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BPSA April 2017 3gun, Saturday April 15th!

The BPSA April 2017 3-Gun Match will be held April 15th, 2017 at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club near Biloxi, MS.
The match is four stages of USPSA 3-gun using Time Plus with Points scoring.
*We will not be using the long range rifle match this match due to a range function. We will use the shotgun bay instead*

Stages: BPSA_3gun_Apr2017
We are also offering our new Rimfire Rifle only division, which is a great place for beginners or juniors to get exposure to 3-gun without needing all the gear, or anyone looking to put some rounds through their Rimfire gun instead of bringing out all three.
$10 CRPC Members
$15 non-CRPC members
Juniors and setup crew shoot free.
Payment will be accepted at registration.
Setup starts at 7am. Registration opens at 8:30am. Shooter meeting at 8:45am. Shooting starts at 9AM.
Gate code is 7000
Open – anything goes. Optics or compensator on pistol. Two optics on rifle. No restriction on shotgun capacity.
Tactical – AR with magnification optic. Shotgun limited to 8+1 rounds at start. No optic or comp on pistol.
Limited – AR with no magnification (ie. 1x red dot or irons). Everything else same as tactical.
Heavy – Rifle .308 caliber, Pistol 40s&w or bigger. Shotgun 12ga.
Rimfire Rifle – 22LR rifle only. No pistol or shotgun.
See you at the match!

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