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April 2018 Poplarville 3-Gun match results

March 31, 2018 Leave a comment

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Rain on Thursday didn’t dampen either the road or the spirits of the shooters as April came early for the Poplarville 3-Gun match. Since the normal first Sunday match date is Easter, we decided to hold the match a day early on Saturday to accommodate as many people as possible. It worked out, because we had 20 shooters for picture perfect weather all day. We started an hour later than normal, due to setup constraints in the morning, but things moved along pretty well and we were still done around normal time for a 3-Gun match.

The stages today featured a mix of close rifle here, and long range rifle there. Them that can shoot long range, do. Them that can’t, well, they know the costs. It was pretty heavy on the shotgun as well, at least on the three stages where it was shot. Each required at least one reload for most people, and it showed who practices loading and who doesn’t.

The winner today made a clear statement. It was something to the effect of, “I am here to win and there isn’t anything you can do about it!” OK, maybe he is too nice a guy to call everyone out like that, but he sure showed the rest of us how to do it by winning all four stages outright (if you don’t count the PCC guys, and they didn’t have to shoot the clay pigeons). A few of us were musing that there must have been some scoring mistake as he just can’t be that fast. But he is. Congratulations seems to be getting awful familiar for  Read more…

April 2018 Poplarville 3-Gun match reminder (one day early)

March 26, 2018 Leave a comment

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It’s 3-Gun time again in Poplarville. The normal Sunday date (April 1st) is also Easter, so we will shoot on Saturday, March 31th instead.  Hammers go down at 10 AM, instead of 9 AM to allow your setup crew to complete everything before the match. Normally, we are setting the day before, but with that now being Friday, it doesn’t work for everyone on the crew.

Cost is only $10 for SMPSA club members and $15 for non-members. If you want to know what you should bring, check it out here. Sign up now. Additionally, April is membership renewal month. For just $25, you get a $5 discount on both pistol and 3-gun matches for one year, and use of the range on non-match days. Plus, you help support our club for another year.


March 2018 Biloxi (DSSA) pistol match results

March 25, 2018 Leave a comment

For the first time since November 2017, we managed to shoot a match without being rained out. Rain had cancelled 4 of the last 5 matches in Biloxi and we thought we’d never get back to shooting, but we finally got a decent day, and ended up with a decent turnout. A total of 51 shooters began the day under slightly overcast skies and pleasant temperatures. There were 5 challenging courses of fire today which evoked quite a few comments, both positive and “negative”. Of course, no one ever has anything *really* negative to day, but were a few directed towards the plethora of unloaded starts and the head-scratcher, also known as Stage 2. But at the end of the day, most appreciated the challenges presented and found they had some practice to do before the next match.

Although the squads were larger than normal, the match moved along quite well. Most squads finished by 12:30 or so. Only four shooters shot a clean match, so that speaks to the difficulties presented. The top spot went back and forth all morning, until a winner emerged over the last two stages they shot. The winner today had the quickest total stage time and also shot clean. Congratulations goes to  Read more…

March 2018 Poplarville *AFTERNOON* pistol match results

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Dawson PrecisionThe streak of bad weather luck was broken this past Thursday afternoon, when a couple of the retired folks decided to shoot an afternoon match at the Poplarville range. Stages set up for the regular match that was rained out earlier in the month were used. What started out as just a couple of guys going out to practice turned into a decent size full-on USPSA pistol match.

With almost no advance notice, we managed to get 29 people out on a Thursday afternoon to do a little shooting. Thanks to social media, the word spread quickly. For those of you who didn’t hear about it, we apologize. It didn’t start out to be such a big deal, but we found out that when given the opportunity, most people will pick shooting a match over working! Several competitors even shot multiple divisions.

By allowing folks to start shooting whenever they arrived, it let some people who still work for a living leave work a little early and enjoy some of the nicest weather we have seen in years at the range. The first shooters started at 2 PM, and the last shooter didn’t finish until a bit after 6 PM. But it worked out just fine for everyone.

Even though this was just for fun, the competitive juices were still flowing. In the end, it was  Read more…

Brothers N Arms March Match Cancellation

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My apologies if this is a duplicate notification, but I have received notice that not everyone received the email I sent earlier today.  Due to the prodigious amount of rain both received today and expected tomorrow, the Brothers N Arms USPSA March Pistol match is cancelled.  We look forward to seeing you at the inaugural Steel Challenge match that will be held on the 5th Saturday this month and at the USPSA match next month.

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March 2018 Poplarville USPSA Pistol match **CANCELLED**

March 16, 2018 Leave a comment

Dawson Precision

The South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association USPSA pistol match for Sunday, March 18, 2018 in Poplarville has been cancelled due to the rain.



Brothers N Arms March Match Update

March 13, 2018 Leave a comment

Well folks, I just came up for air and realized that our match had run out of room.  A good problem to have, to be sure!  I have opened up more slots so if you know anyone that tried to register today and couldn’t, please let them know that they should try again.

On another topic, the weather forecast for Friday is something slightly less than ominous regarding the chance of rain.  Know that we are watching this closely and will let everyone know our intentions for the match as soon as practical.

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March Brothers N Arms USPSA Match

March 11, 2018 Leave a comment

Registration is open for the March USPSA Pistol Match at the Brothers N Arms Range in Hattiesburg  this Saturday, February 17th. This month’s event will have at least 5 stages, including  a classifier.

Primary setup will take place this Thursday afternoon.  If you are available to help, please reach out to Justin Greene with at Brothers N Arms for details.  Final setup starts at 7:00 am Saturday morning and all hands are welcome to help speed up the process.  Registration/check-in ends at 8:30 am.  No walk-ons after 8:30, no exceptions.  There will be a new shooters meeting at 8:30 and a mandatory safety meeting at 8:45. The match starts promptly at 9:00 am.

Payment will be due upon arrival.  If you are a member of the Brothers N Arms USPSA Chapter, $15 will be due.  Otherwise, the entry fee is $20.  To register, just click here.

In response to the numerous requests from everyone, I am also pleased to announce that the folks at Brothers N Arms have scheduled their first Steel Challenge match for Saturday, March 31st.  More details to follow!

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March 2018 Poplarville USPSA Pistol Match Postponed One Week

March 9, 2018 Leave a comment

Dawson Precision

The monthly USPSA Pistol match in Poplarville has been postponed one week due to a schedule conflict with the Alabama Sectional Championship this weekend. The match in Poplarville will be held on Sunday, March 18, 2018, and will begin at 9 AM.

Online registration is available by clicking the giant button below. Please sign up if you plan on attending.



The 2018 Mississippi Classic still has slots available for Friday shooting schedule

March 5, 2018 Leave a comment

Registration for the 2018 Mississippi Classic and Section Championship, sponsored by LimCat Custom and Precision Delta, has filled up for the Saturday/Sunday schedule but still has spots open for the all day Friday schedule.

You can click the big button here to get more information about the match, including the location, dates, costs, match details and the actual registration page. NOTE: Squadding will not open until early April. You will be notified before squadding opens for the match.

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