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August 2013 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson Precision

Another August, another hot day. Despite the occasional clouds and eventual rain, it was hot today! And in some cases, that applied to the shooting as well. There were some stellar performances, and then there were the ones where you just want to hit the delete button.

We had a good turnout with 20 shooters competing. We had one new shooter to the club today who managed to walk away with a division win as well. The 5 stages were just about the right amount of challenge to be easy to set and score but challenging enough to make you think. In the end, the results may surprise some. Our overall winner today was…

Bo Gray in Production division, who edged Gerwin Henn (the Limited winner) by just 0.071 match points or 0.01%. It’s hard to imagine how close that really is. It is the difference between a C and D in Production or between 0.01 and 0.02 seconds on any given stage. That is as close as it gets! Oh, and Bo got to load only 10 rounds per magazine. He managed to shoot worthy his Master classification today. The rest of the winners included newcomer Betsy Young in Open, Bob Brandt in Single Stack and Gerald Benton in Revolver.

I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank Scott and Woody on squad 2 for helping to RO and score so many shooters. That made a huge difference in our efficiency. We also had great support in scoring from Ric. We really do appreciate this effort. The whole match staff also appreciates the help during setup and tear down of the match. It would truly be impossible without you. And, finally, thanks to those who renewed their membership and continue to support the club.

For the complete match scores, click the score sheet at the right.

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