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BPSA March 2017 3-gun and Shotgun match results!

We had 38 shooters come out today for the BPSA March 2017 3gun match, with 25 of them hanging around afterwards for the Shotgun match.

The weather was perfect and things ran fairly smooth considering we finished two matches by 3pm.

Now on to the results:

Stage 1, Star Wars, was a rifle and pistol stage that featured the Texas Star at 100 yards. It turned out the bark was much worst than the bite, as folks did a lot better than they thought they would on it. Steven Mosher set the pace at 30 seconds in Tactical, and Dustin Stevens was right behind his with his red dot in Limited with a 33 second run. The rimfire rifle guys got to avoid the star, and were led by Ronald Hilton at 28 seconds.

Stage 2, Backward or Forward, was a quick paced shotgun and rifle stage that had you deciding to go up or back at the start. Ivan Deroche chose to go up, and it worked out for him as he led the stage at 14 seconds, with Jerry Howard and Aaron Fitzgerald right on his heels at 15 seconds. The rimfire division shot it all from the back, and Bonnie Coates set the tone with a 19 second run.

Stage 3, Get Low, use all three guns, and featured four targets in the back that had to shot prone. Ivan Deroche again set the pace here with his nimble shotgun work at 27 seconds with Ethan Boudreaux right on his tail at 28 seconds. Rimfire division bypassed going prone, and like father like son, Luke Deroche led the field here by a lot with a smoking 18 second run.

Stage 4, Forward March, used all three guns and you had to cover some ground doing it. If you could work the shotgun on the move you could really gain some time here, and that’s what Kevin Leonhardt did when he hung up a big run here that propelled him to the match win with a 27 second run. Hank Coates was a mere half second behind him with his own 27 second run. The next closest shooter was 5 seconds behind them. Rimfire got cut no slack on this stage and had to do it all, and that’s exactly what Ronald Hilton did in securing his Rimfire Rifle win with a 46 second run.
When the final results were compiled, Dustin Stevens was your Limited winner, Clayton Daigle won Open division, Ronald Hilton won Rimfire Rifle, and Kevin Leonhardt was the overall match and Tactical winner.

Full final results here:

For the Shotgun match held afterwards, it was real clear real quick that there are two types of shooters. Those that reload shotgun really good, and those that don’t.

Stage 1, Unloaded, was an unloaded start that featured eight pieces of steel. David Martian took the stage win with Hank Coates a quarter second off the pace.

Stage 2, Get Low Again, was sixteen pieces of steel that featured four that again required you to go prone. You don’t see a lot of prone shotgun shooting. Hank Coates was unfazed with a smoking 16 second run, with Aaron Fitzgerald next behind him at 19 seconds.

Stage 3, Forward March 2, had sixteen pieces of steel and again rewarded those who could work the shotgun on the move. Hank Coates put the match to bed here with a 16 second run. Steve White was second with a 21 second run.

When the smoke cleared and the shotgun hulls were all picked up, Hank Coates was the Tactical and Overall winner by a healthy margin. Clayton Daigle took Open, and Calvin Lindsay took down Heavy with his pump action prowess.

Full final results here:

Want to thank everyone for coming out and shooting, and especially for the hard work in running squads and tearing down stages after the match. Without the team effort, none of this would be possible.

See you the next match!

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