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April 2017 Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match

Well, it’s official.  The Brothers N Arms USPSA Club has a full year under it’s belt.  I for one, feel privileged to be a part of both this organization and of USPSA.  The knowledge, skill, and friendships gained is irreplaceable.  Thanks to everyone that has helped make it happen – Cliff Gaddis, Greg Hammer, Jamie Humphrey, the Green Family and Brothers N Arms – but most of all, thanks to you, the shooters. You have helped us setup and tear down, but most of all, you showed up!  Without that, nothing else matters!!

Even with the Area 6 event underway, 44 folks turned out today to shoot 7 stages in very acceptable weather conditions.  The stages were challenging, but fast, with a good mixture of paper, steel, movement, and round count.

Drew Walters simply walked away with both the overall and Open class wins, though Corey Mitchell had an impressive showing, taking the top spot in Production and second place overall.  Chris Brown finished very strong with first place in Limited as well as third overall.  Russ “Half-Cocked” Smith (I kept hearing folks say something about State Champ, but I don’t know nuthin’ about that), pretty much owned the Single Stack division.  Full scores can be found on both Practiscore and USPSA.

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