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August 2017 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionWe came ever so close to breaking our modern day turnout record, but were one person short of that mark. We tied the 50 mark that was set just two months ago, and considering the heat today, that was impressive.

Speaking of the heat, it was oppressive today. It’s hard to remember a day that was so taxing. It seemed to takes it toll on everyone. Almost no one stuck around for the scores, which is pretty unusual. And that was all right because I didn’t even do them until I got home. I, for one, was over-done with the heat.

Mixed into that batch of 50 shooters were a couple of brand new faces to USPSA shooting and a couple of new to us faces. Thank you very much for coming out today and putting up with “less than ideal” conditions. I promise you it gets better. I also want to thank the folks that helped with the match setup and tear-down right up front. If you aren’t directly named, please take no offense. There were just too many to list, but you know who you are. First, to the Dupuy family for helping with setup on Friday. Next, to John N and Jason W (and others) for creating a great little stage at the last minute. Last night when it looked like an overfull match, John agreed to set up another stage to allow us to go to 5 squads. In the end, we didn’t use the 5th squad, because we winnowed down from a high of 64 late yesterday afternoon to that magic 50 number by hammer time today.  And, as if by magic, everything got taken down and brought to the truck before I even got back myself. Thank you VERY much, everyone!

I guess it’s time for some scores, since no one got them at the range. The overall match winner was a “Yankee,” and he almost lapped the field. Congratulations to the Open and Overall winner, Bryan Tullos, from all the way up in the Jackson area. First place in Limited went to Dave Pape, who was also 3rd overall. The hotly contested PCC division was taken by David Martian, who seemed to be practicing a lot with that carbine. Carry Optics was won by Max Michel, Bob Brandt stormed to first in L10, and Bryce Dupuy won Production. And finally, Nick Brandt took the Single Stack title. There were a ton of shooters in Limited today, and many were practicing for the big MS State Limited match next month. Congratulations to the new shooters who made it though their first match successfully, as well.

And, last but not least, a big thanks to Blue Bullets (https://www.thebluebullets.com) for providing a bunch of their bullets for us to give out as prizes and samples. Three randomly drawn shooters each won 250 Blue Bullets and many other got sample packs of their products. We appreciate their support of our sport. Please consider them the next time you are buying projectiles.


For the complete match results, click the score computer at the right. Kindle Practiscore








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