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BPSA May 2017 3GN Multigun Results!

We had 35 shooters come out for our the May 3GN monthly multigun match. This was our first 3GN affiliated multigun match, but the learning curve was easy. We also offered some custom pistol only and PCC only divisions for anyone that wanted to try them. Rain was in the forecast, but it never came, and it ended up being a nice day.

Now onto the action:

Stage 1, Steel Gallery, was a shotgun only speed course that required a slug shot on a drop Turner, and featured 12 poppers. No surprise here, but unlimited shotgun guys lead the way here with the higher capacity, with Jeret Howard setting the pace at 11.83, with Clayton Daigle right behind him at 12.18. For the Practical guys who required a reload, Daniel Luxich set the pace with 12.55. For the pistol/PCC only crowd, not having to run the shotgun made a big difference as Roger Henn was out frinybhere with a 6.73.

Stage 2, A New Twist, is a 3GN multigun classifier that required engaging three paper with rifle and then six poppers with pistol. Daniel Luxich set the bar high here in Practical and overall with a 7.56 run. In Pistol only, not gun transition was required and that propelled Roger Henn to a 5.64 run.

Stage 3, Your Way, was a rifle or pistol choice on a 11 target field course. Jeret Howard lead the pack here again with a 11.63 run, with Roger Henn right behind him in Pistol Only with a 11.63.

Stage 4. Tiger Balm, was a big field course that required all three guns. This was the make or breaker for most people’s matches today. Dustin Stevens laid down a smoking run of 33.04 to lead the way in Practical and Overall, with Jeret Howard right behind him in unlimited with a 33.83. In the Pistol Only category, Roger Henn lead the way with a 24.44.

With the final results came in, here is how it stacked up:

Jeret Howard made to switch from USPSA Limited to 3GN Unlimited and it paid off, with both the unlimited and overall match win with a total time of 68.07.

Ivan Deroche was next Overall, and first in Practical with a 78.64. Daniel Luxich was right behind him at 79.24.

Calvin Lindsay took the win in Heavy Sport, and Jim Francis won the Unlimited PCC division.

In the Pistol Only category, Roger Henn took the win over his dad Gerwin. Ken Hablitzel was third.

In PCC Only, Bryant Willett edged out Gerald Benton, with Roger Follette and Ronald Hinton 3rd & 4th.

Geneva Williams won Rimfire Rifle Only.

Full results can be found at the link below:


We thank everyone who can out to shoot today, especially those who helped setup and make the match happen. It was a big team effort today.

Reminder that the next June 2017 3GN match will be single gun Pistol/PCC, and then in July we’ll be back to our regular schedule of 3gun matches.

See you at the next match!

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