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June 2019 Biloxi (DSSA) pistol match results


Why do we shoot in the Summer? Well, that was the question of the day. It was so hot… (Fill in your own punch line). Yes, it was hot, real hot, damn hot, all kinds of hot. But most of us survived. The match had some “deceptively hard” stages and there were lots of Mikes and No-shoots tallied today by almost everyone.

The turnout was down from our normal numbers, maybe due to the heat, or possibly the last day of the Mississippi CQB match in Hattiesburg. But it mattered not. Those that did make it were treated to some serious Henn Zen. Gerwin and Roger came up with some great stages and they impressed pretty much everyone. Tough, challenging, humbling, take your pick. These were not your ordinary hose-em up stages. In the end, the scores were all over the place.

But rising to the top was a familiar name, who resisted (mostly) the temptation to just grip it and rip it. Your Open division winner and high overall shooter was none other than Roger Henn. He made the fewest mistakes and shot as fast as he could get his hits. His performance earned him a 15+% match win. In Limited, Bryce Dupuy cruised to an easy win, while in Carry Optics Ethan Boudreaux turned in a stellar match to take that division and second overall. This was a really good shooting weekend for Ethan, with a division win today, one division win and one second in division yesterday in the State CQB match and the overall title in said state match. Back in Biloxi, Dewayne Gainous took the L10 win, while Ken Cornwell won Production. Rounding out the podium were Jason Welch with the PCC title and Kelly Love in Single Stack, who was shooting her very first USPSA match today!

We greatly appreciate all the help during setup this morning and tear-down this afternoon. We will try to order some cooler weather for next month. You know, July is known for its cool snaps…

For the complete match results, click the score computer at the right. Kindle Practiscore








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