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October 30, 2022 .22 Rifle/PCC match in Biloxi

October 7, 2022 Leave a comment

DSSA will host a special 22 rifle and PCC match on Sunday, October 30, 2022 at the Coast Rifle and Pistol Club in Biloxi, MS. Two divisions will be recognized including .22LR Rifle and Pistol Caliber Carbine (9mm, 10mm, .40S&W, .45ACP). No center fire cartridges will be allowed. No handguns.

Scoring will be Time Plus with Points. Targets will be lots of steel (hit anywhere to score, like Steel Challenge) and USPSA paper and steel popper targets.

There will be 4-5 stages of no more than 30 rounds each. USPSA safety rules apply. All guns MUST have a chamber flag and be in a bag or on a cart. For more information, click the button below to register and read the details.

Stage diagrams will be posted shortly before the match.


October 2022 Biloxi (CRPC) USPSA and Steel Challenge matches CANCELLED!

October 3, 2022 Leave a comment

The month of October brings an unusual cancellation of both the USPSA and Steel Challenge matches at the CRPC range in Biloxi. Due to vacations and USPSA Nationals overlap, the regular match staff personnel will not be in town for the 2nd Saturday Steel Challenge or the 3rd Sunday USPSA matches.

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