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BPSA October 2016 3-gun Results!

We had a great turnout for 3-gun today, with 22 shooters making it out for the match. The weather was perfect and the competition was stout. We had 4 stages, each won by four different people, with even second place being four separate people.

Stage 1 was the long range stage, 2 strings of statice steel at 100 yards, one being weak shoulder, and then a third string with Pistol at a popper at 25-35 yards. Steven Mosher set the pace here with a time of 35.02, and Richard Padgett was right behind him with an impressive raw time of 40.19 with no scope magnification!

Stage 2 was a 25 round short course that gave competitors the option to shoot their choice of any two guns. Joe Jones made the winning selection turning in a blazing time of 15.64, with David Martian right on his heels with a time of 16.09.

Stage 3 required all three guns, engaging 25 yard paper with rifle, a steel array with shotgun, and then the Texas star with the pistol. It gave a few different options on how to run it, with the biggest question being shooting on the move between stations or posting up and then moving. Kevin Leonhardt came out on top on this stage with a smoking time of 23.80, followed closely behind by both Richard Padgett and Jeret Howard at 24 seconds.

The 4th stage was a long field course that required rifle and shotgun and covered the length of the bay in movement. You really had to have your track shoes on for this one, as well as be able to reload the shotgun efficiently as it required a minimum of 10 shots at steel. Ivan Deroche ran away with this stage and the overall match here with a time of 27.62, with Jeret Howard being the next closest at 31.64. No one else was within 7 seconds of Ivan on this stage, and that helped propel him to the overall win.

Overall Winner: Ivan Deroche
Tactical Division: Ivan Deroche
Limited Division: Jeret Howard
Open Division: Steve White

Full results: https://practiscore.com/results/html/ff090c5f-45d3-4092-822c-2bfb6fc8e7ca

Want to thank everyone who came out and shot, helped run timers and nooks and pasted and helped tear down. It really is a team effort.

Especially want to thank those who helped setup, without whom the match wouldn’t be possible.

See you at the next match!

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