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If you have never shot USPSA style shooting or never shot at any of the clubs before, then read this page. Everything you need to know about the basics are covered here.

A couple of things to keep in mind when coming out for your first match:

  • All club ranges are cold ranges, so bring your gun in a bag, unloaded with the hammer or striker down, and the magazine out or cylinder empty.
  • Your gun may be handled ONLY in the designated safe areas. If you are unsure where the safe areas are, ask!
  • Matches start at 9 AM, but you should show up no later than 8:30 AM to register.
  • All new shooters will be given a separate safety briefing.
  • You don’t have to shoot when you come out. Newcomers are welcome to watch.
  • All shooters and non-shooters must wear eye and hearing protection when ranges are hot. You must bring your own protection, as the ranges do not offer rental or loaner equipment.


  • A center-fire pistol, either semi-automatic or revolver of at least 9 mm bullet diameter.
  • A belt that loops through the belt loops on your pants.
  • A holster attached to your belt that can securely hold your pistol in place during movement (inside the waistband, cross-draw, small of the back holsters are not allowed) and completely covers the trigger guard when the pistol is holstered.
  • A minimum of 3 high capacity magazines or 4-5 low capacity magazines. You may fire as many as 40 rounds on any given stage of fire.
  • Magazine pouches that attach firmly to your belt.
  • 200 rounds of ammunition, although you normally won’t shoot this much.
  • Eye and ear protection are required for anyone at the range, regardless if you are shooting or not.


SMPSA (Poplarville)

As a member of the club, your pistol match fee is only $15.00. Of that fee, $3.00 goes to USPSA to support the classifier program.

Non-members pay just $20.00 for the pistol match. The shotgun and rife afternoon matches are $5.00.

Annual membership to the club is only $35.00. For this, you get a $5 discount on your pistol match fee and a key to the range. Memberships renew in April and are not prorated.

To be eligible to receive a key as a member, you MUST shoot at least 3 matches in the first 6 months of your membership.

MGCPS (Pearlington)

Shooters pay $15.00 for the match fee. Of that fee, $3.00 goes to USPSA to support the classifier program. There is no membership requirement at MGCPS.

BPSA (Biloxi)

The pistol match fee is $10.00 for CRPC members and $15.00 for non-members. Membership in the Coast Rifle and Pistol Club (CRPC) is open to almost anyone for more information, click here.


Click here for the schedules for all club matches.


Click here for directions to the club ranges.

Range Access:

All clubs shoot at private ranges. These ranges are NEVER open to the public for general shooting at ANY time. New shooters are welcome to come out on scheduled match days to shoot the match, but all ranges are private and not open to the public except during matches.

If you are looking for access to a public shooting range, check out these ranges that are located around South Mississippi:

Gun Ho in Pass Christian, MS

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