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BPSA April 2017 USPSA Results!

We had 68 shooters turn out today for the BPSA April 2017 USPSA match. We had quite a few new shooters come try the sport for the first time, as well as some old hands getting in one last tune-up before next week’s Single Stack and Revolver State Championship.

We had a little rain shower before the match got underway, but after that it was smooth sailing, although the high winds caused a few reshoots knocking over some of the poppers.

Now on the the action:

Stage 1, Can You Count, was a 20 round classifier that tested your ability to shoot really fast, really close, and count to five. Steven Mosher was a loose cannon on this stage with a 11.99 hit factor in production, followed closely by David Pape in Single Stack with a 11.76 hit factor.

Stage 2, Popup Blocker, was a 21 round stage that did not feature any popup targets, but required some backward movement from the start. Ethan Boudreaux took top honors here with his Carry Optics rig with a 15.22 second run, and Stanley Wade and Paul Jaccod were right behind him in Limited with 16 second runs.

This was also known as “the only stage that matters” for both Ruth Mahley and CJ Williams, as they both beat their husbands on this stage. They say it’s always good to try hard and leave it all out on the field, and for Bill and Adam they left a little piece of their manhood out on Stage 2 today.

Stage 3, In Sync, was an “N” shaped array of tight targets with a mix of steel. Bill Mahley sought redemption here and found it, lapping the rest of the field by more than 20% with a 10+ hit factor. Stanley Wade was the next competitor in sight, with a 8.11 HF in Limited.

Stage 4, Right Turn Clyde, was a 20 round medium course with a mix of partial targets and steel. Bill Mahley continued down the war path with another 20%+ stage win here with an 8.8 hit factor, with Michael McDonald (the shooter, not the singer) next in line with a 7.0 hit factor.

Stage 5, The Little Things, featured a swinger and our two newest target additions, two little 6″ square plates that were sure to frustrate many. Bill Mahley again took this stage, albeit not by as big of a margin. His 5.0 hit factor was just 8% ahead of Paul Jaccod’s 4.7 in Limited.

When the final results were calculated, the division winners were as follows:

Ethan Boudreaux took first out of five in Carry Optics by nearly 18% over second place Matthew Dozier.

Stanley Wade shot Limited Minor and took home the 1st place win out of 16 in the division and 3rd overall out of 68th. Paul Jaccod was 2nd just 4% behind.

Bill Mahley took 1st overall and 1st in open by nearly 19%. Lee Frasier took 2nd here.

Gary Kerr won 1st in PCC by 16% out of a record high seven that showed up to shoot long guns. Calvin Lindsay debuted his new toy and took 2nd place.

Steven Mosher took Production, with Ken Cornwall right behind him by 3% for second place out of twenty Production shooters.

Gerald Benton took 1st in Revolver out of one. I guess it’s safe to assume no one else felt they needed to practice Revolver for next week. We’ll see how that works out for them.

Single Stack saw a surge in turnout as folks prepped for next week. Out of 13 shooters, David Pape came out on top with Steve Tannetta right behind him. Both these guys are normally limited shooters, but I guess you could say they give zero stacks whether they are shooting single or double stack, it’s all the same.

Full results can be found on practiscore here:

And on USPSA here:

Huge thanks to everyone that came out and shot, helped paste and reset, RO shooters and tear down. It truly is a team effort.

Special thanks to Kyle Watkins, Lee Frasier, George Miller, Tommy McGuire, Chris Zeeck, and Joe Borgstede who came out and setup the match. Couldn’t have happened without you guys!

See you at the next match!

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