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2016 Mixed Discipline World Championship Results!

October 30, 2016 3 comments

The 2016 Mixed Discipline World Championship is in the books, and we certainly hope everyone who came out and competed enjoyed themselves. We had 66 of the best shooters from around the world come out today (mostly from the southeast  We had shooters come in from the usual Louisiana and Alabama, as well as several from Texas, Florida, Georgia and even as far as Missouri.  We ran 10 stages in an all day format and it seemed like it ran incredibly smooth.
Now on to the action:
Stage 1 was a 26 round USPSA field course that was all paper at close distance and favored those who had quick fingers.  Nathan Bell edged out David Pape and Steve Tannetta on this one in Limited with a time of 12.30, Ken Cornwell edged out Candice Juliano and Steven Taylor with a time of 13.60 in Production, Bill Mahley topped the stage in PCC and Corey Yates just walked off with this stage in Open with a time of 9.53.
Stage 2 was a 28 round Pro-Am stage that featured a texas star, and two plates at the start that seemed like a sucker bet to go after and not many shooters even opted to go for them.  Steve Tannetta and Nathan Bell tied for the stage win in Limited taking down 17 plates, Corey Yates took down 25 plates in Open, Bill Mahley took down 22 in PCC and Steven Mosher 21 in Production.
Stage 3 was 24 round USPSA field course with a mix of close targets and some tight shots along with 4 pieces of steel.  This one had a pretty straight forward plan with most everyone shooting the same plan, some executing better than others.  Steven Taylor took the stage win in Production over Ken Cornwell and Steve Lashinsky.  Bill Mahley took the stage in PCC, and the recurring them of Corey Yates and Nathan Bell running away with the stage win in Open and Limited continued here.
Stage 4 was a Steel Challenge course, Roundabout.  It’s one of the faster steel challenge course, and you could really tell from the results who does and who doesn’t shoot a lot of steel challenge.  Steven Mosher took the stage win in Production, Roger Henn broke up Corey Yates no-hitter here with the stage win, Chris Plaisance took the stage in PCC and Nathan Bell kept his streak in take in Limited.
Stage 5 was a 26 round Pro-am stage that really rewarded anyone who could shoot small pieces of steel on the move.  As it turns out, no one can really do that well.  Nathan Bell kept his stage streak intact heading into the lunch break with 19 plates, just edging out Randy Bell who was right on his heels with 18 plates.  Chris Plaisance took the PCC win with 23 plates just edging out Bryant Willett who had 22, Steven Mosher took the production stage win with 21 plates, and Roger Henn and Ed Bowling deadlocked in Open with 22 plates.
Stage 6 was a 22 round USPSA field course with most targets at almost contact distance and this one was all about speed.  Corey Yates blew this one clear out the water with a 14+ hit factor and a time of 7.34 seconds.  Bryant Willett laid down a blazing 8.95 time to take it in PCC, and Nathan Bell put up his own 10+ hit factor run here for the win in Limited.  The productions guys (and gals!) rounded it out with their two reloads on this stage with Candice Juliano edging out Steven Taylor and Kerry Smith for the stage win.
Stage 7 was a 28 round Pro-Am style course that featured the texas star partially obstructed by barrels, and those same two 6 inch plates at the start that didn’t seem enticing enough to bait anyone into trying to take them, except the very brave few.  Ken Cornwell laid it down in Production with 22 plates, Chris Plaisance took PCC with 23 plates and an overtime shot, Nathan Bell took Limited with 23 plates and Corey Yates took Open with 26 plates.
Stage 8 was 26 round USPSA field course with 4 steel plates that pretty much came down to two schools of thought, one school being to run the stage straight up within the fault lines, the other being to run around the front of the stage and back into the shooting area.  It was hard to tell which plan prevailed, but we do know that Nathan Bell took the stage in Limited with a time of 15.95, Corey Yates took Open with a run of 10.78, Bryant Willett took PCC with a time of 16 seconds, and Candice Juliano took it down in Production with a time of 17.48.
Stage 9 was a Steel Challenge course, Pendulum.  This is one of the more accuracy intensive steel challenge courses, and again you could look at the results and tell who does and doesn’t shoot much Steel Challenge.  Keen Cornwell took this stage in Production, Bill Mahley took it down in PCC, and Corey Yates and Nathan Bell repeated their ongoing themese in Open and Limited.
Stage 10 was a 25 round Pro-Am stage that featured a 25 second par time, and either a lot of running or some really long shots, shooter’s choice.  Nathan Bell completed the 10 stage shutout here taking down Limited with 22 plates just ahead of Clayton Patterson,  Corey Yates and Roger Henn deadlocked with 24 plates in Open, Chris Plaisance took PCC with 23 plates, and Steve Lashinsky burned this one down with 21 plates to take the production stage win.
Overall Results:
Mixed Discipline World Champion – Open: Corey Yates
Mixed Discipline World Champion – Limited: Nathan Bell
Mixed Discipline World Champion – Production: Steven Mosher
Mixed Discipline World Champion – PCC: Bill Mahley
Mixed Discipline Senior World Champion – Open:  Ed Bowling
Mixed Discipline Lady World Champion – Open:  Betsy Young
Mixed Discipline Super Senior World Champion – Limited:  Lee Fraiser
Mixed Discipline Senior World Champion – Limited:  Tony Adams
Mixed Discipline Lady World Champion – Limited:  Sandi Davis
Mixed Discipline Super Senior World Champion – Production:  Jim Francis
Mixed Discipline Senior World Champion – Production:  Ken Hablitzel
Mixed Discipline Lady World Champion – Production:  Candice Juliano
Mixed Discipline Junior World Champion – Production:  Carter Brown
Mixed Discipline Super Senior World Champion – PCC:  Don Evans
Mixed Discipline Senior World Champion – PCC:  Gerald Benton
Full results can be viewed here:
Springfield 1911 Range Officer Drawing Winner: Trey Nicholson
We’d also like to thank everyone that helped setup and run the match, for without you none of it would be possible. Lee Frasier, Bryant Willett, Ken Hablitzel, Harry Williams, Junior Lucas, Ed Bowling, Gerwin Henn, Roger Henn, Gerald Forbes, Joe Borgstede, Chris Davis, Sandi Davis, Nick Jamerson, Calvin Lindsay, Dennis Warren, Ken Cornwell, and Gary Kerr. If you see these guys them a big high five!
Big thanks to everyone who came out and shot the match, ran timers, scored nooks, and pasted targets. It really is a team effort. Thanks to everyon who pitched in reconfiguring stages and tearing down afterwards.
We’re also extremely thankful to our host range CRPC, for allowing us a place to hold events and for sponsoring all active duty and retired law enforcement to shoot all BPSA events free though 2016!
Look forward to doing it again next year, and if you enjoyed this one stay tuned for a full slate of similar events we will be anouncing soon to run all through next year.
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October Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match

October 22, 2016 Leave a comment

What a difference a week can make, Fall is finally here!  We started a great day with temperatures in the low 50’s and I don’t think it ever got above 75 degrees.  We had a good turnout, fielding 3 squads with 30 shooters in total, more than was expected given that the Louisiana Gator Classic is in full swing this weekend. The hammers went down at 9 am and we were finished by noon.  Thank you to everyone that helped with breakdown, your efforts are invaluable to this club!

Thomas Knight won the overall match as well as the Limited division, but Corey Mitchell Read more…

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October 2016 Poplarville pistol match results

October 16, 2016 Leave a comment

Dawson PrecisionIt was supposed to be Fall, but someone forgot to mention that to the weatherman. It was pleasant in the morning, but as the day wore on, it got a little warm. By Noon, when we finished up, it was pushing the upper 80’s. Yes, we will take that over the last two rain-outs, but gosh, it’s been pretty nice for a while, and we deserved a picture perfect day. Oh, well.

Turnout was down a bit from our 2016 average, but it was decent. This was a makeup match and we are thankful for everyone that came out today. In total, there were 25 shooters and 7 (seven) stages. That’s a little misleading because we borrowed a group of 3 stages from the 2016 Limited/Open Nationals. This included a stage with one shot on a single popper, a stage with 6 shots on one targets, and then a slightly modified El Prez for the final stage. There was also a “Pittsburg” stage that featured 21 steel targets and no paper. That one proved to be more challenging for the RO and shooters who were watching, as the splatter managed to get almost everyone at least once.

The match was never really in doubt, with the overall match win going to Read more…

October Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match

October 15, 2016 Leave a comment

Registration is open for the October  USPSA match at the Brothers N Arms Range in Hattiesburg. This month’s event will have at least 5 stages, including  a classifier. Fall is here, the weather looks great, come on out and shoot with us!

Setup starts at 7:00 am and the range opens at 8:00 am.  Registration/check-in ends at 8:30 am.  No walk-ons after 8:30, no exceptions.  There will be a new shooters meeting at 8:30 and a mandatory safety meeting at 8:45.

Payment will be due upon arrival.  If you are a member of the Brothers N Arms Range, $15 will be due.  Otherwise, the entry fee is $20.  The registration page can be found here.  Or you can click the button…


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BPSA October 2016 3-gun Results!

October 15, 2016 Leave a comment

We had a great turnout for 3-gun today, with 22 shooters making it out for the match. The weather was perfect and the competition was stout. We had 4 stages, each won by four different people, with even second place being four separate people.

Stage 1 was the long range stage, 2 strings of statice steel at 100 yards, one being weak shoulder, and then a third string with Pistol at a popper at 25-35 yards. Steven Mosher set the pace here with a time of 35.02, and Richard Padgett was right behind him with an impressive raw time of 40.19 with no scope magnification!

Stage 2 was a 25 round short course that gave competitors the option to shoot their choice of any two guns. Joe Jones made the winning selection turning in a blazing time of 15.64, with David Martian right on his heels with a time of 16.09.

Stage 3 required all three guns, engaging 25 yard paper with rifle, a steel array with shotgun, and then the Texas star with the pistol. It gave a few different options on how to run it, with the biggest question being shooting on the move between stations or posting up and then moving. Kevin Leonhardt came out on top on this stage with a smoking time of 23.80, followed closely behind by both Richard Padgett and Jeret Howard at 24 seconds.

The 4th stage was a long field course that required rifle and shotgun and covered the length of the bay in movement. You really had to have your track shoes on for this one, as well as be able to reload the shotgun efficiently as it required a minimum of 10 shots at steel. Ivan Deroche ran away with this stage and the overall match here with a time of 27.62, with Jeret Howard being the next closest at 31.64. No one else was within 7 seconds of Ivan on this stage, and that helped propel him to the overall win.

Overall Winner: Ivan Deroche
Tactical Division: Ivan Deroche
Limited Division: Jeret Howard
Open Division: Steve White

Full results:

Want to thank everyone who came out and shot, helped run timers and nooks and pasted and helped tear down. It really is a team effort.

Especially want to thank those who helped setup, without whom the match wouldn’t be possible.

See you at the next match!

BPSA October 2016 3-gun Match, Saturday Oct 15th!

October 10, 2016 Leave a comment

The BPSA monthly 3-gun match will be Saturday, October 15th at 9am.

Pre-registration is up at the following link:

Please pre-register if possible, as it allows the match to run much smoother at signup.

Also, please read the pre-registration page for details on the divisions.

We will be using four divisions: Open, Tactical, Limited, and Heavy.

we will be using Time plus points scoring.

Setup will start at 7am, and anyone that helps setup shoots free.

Gate code is 7000.

Stages below:


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October 2016 Poplarville USPSA Pistol match reminder

October 10, 2016 Leave a comment

Dawson Precision

The South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association will host the monthly USPSA Pistol match this Sunday (October 16, 2016) at the range in Poplarville. The match will begin at 9 AM. This is a rescheduled date for the September match.

Online registration is available by clicking the giant button below. Please sign up if you plan on attending.



October 2016 Poplarville USPSA pistol match postponed

October 3, 2016 Leave a comment

Dawson Precision over STIThe October 2016 USPSA pistol match, scheduled for October 9th, has been postponed until October 16th due to scheduling conflicts with the USPSA Nationals.

Registration will open on Sunday, October  9 at 7 PM.

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October 2016 Poplarville 3-Gun match results

October 2, 2016 1 comment


3gun banner composite

The first really nice day of the fall shooting season saw 25 shooters make the trip to Poplarville for 3-Gun. This was our biggest 3-gun turnout in quite some time as well. Wayne was back and the stages stretched out a big, and this brought an extra dose of reality. If you didn’t know your scope’s zero, you might have had a rough day. The four stages presented a variety of challenges from quick gun handling with no reloaded needed (right?) to lots of movement with multiple skills required. Just when you thought the day was going to be won by the fittest/youngest shooter, the most physically challenged shooter (Joe Jones) won the stage with the most movement (stage 3). Go figure?! My theory is he couldn’t run so he wasn’t out of breath when he got to the rifle portion of the stage and wasn’t breathing hard, like the rest up us who sprinted all the way and found the tiny little x on the crosshairs was a bit too jumpy to find the actual target. Let that be a lesson to the rest of us.

Our winner today was  Read more…

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