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August Brothers N Arms USPSA Pistol Match Results

The weather was great at the range today, with the temperatures relenting somewhat.  We had 43 shooters from three states come out for the Brothers N Arms Special Classifier Match this morning.  The stages moved along nicely, with most shooters being finished around noon.  As always, thank you to all for the help breaking down afterwards!

Thomas Knight was the overall winner as well as the top shooter in the Limited Division.  John Nguyen was a close second overall and the winner in the Open Division.  Jason Welch was number one in Production and Chris Brown was the decisive winner in Single Stack.  Complete scores can be found here on Practiscore or here on the USPSA site.

Several shooters today did not have their USPSA Member number yet.  If you were one of those, please forward it to me as soon as you receive it to ensure that USPSA will accept your scores from today’s match towards your initial classification.  Finally, the issue with the May Classifier score appears to have been rectified by USPSA.  If anyone is still having problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. The club’s email address is ms17.bna@gmail.com

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