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August 2017 Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match

The temperature rose fast and high this morning as 41 shooters came together for the Brothers N Arms Annual Special Classifier Match.  Thankfully, the stages moved quickly and the squads ran smoothly, with most were finishing up before noon.  We were very happy to have a good group of first time shooters take advantage of the classifier match.  Bringing new people to the sport is what keeps it alive and makes it great, so we hope to see all of you at another match very soon.  As always, we can’t thank our volunteers that helped with setup and all of the shooters that helped with take down enough.  We absolutely couldn’t make it happen without you!!

Now, on to the match results.  Corey Mitchell was the overall match winner and the VERY decisive winner of the Production division.  David Pape and Thomas Arthur took second and third overall.   David also won Single Stack by a wide margin.  Thomas was number one in Limited, though David (who shot two divisions) was behind him by less than one percent!  Will Walker did a great job winning Carry Optics and Jamie Humphrey was the top shooter in Limited 10.  Trent Cliburn left no doubt in Open, winning the division by almost 30%, Tommy Cabell was number one in PCC, and Jim Lowman rounded out the divisions as the sole shooter in Revolver.

Full results can be found by clicking here for Practiscore or here for USPSA.

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