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Brothers N Arms March 2017 USPSA Match Results

I grew up in south Louisiana, a place where people speak bluntly.  My mother was no exception to this and had several very pointed witticisms she used frequently in trying to raise my brothers and I to adulthood with all of our digits and visual faculties in working order.  I can hear them like it was yesterday.

“You shoot your brother with that bow and arrow one more time and I’m gonna jerk a knot in your head.”

“Boy, when you turn sideways and stick your tongue out, you look like a zipper.  Get in here and eat something!”

There were many more, but the one she used when I was being particularly frustrating was “Son, you ain’t got sense enough to come in out of the rain!”  Well, Ma, I found 19 more just as dumb as me!

Twenty shooters showed up for a match when it was a known fact that there was going to be rain.  And boy, was there rain.  But, man, did we have fun!  Each squad managed to shoot three stages before it just got to be to difficult to proceed, though there were only two stages shot by both squads.  Thankfully, one of those two was the classifier, so we were able to submit the results to USPSA.

Cliff Gaddis was the decisive winner of both the match overall and Single Stack, coming in almost a full 6% ahead of second place Paul Harris, who also took the top spot in Limited.  Trey Nicholson won Open, even with a catastrophic equipment failure.  Kalyn Ulmer and Billy Matthews rounded out the field with top honors in Production and Revolver, respectively.

As always, we thank the Brother N Arms staff for all of their help and we especially thank the volunteers that helped with both set up and tear down.  Your help is vital to making this club and the sport itself a success.  Finally, a very special thanks to Mr. Billy and his track hoe, without whom, Cliff’s truck would still be in the ditch till things dried out next week!

Full scores can be found on both Practiscore and USPSA.org.

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