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Local Shooter Gets His Big Break!

November 28, 2017 Leave a comment

One of our own has achieved a bit of fame. The newly redesigned USPSA web site went up today (or very recently), and look who’s in the picture that pops up on the home page! And guess where he’s shooting. If you are a regular of the local matches in South Mississippi, then you’ll immediately recognize David Pape shooting at the range Poplarville. Here’s a capture of the home page. I would expect they would have rotating pictures so he may not always be there, but he is there now, so check out the new web site and give a shout out to David for making the cover! Here’s a preview, and if you click the picture, you’ll go to the new web site directly.


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December 2017 Poplarville 3-Gun match **CANCELLED*

November 27, 2017 1 comment

3gun banner composite


Due to scheduling conflicts with the match staff, the December 3-Gun match in Poplarville has been cancelled. We’ll be back on January 7, 2018.


November 2017 Biloxi (DSSA) pistol match results

November 26, 2017 5 comments


Weather-wise, it was hard to beat today. Especially after the total disaster that was last month. It was cool in the morning and still below 70 when we finished with sunny skies all day long. It is what you would pick if you could.

The turnout was great as well, with 54 shooters at hammer time. Towards the end of last week, we ran into an issue with the match filling up and it was reported that some folks who tried to register were told it was filled. We need to check on this to make sure this doesn’t happen again but hopefully, no one stayed away because of this. In general, at our local match, we don’t turn anyone away who comes out.

With the fine weather came some pretty fine shooting, too. The stages were well designed but with some interesting twists today, prop-wise. The PCC shooters may not have cared for this but most everyone else seemed to at least survive the manual actions needed on two of the stages. They forced you to think and get creative. When all the wailing was done, though, a winner emerged at the top of the heap. Our match winner today was  Read more…

November 2017 Biloxi pistol match

November 19, 2017 Leave a comment

Registration is open for the November pistol match of the Deep South Shooters Association in Biloxi. The match will be held on November 26th at the Coast Rifle and Pistol Club, starting at 9 AM. Last month was a total washout but this month’s looks a LOT better. It should be rain-free at least until after the match. If you stuck it out last month and didn’t ask for your money back, you are in line for a rain check ticket to shoot this month for free. If you can’t make it this month, it will last for at least a few more months.

Juniors shoot for free, CPRC members shoot for $15, all others shoot for $20.

To register, click the big registration button below.

Brothers N Arms November USPSA Match Results

November 18, 2017 1 comment

The day dawned clear and cool, and while the clouds threatened rain for part of today’s match, the real weather challenge turned out to be the wind as this front moved in.  It blew down targets, walls, steel, even a whole bank of barrels at one point.  But it didn’t stop 40 shooters from having a great day at the Brothers N Arms range today.  The stages were nice and big, with lots of movement and a good round count.  I think everyone found something in the mix to be challenging today!  A big thanks to the Dupuy family again for all of their help with set up during the week and to all the great shooters that helped with final set up this morning and with tear down.

The battle for second overall was simply phenomenal, with Read more…

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Brothers N Arms November USPSA Match

November 12, 2017 Leave a comment

Registration is open for the November USPSA Pistol Match at the Brothers N Arms Range in Hattiesburg. This month’s event will have at least 5 stages, including  a classifier.

Setup starts at 7:00 am and registration/check-in ends at 8:30 am.  No walk-ons after 8:30, no exceptions.  There will be a new shooters meeting at 8:30 and a mandatory safety meeting at 8:45. The match starts promptly at 9:00 am.

Payment will be due upon arrival.  If you are a member of the Brothers N Arms USPSA Chapter, $15 will be due.  Otherwise, the entry fee is $20.  To register, just click here.

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November 2017 Poplarville pistol match results

November 12, 2017 Leave a comment

Dawson PrecisionLast month, we got rained out by a hurricane. This month kinda looked that way this morning, minus the winds. It hadn’t rained around here in about 10 days, but just in time for our match, the Rain Gods woke up. If you lived anywhere south of the range, you drove through a lot of rain on the way. It wasn’t heavy but it was annoying. Many of you, as did I, expected the road in to be sloppy. Instead, we dodged a huge bullet and found the rain had pretty much ignored the range and everything was fine. There may have been more moisture from the dew than the rain. We were certainly owed a good day after last month.

Although online signup was showing a big potential turnout, we lost a few more than normal to the weather threat. But that was still enough for 4 perfectly sized squads (41 shooters total) to shoot the 6 perfectly crafted stages. The weather during the match was just about perfect, as well. Cool, cloudy and little to no wind made for a very pleasant day. Things moved along nicely, and we were done just a bit after Noon.

The battle for top dog was tighter than normal today and when the scores were tallied, it wasn’t decided by a clean scorecard, but instead, it came down to total time. For the second week in a row,  Read more…

November 2017 Poplarville USPSA Pistol match reminder

November 6, 2017 Leave a comment

Dawson Precision

The South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association will host the monthly USPSA Pistol match this Sunday (November 12, 2017) at the range in Poplarville. The match will begin at 9 AM.

Online registration is available by clicking the giant button below. Please sign up if you plan on attending.



November 2017 Poplarville 3-Gun match results

November 5, 2017 2 comments

3gun banner composite

The November match seemed, at times, more like May or September. It started out with a low fog that kept Sun at bay for a couple of hours and it was pleasant during that time. Eventually, the fog burned off and it got warm, especially for November. But it was still a great day to be shooting. Or so it seemed…

The stages were set up to be fair and easy, and they turned out to be at least one of those. Not one single shooter got through the match without a decent chunk of penalty seconds. That spoke to the sneakiness of the setup. Some looked easy but turned out to be tougher than first glance. Others just begged the shooter to go fast and quite a few sped their way to penalty city. I guess it really wasn’t as easy as we thought.

We also welcomed a pistol only shooter who “just wanted to get some trigger time.” Have you ever heard that old saying that says don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Well, if you scale it up, it doesn’t apply. You CAN bring just a pistol to a 3-Gun match and be successful. Our match winner was that lone pistol shooter. Even though he changed magazines to simulate changing gun, he still smoked the entire field. He finished with a raw time almost 60 seconds faster than the next best raw time. Even factoring in his 5 misses on long range steel (80+ yards out to 130 or so), he still tore it up. Congratulations go to  Read more…

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