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BPSA August 2017 3GN Results!

The BPSA August 2017 3GN match is in the books, and it was a hot one today. Unlike our recent state matches, we got no relief from the rain.

We had 38 shooters turn out across a variety of divisions to test their 1, 2, and 3 gun skills against five quick paced stages. We tried to put an emphasis on variety in the stages this month, and that really showed up as people where running all sorts of different plans and choosing different guns. The shotgun clay bonus targets seemed to be a big hit as well, and we look to do more stages similar to these in the future.

Now on to the action:

In Practical division, Kevin Leonhardt took the win with a final time of 78 seconds, just ahead of Aaron Fitzgerald at 80.85 seconds, and David Martian finished third with a time of 80.97.

Shappley Harris took the win in Two Gun with a final time of 102, ahead of Michael Davis at 140.

Kevin Leonhardt also took the win in Unlimited PCC ahead of David Martian, 63 to 70.

Jon Davis was first in Unlimited with a time of 91.

Factory division was won by Steven Zeringue, just edging out David Giammittorio 109 to 110.

In Heavy Sport, Jon Smith took the win uncontested with a time of 121.

In PCC Only, George Miller took the win with a time of 91, with Dennis Warren second at 110.

In Pistol Only, Michael Brolaski was uncontested with his final time of 113.

Full results can be found here:

Want to thank everyone who came out, especially those that helped setup, RO, and tear down at the end.

See you at the next match!

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