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2017 Rosco Manufacturing Mississippi Two Gun State Championship Results!

The 2017 Rosco Manufacturing Mississippi Two Gun State Championship is in the books, and from what we saw and the feedback we got from several folks it was a great one! The squads ran on schedule, everything seemed to run efficiently and everyone had a great time. Huge thanks to all the staff and folks who pitched in to make it run so smoothly, and of course huge thanks to our title sponsor Rosco Manufacturing who really helped make it special.

When the hammer went down at 9am, we had 77 shooters start off on the five stages of the pistol portion of the match.

Stage 1, Stomp Action, was a 20 round stage that had you activating a swinger and drop turner via stomp box. This was by far the quickst paced stage of the match, and Jeff Blackmon shredded it with his open blaster with a time of 7.50. Brandon Guillory and James May were next behind him winning the stage in both Tactical and Limited respectively with runs of 8.94 and 8.95.

Stage 2, Full Throttle, was in stark contrast to stage one, a stage that had 15 targets really spread out and you had to cover some ground. The guys that could shoot well on the move gained some time here, and that was none other than Ethan Boudreaux, known in some circles as “Lil Sweet”, he cooked up the overall stage win here with a 18 second run. Jason Welch was right on his tail just .13 seconds behind.

Stage 3, Flying V, had you starting with a gun on barrel, and then fter grabbing the gun navigating a parallel shooting area with 14 targets. Bryant Willett went against the grain here going right first and it paid of for him with th overall stage win with a 12.80 run, Jeff Blackmon was behind him with a 14.28 run and Thomas Knight set the iron sight pace with a 14.63 run.

Stage 4, Blazing Stealth, was a 26 round course with some tight walls to navigate moving laterally and forward. Jeff Blackmon came up aces her with a 14.75 run, and Ethan Boudreaux was right behin dhim at 14.90.

Stage 5, On The Move, was a 30 round stage that was another one of those that showcased who could shoot on the move, or at least move really fast in between the shooting. Jason Welch set the pace here at 16.05 with Jonathan O’Brien right behind at 16.32.

As we broke for lunch and put the pistols away, the halftime leaderboard had Jams May in the driver seat in Limited, Bill Mahley on top in Open, and Brandon Guillory atop in Tactical.

Stage 6, Stomp Action 2, was a remix of stage 1 with rifles. In what became a recurring them in the rifle portion, Luke Gosnell took the overall stage with a run of 8.13, and Jeff Blackmon was right behind with a 8.53.

Stage 7, Fuller Throttle, was stage 2 redone with rifles. Luke Gosnell was pushing the gas here and finished on top with a run of 16.94, followed again by Jeff Blackmon at 17.11.

Stage 8, Flying V Reloaded, was just that, Stage 3 reloaded and run with rifles. Again, Luke Gosnell cam eto play with his long gun today and took this stage with a run of 13.22, Bryant Willett was secon at 14.59.

Stage 9, Blazing Stealth Returns was stage 4 done over with rifles, and Luke Gosnell’s streak was broken here as h picked up a penalty and the stage was taken by Jeff Blackmon with a run of 14.11, followed by Brandon Guillory at 15.24.

Stage 10, On the Move Again, was stage 5 redone for rifle, and Luke Gosnell re-asserted his rifle dominance with a 14.44 run and Jeff Blackmon was second with 15.01.

Luke’s rifle run was impressive in the second half, but just not enough for him to make up ground he needed. Look out for this guy if he decides to come down again for the MS CQB state match in August, as it’s all rifle on small stages like today.

When all the stages were in the books, Jeff Blackmon was able to make up the ground he needed to take the Open win, Jonathan O’Brien likewise closed the gap and more that he needed with the rifle portion to take the Limited win, and Brandon Guillory staved off a few runs at his lad and was able to hold on for the win in Tactical.

Recognized winners as follows:

MS State Champ- Bill Mahley
1st place- Jeff Blackmon
2nd place- Bill Mahley
3rd place- Bryant Willett
High Lady- Ashleigh Gosnell
High Senior- Trey Nicholson
High Super Senior- Gerald Forbes

MS State Champ- Gerwin Henn
1st place- Jonathan O’Brien
2nd place- Gerwin Henn
3rd place- Luke Gosnell
High Lady- Michele White
High Senior- Gerwin Henn
High Super Senior- Robert Settle

MS State Champ- Steve Lashinsky
1st place- Brandon Guillory
2nd place- Jason Welch
3rd place- Steve Lashinsky
High Lady- Anniston Baluyot
High Junior – Anniston Baluyot
High Senior- Cheryl Fordyce
High Super Senior- Michael Fordyce

Full final results here:

And another huge thanks to Rosco Manufacturing who provided one of their high quality barrels to each of the first and second place shooters in each division, along with five of their stainless steel barrels for random draw to go along with the Springfield Range Officer 1911 that was given out.

And of course want to thank everyone for coming out and shooting, and especially for the hard work in running squads and tearing down stages after the match. Without the team effort, none of this would be possible.

See you the next match!

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