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November Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match


Yesterday’s USPSA pistol match at the Brothers N Arms range was the perfect way to cap off a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend for 50 shooters.  The day started out at a chilly 45 degrees but warmed up nicely as the sun rose in the perfectly blue sky.  The six stages moved along at a good pace, with all four squads finishing up around noon.  This included the super fast break down of the stages by the the contestants that stayed and helped, made even better by the addition of an onsite storage container by the great folks at Brothers N Arms.  A huge thank you to both !!

The match and the Open division were won decisively by John Nguyen, with Max Michel, Sr. taking the number two spot both Overall and in Open.  Thomas Knight took top honors in Limited, Corey Mitchell won Production,  and Billy Mathews was number one in Revolver.  The real drag race, however, was in Single Stack with less than 2 points separating the winner Robert Baucum and Charlie Connell in the number two spot.  Full scoring information can be found here on Practiscore  and here on the USPSA site.

One last note – due to the timing of the Christmas and New Years Holidays, the decision has been made to cancel the Brothers N Arms USPSA match scheduled for December.  The next match will be held on the fourth Saturday in January, 01/28/2017.  Please pass the word to anyone you know that either doesn’t read this blog or that isn’t on the mailing list.

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