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2017 CK Arms Mississippi Open State Championship!

The 2017 CK Arms Mississippi Open State Championship is being held this weekend, July 22-23rd, 2017 at Coast Rifle and Pistol Club near Biloxi, MS.

The best shooters from around the state and region will gather this weekend, all competing in USPSA’s ultimate race gun division where anything goes.

There are currently 111 shooters registered, and we have room for more, so if you’ve been on the fence and want to come out and test your skills against the best of the best in the fastest division in the game then get registered now and come on out.

Register at:

See you at the match!

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BPSA July 2017 3GN Results!

The BPSA July 2017 3GN match is in the books. We had 32 shooters come out and test their skills on four stages.

Stage 1 was on the rifle range and featured steel at 100 yards and some weak shoulder shooting. Stage 2 was a 3GN shotgun classifier, and Stages 3&4 were both rifle and pistol combo stages that featured separated shooting areas for rifle and pistol, with targets you could engage with either.

When the dust settled, Jeret Howard took the overall win in 3gun, as well as in Practical. Trevor Lee took the win in Factory. Jon Smith won Heavy Optics, Calvin Lindsay won Heavy Sport, and Kyle Watkins won Unlimited.

In the non-standard divisions, David Martian won PCC only, and Ken Hablitzel swept both Rimfire Rifle Only, and Pistol Only.

Full results at the link below.

Thanks to everyone who came out, helped setup, RO, and tear down.

See you at the next match!

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BPSA July 4th Production Steel Shoot-Off Tournament!

The BPSA July 4th Production Steel Shoot-Off Tournament will be held Tuesday morning, July 4th, from 8am to 10:30am at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club near Biloxi, MS.

This is a 16 shooter, double-elimination tournament. Shooters will go head to head each round in a steel shoot off, until a champion is determined. Shooters will be randomly seeded in the bracket. Course of fire is two boxes, 16 steel challenge plates (8 on each side) and a tie-breaker popper. At horn, engage the 8 plates, mandatory reload, then tie breaker popper. First one finished wins. Higher seed in bracket chooses side. Start position is in box, wrists above shoulders, gun loaded and holstered.

Divisions is Production only.

Class used will be your highest USPSA or Steel Challenge classification in Production.
If unclassified, you receive no handicap.

Class handicaps are as follows:
One popper for each class difference.

For example, if a M squares off against a C, the C shooter starts with 3 plates down (8vs5).
Max handicap allowed is 4 plates.

Registration will open at 7pm CST on Tuesday, June 27th on Practiscore at the following link:

Registration is strictly limited to the first 16 shooters to register.


See you at the match!

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2017 Mississippi Production State Championship Results!

The 2017 Mississippi Production State Championship is in the books, and despite the rain all week leading up and the threat of more all weekend, it ended up being a nice weekend and everyone had a great time. I told people leading up tht our range drains really well, and those who came out saw the dry field even after 10 inches of rain all week. We ended up with 118 shooters turning out, and it was a pretty deep field of competition throughout.

First and foremost, as always, I want to thank everyone who came out and shot the match, most especially those who helped set it up and who worked to make it a success. I always like to thank the staff first, because without them, these matches just don’t happen. Thanks to Keith Lemoine for serving as Range Master. Thats a big committment to give up 2 days to works a match out of town and not even shoot it, so next time you see Keith, give him a big high-five. Also, huge thanks to ROs and setup crew Ethan Boudreaux, Bob Gonzalez, Jonathan O’Brien, Michael Morgan, Jason Welch, John Nguyen, James May, Nick Saucier, Michel Brolaski, Barrett Dupuy, Bryant Willett, Thomas Knight, Lee Frasier, Tommy Mcguire, Ken Hablitzel, Harry Williams, Gerwin Henn, Roger Henn, David Pape, Steven Tannetta, Brandon Guillory, Brian Dolly, Stephen LaSavia, Calvin Lindsay, George Miller, Ken Cornwell, Teddie Gartman, Kyle Gartman, and Chris Davis. Thanks to Gerald Forbes for taking match videos that we’ll be posting soon. I want to especially thank Bryant Willett for coming out and cutting all the grass, otherwise we’d be knee deep in weeds, and to Lee Frasier for serving as acting MD on Friday and Sunday as I got called away for work and couldn’t be around. Big thanks to all the ROs who pulled double duty working both days, and who came back the second day to help cover some shortfalls. It’s hard enough doing it once.

I also want to again point out that many of the same names that work to make these matches happen are the same names at the top of the leaderboard. It really does say a lot when the top shooters are putting in the work and volunteering their time to make it happen. You don’t see that everywhere else.

I also want to thank Max’s Choice for coming out and setting up, and for donating prizes, and for Michael Brolaski and Studio 6 for donating some certificates for free nights.

Now on to the action:

Stage 1, One Hit Wonder, was an 8 round short course that had four target and four steel, engaged from behind a barricade. The twise here being the paper only required one hit. Craig Okenfuss took the stage win here with a 5.7887 hit factor, with Steven Mosher right behind him at 98%.

Stage 2, Lean On Me, was a 16 round medium course that had the shooter engaging the same four paper targets from behind the barricde, only this time two hits each from one side, performing a madatory reload, and then two hits each from the other side of the barricade. Jim Gabelbauer edged out Brandon Guillory for the stage win here, 6.8627 to 6.7989, or 100% to 99%.

Stage 3, Ducks in a Row, was a 16 round medium course that featured four poppers in the center in a row (actually more of a column), and three paper on each respective wing. Brandon Guillory shot all A’s here and took the stage win by a large margin with a 8.2389 hit factor, with the closest finisher being Ricky Hayes at 92%.

Stage 4, Sweep Right, was an 18 round medium course that feature 4 lollipop steel, and gave shooters a few different options to approach them. Brandon Guillory squeaked out the stage win here over Craig Okenfuss with a 7.4271 to 7.3543 edge.

Stage 5, Push Up, was a 24 round all paper long course that had you moving forward through the stage and rewarded quick feet, with Rowdy Bricco taking the stage win with a 7.0243 hit factor and Bryant Willett right behind him at 98%.

Stage 6, Pull Back, was a rehash of the previous 24 round long course stage, with the shooter starting at the front and having to work their way back. Brandon Guillory worked best in reverse with a 7.6283 hit factor, followed by Gerwin Henn at 92%.

Stage 7, Your Table is Ready, featured an unloaded table start, and was a 13 round medium course that required only one hit per paper and had four poppers. The one hit per paper really made for a low hit factor stage. Craig Okenfuss won this one with a 3.9662 hit factor, and Brandon Guillory was second at 96%.

Stage 8, No Time to Sit, was the same setup only this time a 22 round long course that required two per paper. Ken Cornwell took the stage win here with a 6.0132 hit factor, and Todd Stout was second at 96%.

Stage 9, Southpaw Success, was 24 round long course that featured 8 pieces of steel, and as the name implied may have favored leftys. James May took the stage win here with a 6.2941 hit factor, and Lawton Segler was second at 97%.

Stage 10, Get Down, was 14 round medium course that required shooters to shoot the last six rounds strong hand only, and had the back three targets engaged through a low port that many decided to engage prone. Others chose to squat, or lean, or do verious contortions. In the end, prone won out, as the top two both chose that route, with stage winner Jason Welch putting up a 6.6047 hit factor and Steven Mosher second at 96%.

When all the results were added up, the final leaderboard looked like this:

1st Overall – Brandon Guillory
2nd Overall – Jim Gabelbauer
3rd Overall – Rowdy Bricco
High Junior – Bryce Dupuy
High Senior – Gerwin Henn
High Super Senior – Lee Frasier
High Lady – Cassey Bernstein
High Law Enforcement – Wes Green
High Military – Stephen Tucker

1st GM – Brandon Guillory
1st M – Jim Gabelbauer
2nd M – Rowdy Bricco
3rd M – Craig Okenfuss
1st A – Gerwin Henn
2nd A – Todd Stout
3rd A – Steven Mosher
1st B – Jacob Thomas
2nd B – Lawton Segler
3rd B – Brant Pace
1st C – Carl Bernstein
2nd C – JD Williams
3rd C – Benjamin Thompson
1st D – Alan Regala
2nd D – Andrew Ouzts
3rd D – Robert Foil

2017 Mississippi Production State Champion MVP – Lee Frasier

Tanfoglio Stock 2 Gun Drawing winner – Lee Frasier

Full results can be found here:

and here:

Special shoutout to junior revolver phenom JW Aguirre for finishing 62nd out of 118 (62%) shooting his revolver in a production match.
Another big congrats to junior Kyle Gartman for shooting his *first* USPSA match, and beating his dad!

And lastly special recognition to junior shooter Dylan Brose for his awesome display of sportsmanship in handling adversity.

See you at the next match!


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BPSA June 2017 3GN Pistol Results!

We had 41 shooters turn out today for the BPSA June 2017 3GN Pistol match. While it rained all week leading up to the match, it managed to stay dry all day for us today and we had just about perfect weather for the match.

Stage 1, Bring It, was a 12 round speed course with an unloaded start. Roger Henn took top honors here with a blazing 5.12 run, with John Nguyen not far behind at 5.31 seconds.

Stage 2, Bring it Strong hand, was a rehash of Stage 1, this time strong hand only. It didn’t change much in the results as Roger Henn was still tops with a 6.10 run, and Bill Jackson was 2nd at 6.91.

Stage 3, Switchback, featured a drop turner and was won again by Roger Henn with a 13.70 second run.

Stage 4, Yonder, was a medium size course that featured some backward movement. Roger Henn was again far out in front of the field with a 10 second run.

Stage 5, Peter Piper, was the big stage of the day, featuring 8 steel and a swinger. Steven Mosher took the stage here with a 25 second run.

When it was all said and done, Roger Henn won Unlimited, Trey Nicholson won PCC, Steven Mosher won Practical and John Nguyen won Factory.

Full results can be found below:

Upload to 3GN will occur tonight.

Thanks for coming out!

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2017 Freedom Gunworks Mississippi Limited State Championship!

The 2017 Freedom Gunworks Mississippi Limited State Championship will be held September 23-24th at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club near Biloxi, MS. This is a USPSA sanctioned, Level 2 State/Section championship match.

The match will be 10 stages shot in a half day format. There will be four schedules to choose from, Saturday AM, Saturday PM, Sunday AM, and Sunday PM. Squad size will be strictly limited to nine shooters. There will be complimentary lunch provided each day. Award ceremony will be Sunday evening. Division will be Limited only.

One CK Arms Limited gun (MSRP $3,000) courtesy of match title sponsor Freedom Gunworks to be given away by random draw at the awards ceremony.

State Champion, open to MS residents.
1st-3rd place overall, open to everyone.
High Lady, High Senior, High Super Senior, and High Junior.
Class awards based on number of entries.

Registration will open at 7pm CST on June 6th on Practiscore at the following link:

Limited to the first 180 shooters. Any registration after that will go to the waitlist.

Once registered you will be allowed to squad. Once approved you will be sent payment info. You have 14 days from registering to pay or you will be removed from the match. Refunds will be given up to 30 days prior to the match.

We are in need of 60 RO slots to run the match, 15 each session. Three staff members will be assigned per squad, and will have the option to shoot as embedded RO’s within the squad or shoot one session, work another. Need not be a certified RO to volunteer, but is recommended. Staff will shoot FREE.

If you prefer to shoot and work together, just register as normal and select your staff schedule preference, I will squad you during that session.
If you prefer to shoot and work separate, then sign up two entries. For the one you want to shoot select “NO” to staff and pick your squad, on the second entry, select “Ro Only” for division and the staff schedule preference you want.

For example, if you want to shoot Saturday AM and work Sunday AM, sign one entry up as normal and select “NO” to staff, then squad on Saturday AM. Sign up a second time and pick “RO Only” for division and “yes, Sunday AM” for staff, and I will squad you as staff Sunday AM.

If you want to volunteer to RO even more, then sign up a third account, etc with another staff schedule preference. We’re giving a $40 per diem for ROing any extra sessions after your first one.

Please note, not all applications may be accepted once we have 60 staff positions filled. You will receive email confirming if you have been selected as staff.

We are also in need of setup crew members to setup the match. The match will be completely setup the Friday evening before. Setup crew will shoot FREE. If you would like to volunteer as setup crew, check the box indicating so on the registration form. Please note, not all applications may be accepted once we have all setup crew positions filled.

You will receive email confirming if you have been selected as setup crew.

SCHEDULE (both days):
8:00 – 12:30pm AM session
1:00 – 5:30pm PM session
6:00 – 6:30pm Award Ceremony (Sunday only)

Complimentary lunch available in the pistol clubhouse on both days.

See you at the match!

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2017 Mississippi PCC, Carry Optics, and Limited 10 Championship Results!

The 2017 Mississippi PCC, Carry Optics, and Limited 10 Championship is in the books, and although we started the morning out with a little rain, and endured a shower around lunch, it ended up being a pretty nice day, and we had a blast shooting.

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who came out and shot with us, helped past and reset, tear down, and most of all those who helped RO and setup the night before. Without these guys help, these matches just don’t happen, and I like to thank them first. Lee Frasier, Ken Hablitzel, Harry Williams, Mike Ramos, Nick Saucier, Gary Kerr, Mike Strong, Trey Nicholson, Aaron Fitgerald, Bryant Willett, Robbie Foil, Jonathan O’Brien, Gerwin Henn, Roger Henn, Brian Dolly, Stephen LaSavia, Rafy RIjos, Steve Tannetta, David Pape, Bill Mahley, Ruth Mahley, John Nguyen, George Miller, Calvin Lindsay, Kyle Watkins, Ethan Boudreaux, Jeff Blitch, and Dani Blitch.

That team of folks makes the match what it is, so when you see them around give them a big high five. It’s also worth noting that a lot of the same names are at the top of many of the leaderboards today. It says a lot when your top guys are also putting in work. Other places I’ve been the local heat expects the superstar treatment and I’m pretty darn proud that none of our guys are too proud to pick up a hammer and pitch in.

Now on to the action:

Stage 1, Swinging Steel, was a 12 round short course that had you shooting 8 small pieces of steel at a pretty healthy distance, then a swinger and a tight partial with a mandatory reload mixed in. This one was a lot tougher than most folks expected, and it tanked a lot of folks matches today. Max Michel Sr. didn’t have that problem in Carry Optics with the stage win in 12.63 seconds, Gerwin Henn leveraged his solid fundamentals here for the L10 stage win with a smoking 10.79 run, and Joshua Mazzola blazed through this one with ease in PCC with a time on 8.73.

Stage 2, Swinging Bill, was a 12 round Virginia count stage that required 6 shots on the swinger, and 6 on a partial. John Nguyen took the stage win in CO here with a 10.87 run, Gerwin Henn took the stage in L10 with a 8.41 run, and Fernando Almeida took PCC with a 7.65.

Stage 3, Four by Four, was a 12 round short course that featured four popper on the left side, and four paper on the right. The only real decision to be made here was which way to go first, and then rely on execution. AJ McCartney picked the right choice and made it happen in CO with a smoking run of 9.70, Rafy Rijos took L10 with a 11.50, and Joshua Mazzola took the stage in PCC with a 10.21.

Stage 4, No Step on Snek, was a 24 round long course that featured four big colt poppers, and two deceptively small and distanced lollipops. Roger Henn was the man here in CO, with a 13.72 run, his old man Gerwin took it in L10 with a 13.37 run, and Joshua Mazzola ran the table in PCC with a 12.61 run.

Stage 5, Double Time, was a 14 round medium course that had only two steel, and a few tight partials. Roger Henn again won the stage in CO with a 9.54 run, Steven Mosher won L10 with a 11.80 run, and Bryant Willett won PCC with a smoking 8.61.

Stage 6, Triple Time, was a rehash of the previous stage, only this time it was three rounds per target, and ended up a 20 round long course. John Nguyen took it down in CO with a 11.39 run, Steven Taylor won L10 with a run of 13.48, and Joshua Mazzola won PCC with a 11.05.

Stage 7, My Way, was a pretty straightforward 24 round long course that featured two poppers. John Nguyen took the stage in CO, Gerwin Henn took L10, and new PCC shooter Woody Landry set the tone on this one in PCC.

Stage 8, The Highway, was the same stsage, with the added twist of an unloaded start and all mags staged on barrel. This didn’t change much for the high cap guys, but it altered the L10 guys plans significantly, as well as sending a couple people home anytime you do gun and mag handling off barrels. John Nguyen repeated his stage win in CO, Rowdy Bricco took the stage in L10, and Joshua Mazzola took the stage in PCC.

Stage 9, Wide Open, was the largest course at 32 rounds, and easily covered the most ground. This one really rewarded those guys who could cover ground quick, as evidenced by your fast-footed MD Steven Mosher taking the stage win in L10, with Roger Henn taking CO and Joshua Mazzola taking PCC.

Stage 10, Split Second, was an 8 round speed shoot that featured an optional drop turner, two poppers and tight partial. Roger Henn took the stage in CO at 4.93, outpacing the field by nearly 25%, Jonathan Jones blazed the stage in L10 with a time of 3.85 for the stage win, and Christopher DiMenna smoked a 4.51 run in PCC.

When all the results were tallied, your final leaderboard looked like this:

Carry Optics:
1st Place – John Nguyen
2nd Place – Roger Henn
3rd Place – Jason Welch
High Junior – Blayne Dupuy
High Senior – A.J. McCartney
High Super Senior – Don Evans
High LE – Herman Cox

Limited 10:
1st Place – Gerwin Henn
2nd Place – Rowdy Bricco
3rd Place – David Pape
High Junior – Jonathan Jones
High Senior – Gerwin Henn
High Super Senior – Lee Frasier
High LE – Julio Salado
High Military – Chris Lewis

1st Place – Joshua Mazzola
2nd Place – Fernando Almeida
3rd Place – Woody Landry
High Junior – Piper Hattox
High Lady – Piper Hattox
High Senior – Trey Nicholson
High LE – Christopher DiMenna

MS PCC, CO, L10 MVP – Kyle Watkins
Springfield 1911 drawing winner – Stephen Russo

Full match results here:
Practiscore –

Again, want to thank everyone who came out and shot, we certainly hope it was worth the trip, and as we are always striving to improve our match experience, I’d also ask that you please email me with any suggestions and/or constructive after action reports so that we can continue to improve our match.

See you at the next match!

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