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September 2017 Poplarville 3-Gun match reminder

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2017 Rosco Manufacturing MS CQB Rifle Championship Results!

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The 2017 Rosco Manufacturing Mississippi CQB Rifle Championship is in the books, and despite the threat of rain all week we stayed dry all day and saw 133 of the best rifle shooters in the region test themselves on five challenging stages.

When the dust settled, here were the winners:


MS STATE CHAMP – Bryan Tullos
1st – Ethan Boudreaux
2nd – Brandon Guillory
3rd – Bryan Tullos
High Junior – Carter Brown
High Lady – Ruth Mahley
High Senior – Gerwin Henn
High Super Senior – Michael Fordyce


MS STATE CHAMP – David Martian
1st – Kevin Leonhardt
2nd – Christopher DiMenna
3rd – Jason Welch
High Junior – Morgan Leonhardt
High Lady – Ruth Mahley
High Senior – Trey Nicholson
High Super Senior – Robert Settle


1st – Jerry Miculek
2nd – Kevin Leonhardt
3rd – Kay Miculek
High Junior – Morgan Leonhardt
High Lady – Kay Miculek
High Senior – Ken Hablitzel
High Super Senior – Jerry Miculek

Match MVP – Clayton Welch

Full results here:

Huge thanks to everyone who volunteered to setup and RO squads, without you none of this is possible. We had a huge turnout for setup and RO volunteers and it made a big difference.

Also big thanks to our sponsor Rosco Manufacturing for donating several of their high quality barrels as prizes. Be sure to thank these guys for their support.

See you at the next match!

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August 2017 Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match

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The temperature rose fast and high this morning as 41 shooters came together for the Brothers N Arms Annual Special Classifier Match.  Thankfully, the stages moved quickly and the squads ran smoothly, with most were finishing up before noon.  We were very happy to have a good group of first time shooters take advantage of the classifier match.  Bringing new people to the sport is what keeps it alive and makes it great, so we hope to see all of you at another match very soon.  As always, we can’t thank our volunteers that helped with setup and all of the shooters that helped with take down enough.  We absolutely couldn’t make it happen without you!!

Now, on to the match results.   Read more…

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BPSA August 2017 3GN Results!

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The BPSA August 2017 3GN match is in the books, and it was a hot one today. Unlike our recent state matches, we got no relief from the rain.

We had 38 shooters turn out across a variety of divisions to test their 1, 2, and 3 gun skills against five quick paced stages. We tried to put an emphasis on variety in the stages this month, and that really showed up as people where running all sorts of different plans and choosing different guns. The shotgun clay bonus targets seemed to be a big hit as well, and we look to do more stages similar to these in the future.

Now on to the action:

In Practical division, Kevin Leonhardt took the win with a final time of 78 seconds, just ahead of Aaron Fitzgerald at 80.85 seconds, and David Martian finished third with a time of 80.97.

Shappley Harris took the win in Two Gun with a final time of 102, ahead of Michael Davis at 140.

Kevin Leonhardt also took the win in Unlimited PCC ahead of David Martian, 63 to 70.

Jon Davis was first in Unlimited with a time of 91.

Factory division was won by Steven Zeringue, just edging out David Giammittorio 109 to 110.

In Heavy Sport, Jon Smith took the win uncontested with a time of 121.

In PCC Only, George Miller took the win with a time of 91, with Dennis Warren second at 110.

In Pistol Only, Michael Brolaski was uncontested with his final time of 113.

Full results can be found here:

Want to thank everyone who came out, especially those that helped setup, RO, and tear down at the end.

See you at the next match!

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August 2017 Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match

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Registration is open for the August 2017 USPSA Pistol Match at the Brothers N Arms Range in Hattiesburg. This month’s event will will be a Special Classifier Match with six USPSA sanctioned Classifier Stages

If you have been wanting to get that L10, Carry Optics, or PCC classification and you’re in a hurry, this is your chance.  If you would like to work on more than one classification, simply register separately in each class of interest and arrive with all equipment necessary to shoot each.  Of course, each registration requires it’s own fee and please limit yourself to two registrations.  The first registration will cost the normal $15 for MS17 chapter members and $20 for non-members.  The second registration fee will be $10, member or not.

Please note that checking in at the Range House is no longer necessary; though you should feel free to stop in for a cup of coffee or to use the rest room.  Simply park where you normally would on the range grounds and look for the registration table by the storage container.

Second, membership in the Brothers N Arms MS17 USPSA chapter itself is open now thru September to everyone for $25.00 annually.  This will allow the club access to capital that helps us keep equipment up to date and will give the paid member a $5 discount on match fees.  If you intend to shoot 5 or more matches at our club over the next 12 months, membership makes sense!

Setup starts at 7:00 am and registration/check-in ends at 8:30 am.  No walk-ons after 8:30, no exceptions.  There will be a new shooters meeting at 8:30 and a mandatory safety meeting at 8:45. The match starts promptly at 9:00 am.  Click on the link below for the registration page.


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August 2017 Poplarville pistol match results

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Dawson PrecisionWe came ever so close to breaking our modern day turnout record, but were one person short of that mark. We tied the 50 mark that was set just two months ago, and considering the heat today, that was impressive.

Speaking of the heat, it was oppressive today. It’s hard to remember a day that was so taxing. It seemed to takes it toll on everyone. Almost no one stuck around for the scores, which is pretty unusual. And that was all right because I didn’t even do them until I got home. I, for one, was over-done with the heat.

Mixed into that batch of 50 shooters were a couple of brand new faces to USPSA shooting and a couple of new to us faces. Thank you very much for coming out today and putting up with “less than ideal” conditions. I promise you it gets better. I also want to thank the folks that helped with the match setup and tear-down right up front. If you aren’t directly named, please take no offense. There were just too many to list, but you know who you are. First, to the Dupuy family for helping with setup on Friday. Next, to John N and Jason W (and others) for creating a great little stage at the last minute. Last night when it looked like an overfull match, John agreed to set up another stage to allow us to go to 5 squads. In the end, we didn’t use the 5th squad, because we winnowed down from a high of 64 late yesterday afternoon to that magic 50 number by hammer time today.  And, as if by magic, everything got taken down and brought to the truck before I even got back myself. Thank you VERY much, everyone!

I guess it’s time for some scores, since no one got them at the range. The overall match winner was a “Yankee,” and he almost lapped the field. Congratulations to the Open and Overall winner,  Read more…

August 2017 Poplarville USPSA Pistol match reminder

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Dawson Precision

The South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association will host the monthly USPSA Pistol match Sunday (August 13, 2017) at the range in Poplarville. The match will begin at 9 AM.

Online registration is available by clicking the giant button below. Please sign up if you plan on attending.



BPSA 3GN Team Event!

The BPSA September 2017 3GN TEAM EVENT will be held September 16th, 2017 at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club near Biloxi, MS.

This is a 3-man, 3-gun TEAM EVENT. Each team will be made up of three shooters, who will compete as a team for one score.

The match is 4 stages of 3GN Multigun with Time Plus Penalties scoring.


Register as a TEAM. This means only one entry per team. Do not register individually. To do this, enter two full team member names in the “first name” field, and the third team members full name in the “last name” field.

First Name: John Smith, John Doe
Last Name: Jim Johnson

The match will be limited to 20 teams.

$60 per team.

If any team member is a CRPC member, fee is $40.
If any team member is a junior or lady, team shoots free.

Payment will be accepted at registration.

Setup starts at 7am. Registration opens at 8:30am. Shooter meeting at 8:45am. Shooting starts at 9AM.
Gate code is 7000

Divisions will be Unlimited and Practical only. If any gun used does not fit in Practical, the team will compete in Unlimited.

See you at the match!

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