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February 2014 Poplarville 3-Gun match results

It wasn’t a washout, but we didn’t make it out without getting wet either. Shortly after the match began, we started experiencing intermittent showers. They continued for the entire match and managed to dampen a few shooters, a few bags, a few guns and lots of paper targets. Eventually, the pasters just wouldn’t stick and any close shot would expose numerous extra holes. But the group persevered and we got the entire match in.

We had another four really challenging stages today and more than our share of penalty points all around. It took a clean match to win today, and only one shooter managed to do that. Congratulations go to our overall winner…Joe Jones. It was close, with Wayne Alcock less than one percent behind. However, Joe’s penalty-free performance won the day.

We had one new shooters today, who did great. We think he even had a good time! Heck, everyone had a good time. A little rain never hurt anyone, especially when you can be out shooting. The turnout might have been down a bit due to the Super Bowl this afternoon, but we’ll take what we can get.

As usual, we couldn’t do it without the help from the shooters for setting up and tearing down the match. We hope to see all the shooters who shot today and those that are reading this now and wishing they had come out, at next month’s match. We do it again on March 2.

Click on the score sheet at the right for the match results.

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