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September 2014 Pearlington pistol match results

Someone forgot to tell the weatherman that this is September and it is supposed to be cooling down by now. It turned out to be quite warm, at least while standing in the Sun. The shade was nice if you could find it, but it wasn’t available on every stage. With Tom away today, it was left to the second string to put on the match, but things worked out just fine. The stages were challenging, but not overly difficult. We had 39 shooters, which is decent by any measure.

Our match winner and Open division winner was Max Michel. This was Max’s last tune-up match before the Nationals next week. We wish him the best of luck and great shooting! In Limited, Steven Mosher topped a big field, while Bryant Willett squeaked out a win in Production over Jonathan Jones, with a margin of less than just 4 match points. In Single Stack, Joel Senia was tops, and the ever reliable Gerald Benton took Revolver.

We had one new shooter today, and we hope she had a good time and will come back again. Thanks for coming out! We also had great support for match teardown. It is really impossible to do it without the help we get from the shooters.

The match scores can be viewed by clicking the score sheet at the right.


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