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2017 Mississippi Production State Championship

February 28, 2017 Leave a comment

The 2017 Mississippi Production State Championship will be held June 24-25th, 2017 at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club near Biloxi, MS.

This is a USPSA sanctioned, level 2 championship match for the MS Section.

The match will be 10 stages in a one day format, with the option to shoot either Saturday or Sunday. There will be a lunch break with complimentary food provided on both days. Award ceremony will be Sunday evening.

Division will be Production only.

One Tanfoglio Witness Elite Stock 2 in 9mm (MSRP $1,229) by random draw at the award ceremony. Need not be present to win.

State Champion, open to MS residents.
1st-3rd place overall, open to everyone.
High Lady, High Senior, High Super Senior, and High Junior.

Class awards based on number of entries.

Registration will open at 7pm CST on March 7th on Practiscore at the following link:

Limited to the first 120 entries. Any registration after that will go to the waitlist.

Once registered and approved you will be sent squadding and payment info. You have 14 days from registering to pay or you will be removed from the match. Refunds will be given up to 30 days prior to the match.

We are in need of 30 staff members to run the match, 15 each day. Three staff members will be assigned per squad, and will have the option to shoot as embedded RO’s within the squad or shoot one day, work one day. Need not be a certified RO to volunteer, but is recommended. Staff will shoot FREE.

If you work both days, you will receive a $40 stipend for the second work day. If you would like to volunteer as staff, check the desired box indicating so on the registration form.

Please note, not all applications may be accepted once we have 30 staff positions filled. You will receive email confirming if you have been selected as staff.

We are also in need of 5 setup crew members to setup the match. The match will be completely setup the evening before. Setup crew will shoot FREE. If you would like to volunteer as setup crew, check the box indicating so on the registration form. Please note, not all applications may be accepted once we have all setup crew positions filled.

You will receive email confirming if you have been selected as setup crew.

9:00 – 12:00pm Shooting
12:00 – 1:00pm Lunch Break. Complimentary lunch and drinks provided.
1:00 – 5:30pm Shooting

6:00 – 6:30pm Award Ceremony on Sunday only.

See you at the match!

March 2017 Poplarville 3-Gun match reminder

February 26, 2017 Leave a comment

3gun banner composite


The March 2017 3-Gun match in Poplarville is now open for registration. Sign up online if you plan to attend. Just click the Register button below.


BPSA February 2017 USPSA Results!

February 26, 2017 Leave a comment

We had 64 shooters come out today for the BPSA February 2017 USPSA match. The weather was perfect, and the match ran fairly smooth, aside from the bottleneck we had on the two speed shoots that shared a single bay. And the pizza showed up and just the right time!

Now on to the results:

Stage 1, Close Quarter Standards, was the 24 round, 3-string classifier. Overall stage winner here was Gerwin Henn shooting Limited, followed by Steve Tannetta also shooting Limited.

Stage 2, Swinging Bill, was a 12 round speed shoot, which featured a bill drill on a 20 yard swinger. The stage was also Virginia count. Having dot on your gun proved to be useful here, as the stage winner was Roger Henn, followed by Bill Mahley, both shooting Open.

Stage 3, Roscoe’s Star, was a 9 round speed shoot featuring mandatory reload and a 18 yard star, which proved to be quite the challenge for most shooters, most especially the new ones. Lot of time and brass was spent here, despite it only being 9 round minimum stage. Again, the dot on top of the gun proved to be useful, as the stage winner was Roger Henn followed again by Bill Mahley. The top non-dot finish was turned in by Todd Dempster, with a 10 second run.

Stage 4, Drop Turn Distance, was a 16 round medium course that featured a 15 yard drop turner with two disappearing targets. Steven Mosher had it dialed in here for the stage win shooting production with run of 10 seconds.

Stage 5, Tilt Right, was a 20 round medium course that had 2 pieces of steel, and a variety of plan options. Roger Henn picked the right option, and won the overall stage with a time of 13 seconds.

Stage 6, Speed Bumps, was a 26 round field course that was the biggest of the day, and required the most movement. Roger Henn again took the stage win here with a 17 second run.

When the final results were compiled, Ethan Boudreaux won Carry Optics, Gerwin Henn won Limited, Michael Ramos took Limited 10, Roger Henn edged Bill Mahley by a mere 2 points to take Open division by less that half of percent, CJ Williams won PCC, Steven Mosher won production, Gerald Benton took revolver, and Adam WIlliams edged Daryl Fury by only 3 points to take Single Stack by less than a percent overall.

Full final results here:
and here:…

Want to thank everyone for coming out and shooting, and especially for the hard work in running squads and tearing down stages after the match. Without the team effort, none of this would be possible.

See you the next match!

February 2017 Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match Results

February 25, 2017 1 comment


Once again, the day started out a bit crisp with a brisk North wind blowing. However, by the time the first shot was fired, it seemed to have calmed down and turned out to be a very pleasant day. In all, 55 shooters made it out to test their skills on 6 great stages. More and more steel is appearing at our match and hopefully, you like it. There were quite a few comments last month and most favored more rather than less steel. So, there you go…

When the six stages were done and the scores tallied, there was little drama about the results. For the second month in a row, the overall match winner and Limited division winner was  Read more…

Mississippi State Championship Match Series Update!

February 21, 2017 2 comments

Due to the overwhelming response and huge registration numbers for the initial state championship matches for Revolver, Single Stack, PCC, L10, and Carry Optics, we have decided to increase capacity and expand the number of days for the Open, Limited, and Production matches to meet this ever increasing demand.

In addition, we have secured some very generous title sponsorships and prizes and will be changing the names of two of the matches as a result.

The 2017 Mississippi Production State Championship will be held June 24-25th, 2017. It will be shot in one day, with either a Saturday or Sunday option. The match will be limited to 120 competitors. More information will be released with the official match announcement on February 28th.

The 2017 CK Arms Mississippi Open State Championship will be held July 22-23rd, 2017. It will also be a one day match with the option to shoot on Saturday or Sunday. The match will be limited to 120 competitors. More information will be released with the official match announcement on March 28th.

The 2017 Freedom Gunworks Mississippi Limited State Championship will be held September 23-24th, 2017. It will also be a one day match with the option to shoot on Saturday or Sunday. The match will be limited to 120 competitors. More information will be released with the official match announcement on May 30th.

We want to thank everyone for the amazing support, both the competitors and our sponsors.

See you at the matches!


February 2017 Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match

February 19, 2017 Leave a comment

Registration is open for the February USPSA Pistol Match at the Brothers N Arms Range in Hattiesburg. This month’s event will have at 6 stages, including  a classifier.

I asked you guys last month what you thought about January’s match having more stages, more steel, and a higher overall round count.  For those that responded, the overwhelming response was that ya’ll loved it and wanted more of it. Our stage design officer heard you – six stages, four stages with steel (29 total pieces and one stage alone has 13), and a round count right at 150.  We have also had a few requests to add Pistol Caliber Carbine to our match and the decision has been made to do so.  You’ll find it now as an option on the registration form.

I want to give a special thank you in advance to Bill Jackson from the Poplarville Club, who will be filling in for me at this month’s match.  As most of you know, he’s way better at this stuff than I am, so you guys are in excellent hands!

Setup starts at 7:00 am and registration/check-in ends at 8:30 am.  No walk-ons after 8:30, no exceptions.  There will be a new shooters meeting at 8:30 and a mandatory safety meeting at 8:45.

Payment will be due upon arrival.  If you are a member of the Brothers N Arms Range, $15 will be due.  Otherwise, the entry fee is $20.  To register, just click on the big button.register-now-button

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BPSA February 2017 USPSA match, Sunday February 26th!

February 18, 2017 Leave a comment

The BPSA February 2017 USPSA Pistol Match will be held February 26th, 2017 at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club near Biloxi, MS.
$15 CRPC Members
$20 non-CRPC members
Juniors shoot FREE.
Payment will be accepted at registration.
Registration opens at 8:15am. Shooter meeting at 8:45am. Shooting starts at 9AM sharp.
The match is a USPSA handgun match with 6 stages, including a classifier. We will have complimentary pizza and drinks available around noon.

Click here for stage diagrams

Register now at:
At the conclusion of the match, a guest instructor is going to lead a FREE seminar on range 5 which will be stage 4 from the match, going over topics ranging from how to get started in the sport, to safety basics, shooting tips, and an opportunity to shoot stages from the actual match several times with instructor feedback. We’ll also be able to answer parents questions about their child participating in the sport, and addressing any concerns they may have. Need not participate in that mornings match, and can even show up with a rimfire gun to run stage or no gun at all. Guest instructor this month is Gerwin Henn. The clinic will last around an hour. Need not be a junior to attend. Beginners of any age very welcome!
See you at the match!

February 2017 Poplarville pistol match results **UPDATE**

February 12, 2017 1 comment

Dawson PrecisionThere is a minor change to the scores posted earlier. It was discovered that Roger Henn was scored in minor instead of major. When this was corrected, he jumped from 7th to third. There is no change to the division winners but a small group of people moved down one position. The updated scores are on Practiscore and USPSA now.

For the complete *corrected* match results, click the score computer at the right. Kindle Practiscore


February 2017 Poplarville pistol match results

February 12, 2017 Leave a comment

Dawson PrecisionI’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. What a difference a month makes. In January, it was 22 degrees in the morning, and today it was 72 degrees. I think everyone preferred 72…

We had a near record turnout today with 36 shooters enjoying the unseasonably warm February day to get in a little shooting. There were 6 stages, which seemed to challenge people more than I expected. We had three 30+ rounders, two speed shoots where many got tripped up and a tricky 6 round classifier. If you hit your draw and first shots there, you scored well. If not, then it likely won’t count against you! The only downside to the day was three DQs. They happen but we always hate to see them.

The match moved along at a great pace with the first squad finishing around 11:30 and the last was done before Noon. Once again, we had GREAT help getting everything picked up. Your match staff really appreciates it. Please also thank Tom and Bob for their help in designed stages and setting up. I keep telling you, they are good for something!

When the dust settled, the overall winner shot more consistently than everyone else. With a large flock of open shooters, it is a tad surprising to see the overall winner come from Limited, but when you’re hot, you’re hot. Congratulations to  Read more…

February 2017 Poplarville USPSA Pistol match reminder

February 6, 2017 Leave a comment

Dawson Precision

The South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association will host the monthly USPSA Pistol match Sunday (February 12, 2017) at the range in Poplarville. The match will begin at 9 AM.

Online registration is available by clicking the giant button below. Please sign up if you plan on attending.



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