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Halloween Concealed Carry match in Biloxi

October 27, 2021 Leave a comment

A concealed carry match will be held in Biloxi at the Coast Rifle and Pistol Club on October 31, 2021. This is NOT a USPSA match, but it will be for concealed carry guns shooting from concealment only. Basics rules are as follows:

  1. All guns must be shot from cover. No open carry is allowed. A safe holster is required, no pocket carry without a pocket style holster that covers the trigger. USPSA safety rules will apply during the match. Make sure your gun(s) is unloaded before you arrive.
  2. Scoring will be Hit Factor (points divided by time).
  3. USPSA style targets (paper and steel) will be scored Minor power factor for all guns.
  4. 5 stages of fire with 2 strings per stage for most stages.
  5. 6 round limit per string, so no on the clock reloads required (except for small revolvers).

Shooters will be allowed to enter up to two different guns. Match fees are $5 for CRPC members and $10 for non-members. Second guns are $5 for everyone. The match starts at 9 am.

Register on Practiscore by clicking the big button below:

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Morgan Leonhardt – 2021 Ladies National Champion in Carry Optics

October 19, 2021 1 comment

Local shooter Morgan Leonhardt is the 2021 USPSA Ladies National Champion in Carry Optics. Although just 14 years old, she is seasoned beyond her years. She started shooting 3-gun and USPSA in 2017 and started focusing on USPSA more this year. With her Glock Carry Optics pistol, she finished 2nd in A class (men and women), was High Junior (men and women) and took the top spot for all ladies at the 2021 Blue Bullets PCC and Carry Optics Nationals in Talladega, AL. Congratulations, Morgan! A special congratulations also goes to her trainer/coach and most importantly, super-proud dad, Kevin.

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Bob Vogel Training Class in Hattiesburg

September 26, 2021 Leave a comment

World famous competition and tactical shooter Bob Vogel will be in Hattiesburg in November to conduct his World Class Pistol Skills training session. The dates are Nov. 6-7, 2021. If you are interested in attending this class, or want more information, click the link here.

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USPSA Pistol returns to Hattiesburg! **AGAIN**

May 13, 2021 Leave a comment

USPSA Pistol returns to Hattiesburg again on May 23, 2021. After a lengthly layoff, the match resumes with improvements to the range and a new day. The match has moved to the 4th Sunday of the month. This will follow the Steel Challenge match, which will continue on the 4th Saturday of the month. So, you can shoot Steel on Saturday and USPSA on Sunday.

The match begins at 9:30 AM at the Brothers N Arms range in Hattiesburg (same range as always). There will be five stages, including one classifier. This month, we will shoot 18-02, in case you want to practice. Match fees are $15 for range members and $20 for non-members. As always, signup in on Practiscore. Just click the big button below to get signed up.

2021 HiCap Nationals slot codes available for Mississippi match shooters

April 23, 2021 Leave a comment

Are you interested in shooting the 2021 HiCap Nationals in the Open/Limited or Carry Optics/PCC match in Talladega, Alabama? The match date are October 16-18, 2021 for Carry Optics/PCC and October 22-24, 2021 for Open/Limited. The Mississippi Section has been given just two slots for each match and they will be awarded to shooters who are members of the Mississippi Section who competed in local MS matches or out of state residents who also support our state matches.

Click here to find out more about the USPSA Nationals.

To request a slot, Read more…

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Services for Gerald Benton

April 20, 2021 Leave a comment

For those of you wishing to pay your last respects to Gerald Benton, a visitation will begin at 1:00 PM on Friday, April 23, 2021 at Trinity Funeral Services in McHenry, Mississippi (between Saucier and Perkinston on Highway 49). The service will begin at 3:00 PM.

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A dear friend has left the range…

April 17, 2021 7 comments

This morning, I found out that one of my best friends from our local shooting world passed away last night. Gerald Benton was one of the very first people I met when I was introduced to practical shooting way back in the late 1990’s. That was at the original Deep South Shooters Association matches at the Gulfport police range. His passing deeply saddened me because he was truly one of the nicest people I have met while shooting. He was always involved in not just shooting but also in helping set up at most of the local matches not just for years, but for decades. He helped me get started. If you shot any of the matches, including Gulfport, Poplarville, Biloxi and Pearlington, any time since the mid 1990’s, you probably knew Gerald, too. He shot everything, USPSA, 3-Gun, Steel Challenge and even outlaw matches.

As sad as his passing is, I have tried to think back to the good times I had shooting with Gerald both locally and at the Mississippi Classic in Jackson. The picture above is from the 2014 MS Classic where Gerald was the senior member (at least, USPSA competition-wise) of our squad. If you aren’t too new to our sport, then you probably recognize most of these folks, as well. In case you don’t know everyone, here’s a who’s who…

Front row left to right – Mike Esposito, Michael Smith, Don Evans, Sean Benton, Bryant Willett

Back row left to right – Gerald Benton, Josh Benton, Steven Mosher, Bill Jackson, Chris Brown, Carter Brown, Lee Fraiser

I do not have any details for services that may be planned at this time. However, I will update this post when I have more information.

Gerald, thank you for all the help you gave me throughout the years. You will be greatly missed by your friends in the shooting community. Thank you for all the good times. May you rest in peace.

Bill Jackson

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April 2021 Steel Challenge match in Biloxi

April 8, 2021 Leave a comment

The monthly Coast Rifle and Pistol Club Steel Challenge match is scheduled for Saturday, April 10, 2021 at the range in Biloxi. The match starts at 9 am. Shooters are allowed to register up to 2 guns in different divisions.

The match fee for CRPC members is just $10, while non-members pay $15. All second guns are just $5. Juniors shoot up to two guns for free.

To register click the big button here.

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March Steel Challenge match in Biloxi

March 10, 2021 Leave a comment

The monthly Coast Rifle and Pistol Club Steel Challenge match is scheduled for Saturday, March 13, 2021 at the range in Biloxi. The MS Governor changed the Covid-19 restrictions this month, so anyone that wants to register two guns can now do so online at Practiscore. The match starts at 9 am this Saturday.

The match fee for CRPC members is just $10, while non-members pay $15. All second guns are just $5. Juniors shoot up to two guns for free.


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Steve Anderson USPSA Training Class in Slidell

February 22, 2021 Leave a comment

If you know who Steve Anderson is and haven’t taken his class, this is your chance. If you don’t know who he is, then this should be your first class. Steve is one of the best USPSA instructors on the planet. As host of the world famous That Shooting Show podcast, Steve teaches you how to practice properly and to maximize your training time while on the range. His book on Dry Fire was one of the first to document proven and effective techniques for developing your shooting skills while in the comfort of your own home. NOTE: This is not a beginners class or introduction to USPSA. You should be familiar with USPSA and the safety rules and have competed in at least a couple of local matches.

The two-day class will be held at Camp Villere in Slidell, LA on March 27, and 28, 2021. The cost is just $450. You should bring 800+ rounds of ammo but you probably won’t shoot that much. Class starts at 9 am each day. For more information, contact John Huber at 504.382.2329.

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