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September 2017 Biloxi pistol match (NEW CLUB!)

Registration is now open for the first match of the Deep South Shooters Association. This will be shot at the Coast Rifle and Pistol club, the former home of the BPSA matches. The new club will shoot at the same range with the same props, but be under new management. This will be a USPSA Level I match with five stages (no classifier this time). Yes, this is short notice, and No, this isn’t a resurrection of the cancelled MS Limited State Championship match. It will be the first match for the newest club in Mississippi.

The name, Deep South Shooters Association, may sound familiar to some of you, and with good reason. This was the name of the USPSA club that shot at the Gulfport Police Dept. range by the airport for many years. That club never resumed shooting after Hurricane Katrina, but will come back to life with the same name, but at a different range. Until that is formally completed with USPSA next month, the Poplarville club will be USPSA sponsor for this match. But it will still be shot in Biloxi. Starting next month, DSSA will be a USPSA affiliated club and be the sponsor and continue the tradition of great pistol matches in Biloxi at CRPC.

To register, click the big registration button below.

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