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BPSA August Pistol Match Results

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This month’s match will be remembered as a five great stages, well worth the August heat and rain.  This month we had 46 entries and as hot and wet as it was, everyone had their usual good time.  We tried very hard this month to give you a good combination of “Slow and Accurate” and “Run and Gun”.  We are going to do our best to make the match an even challenge for everyone’s strengths….and weaknesses.

This was the first month we scored the match completely electronically.  Each scorekeeper used a Nook and all the scores were compiled together at the end of the match.  Although there were a few bumps getting started, once everyone got the hang of it, the match went surprisingly smooth.  All in all, this will go down as another great match and it can all be attributed to you.  Thanks for all your help and support.

Congratulations to this month’s winners….

George  Hemstad – Overall and Open winner ,  Gerwin Henn – Limited winner,  Steven Mosher – Production winner,  Robert Foil – Limited 10 Winner,  Mike Esposito – Single Stack Winner, and Gerald Benton taking the Revolver division.

Until next time, Be Safe, Have Fun!!!

Also thanks to our hosts and club sponsor.. Coast Rifle and Pistol Club.

The match scores can be viewed by clicking the score sheet at the right.

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