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2016 MS CQB Rifle Championship Results!

The 2016 Mississippi CQB Rifle Championship is in the books, and we certainly hope everyone who came out and competed enjoyed themselves. We had a record high 86 competitors turn out today, and everything ran incredibly smooth.

Despite the torrential thunderstorms all around us, we somehow managed to avoid the rain, which was amazingly lucky. It must be all that good karma we’ve built up the past few months!

Now on to the action:

Stage 1 was the shortest of the match, a 22 round, “r” shaped layout that gave shooters the option of engaging the right side array through the port and running around the front to finish, or taking the left side first and backing up to finish in the port.

Drew Walters chose the latter option, and just obliterated the stage with a time of 11.06, besting even the Rimfire shooters.

Stage 2 was the most target rich stage, a 36 round in a large “E” layout turned on its side. Shooters had several ports to use as options, and it appeared most shooters opted to run around the front of the stage to finish on the opposite side.

The plan Bryant Willett chose to run proved to be the best by far, as he finished 1st and 2nd here with his Rimfire and Rifle entry, a good two seconds ahead of the rest of the field.

Stage 3 was a 30 round layout that had you moving down range and engaging target from a few different positions. There was one particular double target partially obstructed by a board, and Thomas Knight was the only shooter we saw that chose to nearly kneel to shoot the lower one from the start position, and that proved to be the winning strategy on that stage as he took the stage win by almost a full second.

Stage 4 was another 30 rounder, this one broken up by three walls creating four different shooting positions that really only left shooters with two viable plans to run the stage. Christopher Dimenna picked the right option and threw down a smoking 12.52 for the stage win.

Stage 5 covered the most real estate, setup in a large inverted “L” layout. Shooting on the move on the left side array was the recipe for magic on this stage, and both Roger Henn and Ivan Deroche laid down times in the 17 second range, with Steven Mosher putting up a 16 second run in Rimfire.

Overall Results:

State Champion Rifle: Roger Henn
1st place Rifle: Roger Henn
2nd place Rifle: Kevin Leonhardt
3rd place Rifle: David Martian

High Super Senior Rifle: Lee Frasier
High Senior Rifle: John Huber
High Lady Rifle: Michele White

State Champion Rimfire: Steven Mosher
1st place Rimfire: Steven Mosher
2nd place Rimfire: David Martian
3rd place Rimfire: Bill Jackson

High Super Senior Rimfire: Lee Frasier
High Senior Rimfire: Bill Jackson
High Lady Rimfire: Michele White
High Junior Rimfire: Ivan Deroche

Full results can be viewed here:

RRA Rifle Drawing Winner: Kevin Leonhardt

Burris MTAC Scope Drawing Winner: Herman Cox

We’d also like to thank everyone that helped setup the match, for without you none of it would be possible. Lee Frasier, Kyle Watkins, Bryant Willett, Ken Hablitzel, Harry Williams, Gerwin Henn, Roger Henn, and Gerald Forbes. If you see these guys them a big high five!

Big thanks to everyone who came out and shot the match, ran timers, scored nooks, and pasted targets. It really is a team effort. Thanks to AM squads for hanging fresh targets and PM squads for tearing down.

We’re also extremely thankful to our host range CRPC, for sponsoring all active duty and retired law enforcement to shoot all BPSA events free though 2016!

Look forward to doing it again next August, and stay tuned for similar BPSA events this October, and throughout 2017!

  1. Anonymous
    September 19, 2016 at 11:37 PM

    Awesome match

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