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September Poplarville night match cancelled

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September 2012 Pearlington pistol match results

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September Pearlington match reminder

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This Sunday, September 16th, the Pearlington club will be shooting the regular USPSA match at the range on Highway 607 (usual location). If you can assist in setup on Saturday afternoon, your help would be greatly appreciated. And, if you do help set up, your match fee is reduced by $5.00. Shooting begins at 9 AM on Sunday.

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September Poplarville 2012 Shotgun

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The match this month had 7 shooters and although it wasn’t extremely well-organized, it turned out to be a decent match. We shot one of the pistol stages minus the paper, improvised the pistol classifier with some extra steel, and had a quickie reload drill for the finale. The winner of the overall match only won one stage, but he performed best overall. Click to find the winners here… Read more…

September 2012 Poplarville pistol match results

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Break out the leather jackets! Winter is here! Well, not really, but it was 65 when we arrived at the range to set up. The whole day ended up as nearly perfect, as the temperature was moderate and the humidity reasonable. The one dark cloud today was actually a swarm of love bugs. They were as thick as flies at a roadkill and very annoying.

We had a decent turnout, but not great. There were 15 shooters, but we expected more with the weather being so nice. We shot 5 stages and got done at a reasonable time. There was drama from the beginning as Michael McDonald rattled off a blistering 4.67 second run on Stage 2. Unfortunately, gun problems prevented him for engaging most of the targets, so the time really didn’t matter. The results weren’t even very close for the top spot. The overall winner was…

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September 2012 match reminder

September 8, 2012 1 comment

Tomorrow is the monthly USPSA match in Poplarville. The match starts are 9 AM. We are planning on shooting a separate shotgun match after the pistol match.

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September 2012 Poplarville 3-gun match results

September 2, 2012 Leave a comment

3-gun has returned to the Poplarville club after a brief break for the Summer. Apparently, someone forgot to tell the organizers it is still Summer! It was hot today.

The weather, the holdiay weekend and possibly even Hurricane Isaac kept a lot of shooters home, so we only have 8 people show up. But that didn’t put a damper on the shooting action. It seemed there lots of cobwebs and rust all over the shooters today because no one seemed to do it perfectly. Read more…

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