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BPSA July 2017 3GN Results!

The BPSA July 2017 3GN match is in the books. We had 32 shooters come out and test their skills on four stages.

Stage 1 was on the rifle range and featured steel at 100 yards and some weak shoulder shooting. Stage 2 was a 3GN shotgun classifier, and Stages 3&4 were both rifle and pistol combo stages that featured separated shooting areas for rifle and pistol, with targets you could engage with either.

When the dust settled, Jeret Howard took the overall win in 3gun, as well as in Practical. Trevor Lee took the win in Factory. Jon Smith won Heavy Optics, Calvin Lindsay won Heavy Sport, and Kyle Watkins won Unlimited.

In the non-standard divisions, David Martian won PCC only, and Ken Hablitzel swept both Rimfire Rifle Only, and Pistol Only.

Full results at the link below.


Thanks to everyone who came out, helped setup, RO, and tear down.

See you at the next match!

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