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April 2012 MCGPS pistol match results

April 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Another good match is history.  Thanks to all that helped.  We had 31 shooters and the match went fairly smooth.  Starting with the May match those who help set up on Saturday will shoot free on Sunday.  I am also raising the match fee to $15 to cover the cost.  Just a reminder the May match will be on May 6th.  Anybody with stage ideas please forward them to me, and if you want to help set up please call to let me know (Tom’s cell 504-458-0093). Read more…

April 2012 USPSA match at Poplar cancelled

April 1, 2012 Leave a comment

The normally scheduled Second Sunday USPSA match in Poplarville falls on Easter Sunday this year. So, we are cancelling the match. We will not reschedule this match for another date.

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April 2012 SMPSA 3-gun match results

April 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Summer comes early to South Mississippi. But the shooting was hotter. The turnout was a bit down with several conflicts for some regulars, but we did have fourteen die-hards make it out. We shot four relatively short and simple stages (no 3-mile, backwards, off a vibrating platform, blindfolded shots) but they turned out to be challenging in their own way. And the best part was we got done at a reasonable time!

We had a few new shooters today and some old timers. Thanks to everyone that helped to set up and tear the stages down. And now, the results… Read more…

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