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BPSA February 2017 USPSA Results!

We had 64 shooters come out today for the BPSA February 2017 USPSA match. The weather was perfect, and the match ran fairly smooth, aside from the bottleneck we had on the two speed shoots that shared a single bay. And the pizza showed up and just the right time!

Now on to the results:

Stage 1, Close Quarter Standards, was the 24 round, 3-string classifier. Overall stage winner here was Gerwin Henn shooting Limited, followed by Steve Tannetta also shooting Limited.

Stage 2, Swinging Bill, was a 12 round speed shoot, which featured a bill drill on a 20 yard swinger. The stage was also Virginia count. Having dot on your gun proved to be useful here, as the stage winner was Roger Henn, followed by Bill Mahley, both shooting Open.

Stage 3, Roscoe’s Star, was a 9 round speed shoot featuring mandatory reload and a 18 yard star, which proved to be quite the challenge for most shooters, most especially the new ones. Lot of time and brass was spent here, despite it only being 9 round minimum stage. Again, the dot on top of the gun proved to be useful, as the stage winner was Roger Henn followed again by Bill Mahley. The top non-dot finish was turned in by Todd Dempster, with a 10 second run.

Stage 4, Drop Turn Distance, was a 16 round medium course that featured a 15 yard drop turner with two disappearing targets. Steven Mosher had it dialed in here for the stage win shooting production with run of 10 seconds.

Stage 5, Tilt Right, was a 20 round medium course that had 2 pieces of steel, and a variety of plan options. Roger Henn picked the right option, and won the overall stage with a time of 13 seconds.

Stage 6, Speed Bumps, was a 26 round field course that was the biggest of the day, and required the most movement. Roger Henn again took the stage win here with a 17 second run.

When the final results were compiled, Ethan Boudreaux won Carry Optics, Gerwin Henn won Limited, Michael Ramos took Limited 10, Roger Henn edged Bill Mahley by a mere 2 points to take Open division by less that half of percent, CJ Williams won PCC, Steven Mosher won production, Gerald Benton took revolver, and Adam WIlliams edged Daryl Fury by only 3 points to take Single Stack by less than a percent overall.

Full final results here:
and here:

Want to thank everyone for coming out and shooting, and especially for the hard work in running squads and tearing down stages after the match. Without the team effort, none of this would be possible.

See you the next match!

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