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January 2014 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionThe new year started out with a weekend of great weather. First, Biloxi had (barely) really nice weather on Saturday, although the pre-match rain made it sloppy footing. Today, the Poplarville crew experienced Chamber of Commerce weather. Although it was a crisp 34 degrees at 6:45 AM when the first of the setup crew arrived, by 9 AM, it had warmed considerably to around 55 degrees. The entire day was great with mild temperatures, no wind and low humidity. What more could you want?

Well for some, they wanted more consistency. Out of 22 shooters, an Open shooter finished on top. Yeah, you’re all thinking it was Max, but Max shot Production today and this left some room at the top. Congratulations to John Nguyen for besting the field for the Open and overall match wins. In Limited, Nick Saucier brandished his new B class rating and took the top honors. However, it was the Production battle that really pushed the shooters to their limits. Second overall and top Production went to Jason Welch (new Master shooter) who was less than 5 percent behind the Open winner. Overall fourth and fifth also went to Production shooters. Nate Taylor took Limited 10, with first time shooter Ryan Burkart taking the top spot in Single Stack. The stages today seemed simple enough, but less than 43% of all scores were free of penalty. I guess it really wasn’t that easy, after all.

We had two new shooters today, shooting their very first USPSA match. Thanks to them for coming out and we hope to see you back next month. And thanks also goes out to those shooters who were able to help with setup and especially tear-down. That goes a long way towards helping the match crew get through in a timely fashion. And, finally, thanks to all the shooters who came out today in the beautiful weather to start the year out with a bang. If you want to see something else in the stages, then let us know. We are happy to accommodate any reasonable request. You are also welcome to design your own stage, it you dare.

For the complete match scores, click the score sheet at the right.

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