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2017 Mississippi Single Stack and Revolver Championship Results!

The 2017 Mississippi Single Stack and Revolver Championship is in the books, and it was a great one.

First and foremost I want to thank the folks that made it possible.

Setup crew George Miller, Lee Frasier, Steve Tannetta, Bill Jackson, Calvin Lindsay, Harrell Balius, and Dwaine Balius. Without these guys this match doesn’t happen.

RO and match staff, Mike Morgan, Brian Dolly, Mike Ramos, Lee Frasier, Gary Kerr, Harrell Balius, Dwaine Balius, Bryant Willett, Ed Chancery, Thomas Heard, Lloyd Marine, Robbie Foil, Gerwin Henn, Roger Henn, David Pape, Chris Davis, Gerald Forbes, and Bill Jackson.

These events are certainly not one man shows, and are the product of an incredible amount of teamwork from the guys above, and other guys who step up at other matches.

Now on the action.

We had 77 shooters registered, but with pending nasty weather in the forecast, we only had 56 actually turn out.

They were rewarded with much better weather than expected, and thanks to efficient squads and implementing the foul weather protocol, we were able to wrap up by 2pm and got done before the bottom fell out and was lucky enough to miss the rain.

It must be all that good karma we’ve built up the past year. 🙂

Stage 1, Quick Six, was a 6 round speed course featuring all poppers shot from behind a barricade. Christopher DiMenna was the man her, with a 5.45 second run in Single Stack, and Mike Settle lead all the shell guns with a 5.83 second run.

Stage 2, Survival, was a 12 shot short course with a mandatory reload. Gerwin Henn lead the pack here with his command of gun handling fundamentals and 55 plus years of wisdom, and a time of 7.87. Dale Craig took the stage win in Revolver with an 11.78 run.

Stage 3, A Little Left, wasa 14 round medium course with a mix of paper and steel. Gerwin Henn lead the bottom feeders with a 9.86 run, with the hot and cold Nick Saucier right on his tail with a 10.05 run. Robert Settle lead the pack in Revolver with a 12.85.

Stage 4, A Little Right, was a 16 round medium course that featured four full size colt poppers. Gerwin Henn established a then here with another stage win at 9.47 seconds. Same with Robert Settle and his 12.03 second run in Revolver.

Stage 5, With Mushrooms, was a 20 round long course that featured forward movement and a mix of paper and four small poppers. Gerwin Henn again showed that Limited skills transfer well to single stack with another stage win, and Mike Settle picked up where his dad left off the previous two stages taking one for himself with a 20 second run.

Stage 6, No Sausage, was a 20 round long course that featured backwards movement, and Roger Henn made it a family tradition with his quick feet taking him to a stage win at 13.90 seconds, while in revolver Robert Settle showed that father knows best with a run of 16.48.

Stage 7, Back Pedal, was a 12 round short course featuring backward movement and two very tight shots on mini poppers. This stage was last shot at the 2016 European Open, and on this day, Christopher DiMenna took the stage with a 5.0847 hit factor, just swirling ahead of Steven Tannetta at 99.79% with a 5.0738 hit factor. Mike Settle took the stage in Revolver with a 4.3732 hit factor. ‘Merica.

Stage 8, Gas Pedal, was a 17 round medium course that require three hits per target. Gerwin Henn laid down a 10.47 second run for the stage win in Single Stack, and Elliot Aysen outpaced the Revolver field with a 13.84 second run.

Stage 9, Surrounded, was the biggest course of the day, a 26 round long course. William Moore put his name in lights on this one with a 19.72 second run, and Robert Settle took the stage in Revolver with a 23.68 second run.

Stage 10, Stomp City, was a 6 round speed course featuring two poppers and a swinger. Roger Henn was quick in the trigger here with a smoking 3.75 second run. In the wheelgun division, Elliot Aysen smoked the stage with a 4.74 run.

When the dust settled and the final results were tallied up, the winners were as follows:

1st Place -Gerwin Henn
2nd Place – Christopher DiMenna
3rd Place – William Moore
MS State Champion – Gerwin Henn
1st A – Gerwin Henn
1st B – Scott Jacob
2nd B – Brian Dolly
3rd B – Russ Smith
1st C – Julio Salado
2nd C – Nick Saucier
3rd C – Jody Jodoin
High Super Senior – DeWayne Gainous
High Senior – Gerwin Henn
High Junior – Blayne Dupuy

1st Place – Robert Settle
2nd Place – Dale Craig
3rd Place – Elliot Aysen
MS State Champion – Steven Mosher
1st A – Robert Settle
1st B – Dale Craig
High Super Senior – Robert Settle
High Senior – Elliot Aysen
High Lady – Annette Aysen

Rangemaster Bill Jackson, who went 2 for 4 in calibration challenges.

Full results can be found on Practiscore and USPSA at the links below:

We want to thank all the shooters who came our and supported us and shot. Everyone did an amazing job shooting and pitching in with pasting and tear down. It was an awesome team effort . We certainly hope you enjoyed it as much as we did running it.

See you at the next match!

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