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The 2017 Mississippi State/Section Championship Series

Biloxi Practical Shooting Association is proud to officially announce that we have been selected to host the 2017 USPSA Mississippi State/Section Championship series at Coast Rifle and Pistol Club near Biloxi, MS.

The championship series will run from March to November 2017, and will feature the best shooters from around the state and surrounding regions competing in several separate, standalone, level two USPSA State/Section Championship matches to crown state champions in each respective division.

New to the Mississippi State/Section Championship for 2017 will be the inaugural USPSA sanctioned PCC, Two-Gun, CQB, and 3-gun state championships. Also new will be online registration and payment.

In addition to the MS section championships, BPSA is also proud to announce that we are bringing back for 2017 the wildly popular 2nd annual Mississippi State NSSF Rimfire Challenge and the 2nd annual Mixed Discipline World Championships.

Each match will have its own distinct flavor and will present a variety of challenging options for competitors from around the state and area, as well as being both affordable and rewarding for everyone that participates.

It’s going to be a very busy and exciting year at BPSA, and we look forward to running these matches with the same commitment to excellence as we have displayed throughout the past year.


March 26th – MS Two Gun State Championship
April 30th – MS Single Stack/Revolver State Championship
May 28th – MS L10, PCC, & CO State Championship
June 25th – MS Production State Championship
July 23rd – MS Open State Championship
July 30th – MS State NSSF Rimfire Challenge
August 27th – MS CQB State Championship
September 24th – MS Limited State Championship
October 29th – Mixed Discipline World Championship
November 18th – MS 3-gun State Championship

Registration details, eligibility requirements, stage diagrams and other information for each match will be released at a later date.


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