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BPSA May 2017 3GN, Saturday May 20th!

The BPSA May 2017 3GN Match will be held May 20th, 2017 at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club near Biloxi, MS.

The match is 4 stages of 3GN Multigun with Time Plus with Points scoring. There will be a 3GN classifier if you are a member.


$15 CRPC Members
$20 non-CRPC members
Juniors, Ladies, and setup crew shoot free.
Payment will be accepted at registration.

Setup starts at 7am. Registration opens at 8:30am. Shooter meeting at 8:45am. Shooting starts at 9AM.
Gate code is 7000

We are using 3GN divisions as listed in the Quick Reference Guide at the following link:

Click to access 3GN%20Divisions%20Reference%20Chart.pdf

In addition, also going to offer the following custom divisions: PCC Only, Rimfire Rifle Only, and Pistol Only.

These divisions are unlimited and will not use the single gun scoring method, however. 3GN multigun scoring will be used for all divisions (2 anywhere or 1 In 8″ center to neutralize)

See you at the match!

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