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BPSA April 2017 3-gun Results!

We had 27 folks come out and enjoy perfect weather to shoot the April 3-gun match. Three of the four course offered shooter’s choice of guns, and all of them were of the quick and fast paced variety.

Stage 1, Swing for the Stars, featured both a star and a swinger at around 15 yards. Ronald Hilton took the stage win in rimfire rifle at 13.65. For the multigun era having to transition between two guns, Bill Jackson set the pace here with 13.70 and Jerry Howard was hot on his tail at 14.07.

Stage 2, Stay Low, required the 3-gunners to go prone and shoot under a table and wall, but the rimfire guys were able to escape that fate. Ronald Hilton again paced rimfire with 11.25 and Ken Hablitzel was right behind him at 12.05. In 3gun, Clayton Daigle smoked this one in 13.81 with Trevor Lee not far behind at 14.26.

Stage 3, Movement, required a lot of just that, movement. Ronald Hilton kept the stage streak alive with a 13.99, while Jeret Howard set the pace among 3gunners with a 14.75 run.

Stage 4, Ms. Go, required use of all three guns and really rewarded you if you could shoot on the move. The ten shotgun targets required the capacity restricted divisions to work in a quick reload of transition to the pistol to clean it up. Steven Mosher set the bar on this stage with a run of 24.36. Steve Lashinsky was next with a run of 27.26 and in rimfire Ken Hablitzel broke the Hilton streak with a run of 32 seconds.

When the dust settled, Ronald Hilton came out on top on rimfire, Steven Mosher took Tactical, Jeret Howard reclaimed the belt in Limited, and Lee Frasier won Open.

Full results can be found at:


Appreciate everyone who came out to shoot the match, those who setup, ran nooks and timers, and those who helped tear down.

It truly is a team effort, and it wouldn’t be possible without it.

See you at the next match!

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