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November 2011 SMPSA pistol match results

What a difference a month makes. Last month, we had the fiasco of the scoring screw-ups that caused no end of problems. This month, everything went great with the scores. All scores were recorded, and other than a few cases where steel wasn’t totaled into the A hits, everything was done right. Thanks to those that kept score correctly!

The weather was pretty good today, with a light overcast sky once and a while and very nice temperatures. We had 26 shooters show up to today to do battle with 5 really great stages. Well, I guess that would be 4 great stages and a surprisingly difficult classifier. There were four who zeroed the classifier and only two who shot it clean. Because of the design, it tended to clump the penalties, with a miss turning into a no-shoot as well in lots of cases. We will try to do better next time.

And now, the scores are posted here.

The next day match is December 11, 2011 (second match will be rifle).

It should come as no surprise that Max Michel was the Open and Overall match winner. Today seemed to favor the Open guns (at least Max’s) because he bested the rest of the field by 28%. Max shot the only clean match and shot it quickly. The rest of us were bitten by the penalty bug far too many times. In Limited, Wayne Alcock took an easy victory over the second place shooter by 16%. Wayne was also second overall. In Production, Michael McDonald shot quickly, if not perfectly accurately, and coasted to a 15% win in his division. He was also fourth overall. Mike Payne took Revolver and Bryant Willett finished first in Single Stack. Congratulations to the new shooters today on completing a pretty difficult match.

Extra thanks to the shooters who helped set up and tear the match down. We had great participation today.

If you have fun shooting pistol, then you will have even more fun shooting three guns! Come on out and try the 3 gun matches held on the first Sunday of each month. You need a pistol like you shot today, a semi-auto rifle and either a pump or semi-auto shotgun. It is loads of fun and extremely challenging. Our next 3 gun match is December 4, 2011 at our range. The cost is only 10 bucks! Give it a try…

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