with a 21 second run.

When the smoke cleared and the shotgun hulls were all picked up, Hank Coates was the Tactical and Overall winner by a healthy margin. Clayton Daigle took Open, and Calvin Lindsay took down Heavy with his pump action prowess.

Full final results here:

Want to thank everyone for coming out and shooting, and especially for the hard work in running squads and tearing down stages after the match. Without the team effort, none of this would be possible.

See you the next match!

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