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2011 SMPSA pistol match results (archive)

The entire match commentary for January – October 2011 is archived in this post. November and December are in separate posts. The links to scores may or may not work.

Updated 10/10/11 (Second time)

Ok, shooters. We have made an investigation and have decided this. Max watched Spanky’s video and is sure the squad engaged all 16 targets. So, we will remove the 2 Mike/1 Procedure from each squad 2 shooter and replace them with one A and one C. It isn’t perfect but this match is just for fun. Those new scores are here. This allows us to use all 5 stages. If you feel this isn’t fair, then be all means, use the scores that throw out stage 3, found here.

We aren’t playing for anything but pride, so it isn’t that big a deal. Squad 2 included the following people:

Ken Hablitzel

Mike Payne

Don Evans

Max Michel

Roger Follette

Mat Price

Jr. Cuevas

Winston Freeman

So look and see how close you were in the match total to one of these people. If you aren’t within a point or two in the total match points, this change makes no difference to you.

After some email discussion, we will be reviewing the scoring process EVERY month and referring to the scoring guides that are supposed to be in every clipboard. We will also include written descriptions and total round counts for each stage. It will take a few more minutes at the start of the match but we have to resolve these problems.

Updated 10/10/11

A minor correction has been made to the scores. I found I had omitted some penalties from Bo Gray’s and Ken Hablitzel’s Classifier scores. They have been adjusted. Both are in Production, so only Production scores and the Overall scores have changed. Sorry, guys.

I am going to work with Max to see if we can figure out what target was omitted on their squad’s shoot on Stage 3. Maybe we can figure out what happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Updated 10/09/11


All of our efforts to train people to keep score went out the window today. This match was a scoring disaster! Allow me to explain. Here is what went wrong: Two shooters (Roger and Jr.) from squad two failed to get times recorded for their Stage 5. So I guessed. Seriously…. (I have a scientific method for this. It involves estimating what they would have timed in at compared to who I think is an equivalent shooter. It isn’t fair to the shooters who weren’t responsible for recording their time, but then, what else can we do?)

Squad two, as a whole, shot only 15 paper targets on Stage 3 instead of the 16 paper targets the rest of us shot. They totaled 32 shots when they needed 34. Clearly, something happened to cause the whole squad to miss the same target. However, they weren’t the last to shoot that, so a target didn’t blow away. I have no idea what happened. In this case, I can do nothing but record two mikes and a failure to engage penalty for all of these shooters. You shot one less target so your times will be shorter than they should be. HOWEVER, I have also scored the match without this stage included so these shooters can see how they stacked up against everyone else when shooting the same stages.

It has been a scoring disaster of the first degree. So, please take the group results with a grain of salt. Your position in Open may or may not be accurate because both Roger and Jr. shot Open and have *estimated* times for Stage 5.

The match results are here. This includes Stage 3.

The match results WITHOUT stage 3 are included here.

I think everyone was a winner today because we had good stages, and great weather. I am not going to announce winners because it really doesn’t seem right. Please feel free to look at the results and infer whatever you want.

Thanks go out to everyone (except the lousy scorekeepers!) for all the help during setup and tear-down. We had 24 shooters, the most we have had since April of this year.

Folks, it is frustrating for those who work hard to put on the match to have these kinds of scoring snafus. Please do it right or pass the clipboard. Enough said.

Updated 09/30/11

This Sunday, we will resume shooting our three gun matches. If you haven’t done this before, then come on out! Bring your pistol, your rifle (with or without optics) and shotgun. Bring 125 rifle rounds, 100 birdshot shells, 10 slugs min, and 150 pistol rounds. You probably won’t shoot that much, but better than running out.

The match starts at 9 AM sharp. Expect long stages so it will take a while. The weather should be perfect.

Updated 09/12/11

Oops! I inadvertently awarded the overall Single Stack match to Chris Brown, but the real winner was Bryant Willett. My apologies to both shooters. The scores were actually correct, I just make a mistake in the commentary. Sorry, Bryant!

Updated 09/11/11

It would appear that the weather has finally turned. It was in the low 60’s when the setup crew arrived, and it only got into the 80’s during the match, so it was (relatively speaking) pretty nice.

We had 19 people show up today, so the change in the weather has brought out a few more shooters. Thank you to all who came out. We have gone back to 5 stages since the cooler temperatures have arrived. We may even go back to six, but that presses us for time.

The results today are a bit strange. First, we had only one shooter in Open, which is a little unusual. We had 8 Limited and 7 Production, with the rest in Limited 10 and Single Stack. But the breakdown wasn’t the strange part. Normally, one or two shooters do really well compared to the rest of the pack and run away with it. Today, the match winner and Limited winner failed to win even one stage. His stage places were second, fourth, fifth, third, and fifth. However, this consistency was what did the trick. Today’s match was tricky in many ways. There were long round counts and lots of running. There was steel here and there but not too much. There were long shots and close up shots, but in the end it was the old, crippled Gerald Benton (who claims he can’t run) who took the match and top Limited. And, it wasn’t really close. He beat the next closest competitor by 35 match points (almost 6%). So, a huge congratulations to Gerald for his unspectacular yet totally deserved victory. In Production, Ken Hablitzel took top honors, but he edged out Bo Gray by less than 1%, so that was a close win. In Single Stack, Bryant Willett rolled to victory. Winston Freeman won Open and Nate Taylor won Limited-10. I encourage you to look at the scores to see just how inconsistent everyone was today. Everybody seemed to have a bad stage, except Gerald. By all rights Wayne Alcock should have won Limited but he tanked the classifier so badly that it literally cost him the match. He gave up over 115 match points on the classifier which really did him in. It is unusual for a classifier to have such a high round count, but it did and so it cost him.

The match scores are posted here.

A few comments about the score keeping are in order today. On squad two, there were several score sheets that did not have totals on them and when they did have totals the were occasionally wrong. There was one score sheet without a time, too. This shooter was not a factor in the overall scheme of things, so the estimated time did not affect the scores of the match at all. However, it is quite aggravating when simple scoring issues occur so frequently. Please take the time to score and add correctly, or pass the plate to someone else. Always, always add the individual totals across to verify the correct number of shots have been recorded before moving to the next shooter.

There was also a DQ today. It was unfortunate but the shooter had an AD in the middle of the classifier. It can happen to the best of us, and if you haven’t had yours yet, you will some day. Fortunately, it happened safely and no one was hurt, but the shooter earned spectator status for the rest of the day.

And finally, thank you to all who help to set up and tear down the match. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

The next day match is October 9 and the next night match is September 17 at approximately O-Dark-30.

Updated 08/14/11

The weather today was not quite as bad as it could have been. That being said, it was still hot and humid. However, we managed to get done with the shooting by about 11:45 AM, so we were packed and gone by 12:10 PM.

Fifteen people ignored the heat and shot another great match. Four stages stood between victory and just a bunch of wasted lead. Some thrived, some survived and a few crashed and burned.

The match results are here.

The match winner was Bryant Willett, and even though he zeroed the classifier, he won two other stages and took second on the fourth. The match was close with Joe Jones finishing less than 5 points behind. Bo Gray walked away with the Production win, while Bob Brandt took first in Single Stack and Hilton Head won Revolver. Congratulations to those that thrived.

Once again, we had great participation in the match tear-down. That really makes a difference at the end of the match, when we are all hot and tired. Thanks to all who helped.

Updated 07/10/11

July. Nuff said…

Yes, it was hot today. Even though the club invested in pop-up canopies for each stage, we didn’t get the air-conditioned models. They helped a great deal because shade beats direct sun any day, but it was still hot.

And now, the results are here.

While only 14 shooters made it out today, it was a pretty good mix of stages. We shot 4 varied and different challenges that pushed everyone to the edge. There were more Mikes today than I remember seeing in a long time. Some of the long-distance poppers drained magazines like they were a tall glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Even though the official round count was only 96, everyone shot way more than that. All in all, the stages were a fair but challenging test of your skills.

The overall match winner was not much of a surprise in name, but the gun used to do this was a bit of a surprise. Wayne Alcock took top honors shooting in Limited 10. I guess this means that changing mags today wasn’t that much of a disadvantage. In any event, Wayne won the match by a handy amount. Another pleasant surprise occurred in Limited division where (drum-roll, please….) Roger Follette bested Joe Jones for the win. Roger took this win with good, consistent performance on all four stages, while Joe had his share of penalties throughout the day. In Single Stack, Bob Brandt was top dog. Congratulations to all the shooters today, especially to Michael Smith and Tommy Neff, who shot their first match at SMPSA today. Thanks for coming our and we hope to see you back again next month, when we guarantee cooler weather (somewhere, but maybe not here).

An extra special thanks goes out to the whole shooting team today for the outstanding assistance in tearing down the match. We finished shooting as at about 11:45 AM and I think everything was down and ready for loading in 15-20 minutes. This is a HUGE help to the match staff. Thank you, everyone!

Updated 06/12/11

The day started out at a reasonable temperature. At 7 AM, it was about 72 degrees. But, by shooting time, the heat was on. By the time we finished at Noon, it was in the mid-nineties and humid. But, hey, it’s South Mississippi. What did you expect?

We had 18 shooters brave the heat and they were rewarded with 4 excellent and challenging stages, all with high round counts. The total was 128 rounds, which helped us finish at a record early time.

And now, the results are here…

The overall match winner and Limited winner was Joe Jones. Jeremy Jouette took Production, Joel Senia won Single Stack and was third overall, Wayne Alcock tool Limited 10, and Mat Price finished off the list with the Open win. Notables include Gerald Benton, who has been shooting a revolver for quite some time, but returned to Limited and took a strong third.

The match today was started at 9 and we finished at Noon. This was due to several factors, but having only 4 stages helped the starting time and fast shooting and short resetting stages also helped. We will stick with 4 stages through the Summer and try to get going on time. The help in tearing down was greatly appreciated today, as well.

The three gun matches for the summer have been cancelled. Please check back to see when the matches will resume in the fall.

Updated 05/08/11

Thanks, Mom for letting all your boys out to shoot today! We had fun, even if some of us didn’t perform our best. We tried…

The scores for the match are here.

We had 20 shooters today, which is pretty good for Mother’s Day. The weather was a bit warm, and that probably means we are done with the nice days until October. Oh, well. It was nice while it lasted.

Our match winner was the surging Bryant Willett. Bryant was shooting Limited and performed well on all stages and was rewarded with the win. Wayne Alcock was second overall and took Limited 10. Production was won by Bo Gray, who also shot very well. Revolver was taken by the ever-present Gerald Benton. And finally, Winston Freeman took Open. Congratulations to Bryant for his great performance today. He is certainly on a roll, and just in time for the Mississippi Classic which is next weekend.

Thanks to all the shooters who came early or stayed late to help set up or tear down the stages. We really appreciate the effort. Also, thank you to all the shooters who renewed their memberships and help the club improve.

Our next match is actually a night match scheduled for May 28th. This will be the beginning of the Summer night matches, which are quite a bit different from the normal matches.

Here is a basic summary of the rules. There are low light, NO light and ambient light stages. Weapon mounted lights may be used on some stages, but will not be allowed on some, as some will be ambient light only. No race guns will be allowed. Rifles can use one optic, basically what is allowed in our 3gun matches. No bipods or swapping equipment on weapons. If you’re not sure, ask. Starts at 0:dark30, so be there an hour before dark to sign up. Cost is $10.00 Figure on being out LATE.

Our next day match is June 12, 2011.

Updated 04/19/2011

Minor corrections have been made to the scoring. One shooter graciously reported that a penalty shot had not been recorded on his classifier. This has been corrected and the production and overall scores have been updated. The new results are posted here.

Updated 04/10/11

The match results are posted here.

It seems that Summer has come early to Poplarville. It was hot today! And it’s only April. Let’s hope this isn’t a look at things to come for the rest of the year.

We had a good turnout today with 26 shooters. There were 5 stages with lots of movement and lots of shots. We averaged 30 shots per stage, which is pretty high even for Poplarville. Those that moved well and shot well, scored well. And now, on to the results…

The overall match winner was no surprise, with Max Michel taking the top spot and Open honors. But our match runner-up was a bit of a surprise. Bryant Willett took second overall and first in Limited. It’s not that Bryant isn’t a good shooter, but he does move well and he shot fast and accurate today. He is only a B shooter but held his own against everyone. In Production, Jeremy Jouette reappeared after a bit of a hiatus and smoked the field. Michael McDonald took top honors in Limited-10 with a great performance and the perennial wheel-gunner, Gerald Benton took Revolver. Congratulations to all shooters.

This was our annual membership renewal match and we thank all those who joined today and helped to keep the club in the black. Our fair and open elections somehow reelected Bill Jackson and Wayne Alcock as President and Vice President. Bryant Willett was elected to act as a Vice President as well.

Our next month match falls on Mother’s Day, but as usual, we will shoot. This will be the last tune-up match before the Mississippi Classic in mid-May. We normally set up stages that help in your practice of necessary shooting skills.

Also, the May 3-gun match has been cancelled.

Updated 04/03/11

The scores for the 3 gun match have been posted. They are here.

Updated 03/19/11

The missing time for Josh Benton has been found, so his classifier score has been factored into the results. Interestingly, his place in Limited did not change, but he moved up 5 spots in the overall (and highly unofficial) rankings.

Updated 03/13/11

The results are in! Another great day saw another great match. The weather was fine and so was the shootin’. The match results are posted here.

The next day USPSA match is April 10. The next 3-gun match is April 3.

There were 20 shooters today and the match went smoothly (for most). We had 5 stages spread all over the range. The match winner was Open shooter Max Michel, who wasn’t really challenged today. In Limited, Wayne Alcock took first. Production was won by Michael McDonald, with Gerald Benton sweeping Revolver.

A couple of notes are in order. Josh Benton did not have a time recorded on his Stage 1, the classifier. So, he is down up to 60 points. Unfortunately, the stage was taken down before we caught this, so he ended up with a zero on that stage. This serves as a reminder to all who would hold the clipboard. Sorry about that, Josh. Also, one shooter switched two stages of his scores. Fortunately, they were different round counts so I figured it out, but please pay attention!

The match staff appreciates the help provided by the shooters during setup and teardown. We can’t do it without your help. Thanks again!

Updated 03/06/11

The scores for the 3 gun match have been posted. They are here.

Updated 02/14/11

The scores have been updated to reflect an omission in one shooter’s classifier score. I missed some procedural penalties and have now corrected this. It only affects Limited scores and combined scores. If you were not shooting Limited, your scores didn’t change. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks to the eagle-eyed reader who caught this. The corrected scores are here.

Updated 02/13/11

It was another perfect day in South Mississippi and the bullets were flying! We shot 5 stages today with a mix of almost every skill needed to master this game. We had one brand new shooter and one new to our match shooter and we appreciate them coming out to shoot with us. We had 18 more of the faithful turn out for the fun and they were rewarded with great weather and great stages (well, most people thought they were great…).

The scores are done and the results are here!.

Our overall match winner was Blake Manning, who also took Open division. Blake was challenged by Limited Master class shooter Robert Carlile from Oklahoma. Robert was only 0.573% behind Blake for the match. However, Robert was shooting Limited. Robert took Limited by a wide margin with solid scores on all stages. Michael McDonald took Production division by a wide margin as well, thanks to the tutoring of Cliff Cargill over the past few months. Michael has really improved over the past few months, so much so that he is now beating the webmaster who shoots Limited, while Michael is still handicapped with the underpowered Production gun. All kidding aside, Michael is doing extremely well, and will soon be moving up in his classification. Wayne Alcock took Single Stack, Gerald Benton took Revolver and Aaron Miller took Limited 10. Congratulations to all the winners of today’s match.

Thanks go out today to the folks who helped set up stages and those that helped tear them down. It is a lot of work, and we really appreciate the efforts of these dedicated shooters. We could not do this by ourselves.

And finally, the Wheezer award goes to Joel Senia, who gave it his all on stage 1. We almost had to call 911 for him, as he was just about spent at the end of his dash for fame. No one volunteered to give him mouth to mouth, so it’s a good thing he didn’t keel all the way over.

The 2011 schedule is now available for printing here and the next day match is on March 13th.

Updated 02/12/11

The pistol match is tomorrow, February 13th. We will also shoot rifle in the afternoon match.

Updated 02/06/11

The 3-gun scores are posted here. NOTE: The totals reflect the fact that all stages are limited to 180 seconds. Congratulations to match winner Gordon Lee.

Updated 01/08/11


The January 2011 match in Poplarville has been cancelled due to the impending bad weather. It will not be rescheduled. We will resume shooting in February.

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