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2017 Mississippi Single Stack and Revolver State Championship Preview!

The 2017 Mississippi Single Stack and Revolver State Championship takes place this Sunday, April 30th, at Coast rifle and Pistol Club near Biloxi, MS. This is a USPSA sanctioned, level 2 State/Section championship event. Over 75 of the best wheel gunners and 1911 aficionados from around the state and region will come out Sunday to test their skills on ten challenging stages that will be sure to test a variety of skills. The match is full, but spectators are more than welcome. The action will run all day.

Single Stack will feature an impressive turnout of 56 shooters. The competition here appears to be wide open, as none of the competitors are classed higher than A, with 26 of them being unclassified in single stack. The early favorite for State Champion appears to be Russ Smith, a frequent SS shooter and consistent performer at big matches,, but he could get pushed real hard from a set of unclassified guys crossing over into this division just for the match, namely Gerwin and Roger Henn, the father son duo more frequently found stalking the hi-cap divisions of Open and Limited. In addition to those early favorites, don’t count out darkhorse Jamie Humphrey or Nick Saucier. If either of them put together a solid match they are within striking distance. The picture for the overall division title gets just a bit murkier, with those guys mentioned above, as well as out of staters Chris DiMenna and William Moore thrown into the mix.

For revolver division, even with 21 revolver shooters signed up, the picture looks a little clearer at the top. The first and one of only like two or three guys to achieve GM in every division in the sport chose the wheel gun for this one, and Johnny Brister is the early favorite unless he takes a wrong turn on the way down and ends up in Albuquerque. Gerald Benton is the next man up and could be a darkhorse if Brister stumbles. For the overall division title, the competition gets a lot thicker as heavy hitters in revolver from the state next door make their way over. Elliot Aysen is the favorite to take the overall match, with Bill and Jonathan Durocher, and Gary Thibodaux are all set to square off for the coveted podium finish.

It promises to be a fun and exciting match, and we look forward to seeing how it all shakes out!

See you at the match!

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