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July 2015 Pearlington (Swamp Eagles) pistol match results

It is sounding like a broken record, but it was blisteringly hot today. That may be why the turnout was a bit down. There were only 31 shooters today and many of those thought the ones that didn’t come were the smart ones. Several shooters got overheated and had to seek shade to recover. Even in the shade, it was hot…

We managed to get done by around Noon and got picked up shortly after that, but it was still just unmercifully hot and humid by that time. Thank you to everyone who helped pick up the props.

Yes, there were winners today. They were hot, but they were winners. The overall match winner was Robert Jones in Limited, who shot the big stages the best. He had 3 firsts, a 2nd and a 5th. In Open, Bill Jackson took advantage of the absence of the regular Open studs and won his first division match with the dot. Rodney May made his first visit to our club count by taking Production and Brian Dolly rounded out the leader board in Single Stack.

Until next match, stay cool.

For the match scores, click the score sheets at the right.

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