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BPSA November 2016 USPSA Match Results!

We had a great turnout today for the BPSA November USPSA match, with 57 shooters coming out. Several of those were first time shooters, which is always great to see.

The morning started out chilly, and the competition was tight across several divisions.

Stage 1 was the classifier, Front Sight. Steve Tannetta blew this one out of the water shooting Limited, with a 10.48 hit factor and a time of 4.96 seconds. Right behind him was Robert Jones, also in Limited, just a mere 0.02 seconds off the pace.

Stage 2 was a 24 round long course with 6 pieces of steel and all open targets. It was one of the faster paced stages of the day. Bill Mahley took this down in PCC with a 14 second run, and Steven Taylor set the pace for pistols with a 16 second run with his production gun.

Stage 3 was a 12 round short course that had 4 pieces of steel and a swinger at close to 20 yards away. Bill Mahley took this stage again with PCC with a smoking 8 second run, and Steven Mosher set the standard for pistols with an 11 second run.

Stage 4 was a 14 round medium course that was one of the more technical stages of the day. It featured two pieces of steel, a drop turner with a disappearing target and several tight shots covered with no shoots. Bill Mahley took the stage with PCC with an 11 second run, followed closely by Jonathan Jones, Michael Morgan, and Robert Jones each shooting Limited.

Stage 5 was a 35 round long course, easily the biggest and most target rich stage of the day. It featured a few tight shots at the start, and then you’re ally had to cover some ground to finish this stage. Bryant Willett took this stage with his production gun, David Martian was second with PCC, and Ethan Boudreaux was right behind in Carry Optics.

In the overall match results, it was a tight race across several divisions.

In Limited, Jonathan Jones bested his dad Robert Jones by 12 points to take the win, with Steven Tannetta finishing just 4 more points back.

In Production, Steven Mosher edged Bryant Willett by 14 points, with Steven Taylor another 13 points back.

In Open, Bill Jackson finished 8 points ahead of Jason Smith and Betsy Young.

In PCC, Bill Mahley finished 36 points in front of David Martian.

Full list of division winners:

Carry Optics: Ethan Boudreaux
Limited: Jonathan Jones
Limited 10: David Pape
Open: Bill Jackson
PCC: Bill Mahley
Production: Steven Mosher
Revolver: Gerald Benton
Single Stack: Tony Marcellino

Full results: https://practiscore.com/results/new/29023

Want to thank everyone who came out and shot, helped run timers and nooks and pasted and helped tear down. It really is a team effort.

Also hope all the new shooters who came out enjoyed themselves and will be back.

Especially want to thank those who helped setup, without whom the match wouldn’t be possible.

See you at the next match!

  1. Anonymous
    November 28, 2016 at 9:09 AM

    Awesome stages and great facility we will be back.

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