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BPSA November 2016 Two Gun and Shotgun results!

We had a great turnout today for the Two Gun match followed by the Shotgun side match. We had 29 shooters in the Two Gun match and another 18 in the shotgun match.

The weather was nice, aside from some brisk wind that necessitated us to bring out the sandbags to keep everything weighted down. The competition was just as stiff as names at the top of the scoreboard changed hands several times between stages.

In the Two Gun match, Stage 1 featured the Texas star, and was the most accuracy intensive stage of the day with every paper target having a no shoot. Clayton Patterson took this stage win home with a 27 second run, followed closely by Ivan Deroche and Jeret Howard.

Stage 2 had you starting empty handed with the rifle and pistol staged on separate tables. Bryant Willett took the stage win here with a 28 second run, with Jeret Howard and Joseph Arabie right on his heels.

Stage 3 had you starting with the pistol and the rifle staged down range. Steven Mosher took the stage win here with a 24 second run, with Steve Lashinsky and Bryant Willett right behind him.

After it was all over the final results showed the following winners:

Tactical Division: Steven Mosher
Limited Division: Jeret Howard
Open Division: Bryant Willett

Full results: https://practiscore.com/results/new/28674

In the shotgun match, stage 1 again feature the Texas star, and Ivan Deroche set the pace here with a 15.34 time, followed closely by David Martian with a 15.96.

Stage 2 required 11 rounds, 3 lollipops on the side berms and 5 small poppers on the center. No surprises at the top of this stage, as Ivan again set the pace with an 11.63 and David was right on him with less than two tenths separating them.

Stage 3 was a 12 round stage with 6 lollipops to your left, each in two shot arrays, with the right side being filled out by two plates and four poppers. This stage would decided the match, as David Martian laid down a smoking 13.04 with Clayton Patterson, Joseph Arabie and Trey Nicholson right behind him.

When the dust settled these winners emerged:

Limited Division: David Martian
Open Division: Clayton Daigle
Heavy Division: Ray Sawyer

Full results:

Want to thank everyone who came out and shot, helped run timers and nooks and pasted and helped tear down. It really is a team effort.

Especially want to thank those who helped setup, without whom the match wouldn’t be possible.

See you at the next match!

  1. Anonymous
    November 19, 2016 at 8:39 PM

    I’m amazed how after every match I shoot here I think it was the best match of the year. Keep up the good work

    • mosher
      November 23, 2016 at 12:00 PM

      thanks, we give our best effort!

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