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2008 SMPSA pistol match results (archive)

December 31, 2008 Leave a comment

The entire match commentary for 2008 is archived in this post. The links to scores may or may not work.

Updated 12/19/08

Rifle Match

The rifle scores are now posted!

Let me start out by saying the rifle match was not run very smoothly. First, the mover cable was shot in the middle of the match and was rendered inoperable. Then the score sheets were the WORST in the history of competitive shooting. Every mistake that could be made was made. So, take these scores with a grain of salt. On stage 2, the mover, some people shot it with the mover actually moving, and some shot it with it standing still. Big difference, and I have no record of who shot it how. So, the scores are what they are.
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