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2017 Rosco Manufacturing Mississippi Two Gun State Championship Preview!


The 2017 Rosco Manufacturing Mississippi Two Gun State Championship takes place this Sunday, March 26th, at Coast rifle and Pistol Club near Biloxi, MS. Eighty-five of the best shooters from around the state and region will come out Sunday to test their skills on ten fast paced and challenging stages using both rifle and pistol. The match is full, but spectators are more than welcome. The action will kick off at 9am and run all day.

Limited division will feature 39 total competitors. This division shoots iron sights or non-magnified optics on rifle. The battle for the state title here promises to be a dog fight, with Thomas Kight and Gerwin Henn being the favorites, although David Martian, Jeret Howard, and Ken Cornwell could each make a run. For the overall division title, added to the group above are some heavy hitters from Louisiana and Alabama in Jonathan O’Brien, Chris DiMenna and Mike Settle. Senior division features eight competitors, but looks to be a lock for newly turned 55 Gerwin Henn, but don’t count out Herman Cox, the sly old dog is pretty handy with a rifle. Super Senior is a four way battle between Jim Francis, Richard Tucker, Wayne Humphrey and Robert Settle. In the ladies division, Nancy Cole is a huge favorite for High Lady.

Tactical division will see 31 competitors battling it out. This division uses magnified optics on the rifle. This group is led by the favorite, Louisiana’s own Brandon Guillory. Should he stumble, look for Hank Coates, Joe Jones, Don Granier, Ivan Deroche, Steven Mosher and Freddy Smith to keep him honest. For the Mississippi state title, it looks to be a five way race between Gerald benton, Steve Lashinsky, Steven Mosher, Freddy Smith and Ivan Deroche. Ladies division comes down to Anniston Baluyot and Cheryl Foryce, with Anniston also being the favorite for High Junior. Senior division has five total, with the favorites being Cajun Kerry Bailey, Gerald Benton, and Trey Nicholson. Super Senior comes down to Lee Frasier and Michael Fordyce.

In Open division, anything goes, and fifteen folks threw their name in the hat for this one, led by favorites Charles Alexander and Bill Mahley, although Gary Kerr and Neil Drennan could make some noise here. The Mississippi title looks to come down to a race between Mahley, Kerr, and Drennan. The ladies division is deep here, with Ruth Mahley, Michele White, Carla Williams and Ashleigh Gosnell going for top honors. Super senior is a three way race between Don Evans, Shappley Harris, and the favorite, Gerald Forbes.

It looks to be a great match with some stiff competition.

See you at the match!

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