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2010 SMPSA pistol match results (archive)

The entire match commentary for 2010 is archived in this post. The links to scores may or may not work.

Updated 12/21/10

The rifle scores from the December match have now been posted here.

A correction has been made to the Limited and Overall scores. Hale Switzer as originally scored as Major, but was actually shooting Minor. The results here and on the USPSA site are now corrected.

The next USPSA day match is January 6, 2011. The next three gun match is January 2, 2011. The schedule for 2011 will be posted soon.

The handgun results are here.

I just can’t believe more people didn’t show up today! The weather was fantastic. The rain had passed through last night and the skies were clear. The temperature was about 68 and the wind was non-existent. What a great day!

Oh, wait… I was imagining that we were in Hawaii. My bad. The weather was frightful. It was about 42 early in the morning but the wind was only about 20 mph. Fortunately, it warmed up to a balmy 46 but the winds blew constantly at 25-30 mph all day which made the wind chill about -43. Folks, it was not fun. Well, actually, the shooting was fun. We had 5 great stages today and everyone was challenged to go beyond the ordinary. We had only 14 hearty souls show up but we certainly appreciate the participation. Three of these people enjoyed it so much, they stayed to shoot rifle.

And now, for the results…

Our overall match winner was Max Michel, who also took Open, but was the only shooter there. In Limited, Wayne Alcock cruised to a win over Bryant Willet by shooting sure and steady. In Production, Bob Brandt, beat the rest of the 10-shot-Minor field. And, last, but certainly not least, Gerald Benton beat all Revolver shooters.

Today’s stages offered quite a change of pace. There was a really long (as in distance) field course that featured a 75 yard downhill sprint while shooting touchable targets, and then coming to a screeching stop and shooting paper and steel spread out in a beautiful green meadow. Being fleet of foot certainly helped. We had hoser stages tempting you to go too fast, and simple stages that messed with your mind with the same target appearing in multiple ports, multiple times. It was one of the better matches, and it’s too bad that more people didn’t get to share it.

Updated 11/14/10

Finally, decent weather all day. The temperature was very pleasant all day and the rain waited until the match was over. Although the threatening rain probably kept a few people away, it was nice. It was never even warm, and overcast pretty much all day. It was some of the nicest weather in quite a while.

The next day match is December 12. The next 3-gun match is December 5.

The pistol scores are here.

The overall match winner was Max Michel, who also was the only Open shooter. The biggest surprise was Jeremy Jouette, who took Production top honors, but was also SECOND for the overall match, ahead of all the Limited shooters and that was by almost 4%. Wayne Alcock took the Limited win by a fair margin. Carter Brown was the winner in Limited 10, and Gerald Benton won revolver.

We shot 5 stages today, for a total of 129 rounds (minimum). As usual Gerald, Josh and Bryant set up another winner of a stage with lots of up and down movement and yet, lower in round count that usual. Carter and Chris set up a nice wood-sie dash off the main road. The classifier had everyone on their bellies and knees, and the coup de gras was the 40 round monster in the dumpy house. More than a few targets got engaged twice on that one. There were a few mental lapses of epic proportions, but those will remain anonymous. Bill Jackson struggled with ammo problems and discovered that while is is certainly cheaper to reload than shoot factory, you have no one to blame but yourself when it goes ‘click’ instead of ‘boom”! Seat those primers!

Don’t forget about the 3-gun matches that are shot on the first Sunday of each month. Turnout is usually above 20, and there is lots of ammo to burn.

Updated 10/10/10

OK, so it’s STILL hot… and it’s October!

The next day match is November 14.

Weather-wise, it was a real nice day. A bit sunny, and a bit warmer than seasonal expectations, but who’s complaining.

The pistol scores are here.

Today’s match had a good turnout with 27 shooters making the trip. Our overall match winner and Open winner was Allen Maxwell, by a comfortable margin. Joel Senia took Limited, Jeremy Jouette took Production as well as fourth overall (great job, sandbagger!), Chris Brown won Singe Stack, Travis Hutchinson was tops in L-10 and finally, Gerald Benton was the high Revolver shooter. Notable performances were turned in by Chris Brown, (third overall with 88%) shooting Single Stack. Chris will be renamed George Jefferson, because he will be “Movin’ On Up!” thanks to his top score on the classifier.

Score-wise, things went pretty well today. There were no major snafus, although there was an incident in which two family members reversed their shooter numbers. For a moment, it appeared as if Haydn Brown had the highest classifier score, but it wasn’t meant to be. Once the numbers were straightened out, Chris Brown end up with the high classifier score. He should be penalized for this mistake, but I can’t find the right rule…

We thank the shooters who helped set up, tear down and tape targets. It helps those of us who toil endless hours when those shooters pitch in.

Updated 09/12/10

OK, so it’s still hot…

The next day match is October 10. There will be a night match next Saturday night. That is September 18, and right around O-dark thirty (sundown).

The pistol scores are here.

We were looking for a little relief today, but it didn’t happen. It was hot again. But that didn’t stop the 24 shooters who came out for another great match. We had some regulars, some old friends we hadn’t seen in a while and a newcomer or two. Thank you to all the shooters who did make it out today.

Today’s match featured a bit of a change. The gully, infamous for it’s demanding sand sprints, played host to a new twist; a sight-unseen stage. Wayne was responsible for this diabolical plot and just to make it more interesting, he started it out with three required shots with a SHOTGUN! Talk about getting our of your comfort zone. You had to engage three balloon targets simulating the heads of bad guys, then break out the pistol and take care of the rest of the crew. But without any walk-through, most shooters had to fend for themselves. Talk about reality.

In the end, it was Max Michel taking Open and Overall Match winner, as he has done so many times before. In Limited, Victor Raibstein took top honors. Jeremy Jouette blazed to a Production win and was second overall, and this while limited to 10 rounds at a time! Great job, Jeremy. Other notables include George Steven, who took third overall, with a very consistent performance and Chris Brown who took second on the classifier stage twice. He shot his SS gun and then re-shot for a Limited score. Both runs topped everyone but Max.

We had a lesson in remedial score-keeping today and thanks to Chris Brown, we now have laminated guides in each clipboard for reference. Unfortunately, the lesson didn’t seem to sink in. There were as many mistakes as ever, except that there were no missing times. Please try to write clearly and learn how to add…

Once again, we have to thank the volunteers who either built stages, tore down stages, or even RO-ed stages. Without this help, we would not be able to put on a match.

Updated 08/08/10

The pistol scores are here.

The next day match is September 12.

It was another hot day, but maybe not quite as hot as last month. We had 19 shooters today. Not too bad for August. We even had a couple of new shooters as well.

Today’s match results look much like most matches with a few exceptions. Our match winner was Max Michel, competing in Open. In Limited, first-time shooter with SMPSA, Gerwin Henn, easily took Limited. Our best match today happened in Production, where Adam Bossier, a normal Open shooter, crossed over to Production and just squeaked out a win over Jackson shooter Cliff Cargill. The margin of victory was just 0.4428 points. That is 0.1%! It probably came down to the difference between an A and a C.

As always, we appreciate all the people who take time to come out and shoot with us. This especially includes those people who drive more than an hour to get to the range. We also got some great help setting up and taking down the stages today.

The scores today went better than last month, but there were still a lot of math errors. All score sheets were accounted for and no missing time, either, but we will review proper scoring math next time.

On a disappointing note, we had a shooter DQed before he fired a shot. In an unfortunate event, he broke the 180 degree rule while making ready at his first stage. The details aren’t too important, and this was not a new shooter. It happens, and it was purely an accident, but it emphasizes the importance of muzzle awareness. As they say, if you shoot long enough, you will have a DQ happen to you sooner or later.

See you next month!

Updated 07/12/10

The pistol scores are here.

The next day match is August 8.

The second match hasn’t been shot in some time so please don’t come out expecting it to happen on a regular. We are debating whether to change the format since we are shooting three-gun matches now.

Speaking of three-gun, our matches have been postponed until AT LEAST September, because of the heat. The September match is scheduled for Labor Day weekend, so it may be cancelled as well. Please check the web site before coming out for these matches.

Sorry for the delay in posting the scores. I managed to leave without all of the score sheets, but they have been found and recorded, so the results are final!

Our overall match winner and Open division winner was Adam Bossier. He managed to take the match by almost 5% over the next place shooter. In Limited, Derek Flores cruised to an easy win, Wayne Alcock took Limited 10, the ever-popular Production division was won by Bob Brandt, and Gerald Benton took Revolver. Congratulations to all the winners!

Overall, the match went well, but there were environmental issues galore. First, the rain the previous night turned the driveway into a slip-n-slide. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive. Then, the oppressive heat took over. For the second straight month, the heat was the dominating factor. We did shoot only 4 stages this time, and we made good time, but was still hot…

Thanks go out to our stage creators. As always, the Bentons and Bryant Willett whipped up a great and challenging walled wonder of a stage. Bob Brandt took a stab at the house and came up with a stage that challenged everyone. Wayne managed to win the worst stage designer of the year award with his romp in the woods. Maybe worst is a bit harsh, but his stage pushed everyone to the limit of their skill. Long shots on poppers proved that the front sight still does matter (for those without the little red dot). It was a very challenging stage that forced you to slow down for the long shots yet rewarded you with touchable paper, if you wanted. Our match is one of the best around simply because of our unique range and the quality of the stages we set up. And that is due to the shooters themselves. Your officers really appreciate the help provided by all.

At the end of the match, we also had great support for picking up. We really appreciate that, as well.

And now, the bad. Unfortunately, we have several scoring snafus, beyond the missing score sheets. Some of the numbers were written in ancient hieroglyphics and we had to decipher them. But worst of all, two shooters simply didn’t have times recorded on stage 3. When this is discovered after the fact, all I can do is guess. This short-changes everyone because I am just not that good at guessing. The shooter doesn’t have a real score and the other shooters don’t really know where they ended up, because either we toss out the whole stage (not great) or we throw out the shooter’s stage (not great) or we guess at the time (not great). As you can see

it’s not great! So, please, please, pay attention when you are scoring. This affects both the RO and the scorer, since BOTH are responsible for this. We don’t shoot for money (thank God!) so it really doesn’t matter THAT MUCH, but you don’t come out to just waste lead and powder, you come to compete against others. I will make an effort to review our scoring at the next match and maybe even do a quick check on the score sheets before we tear down. We might also go for a checklist for each stage before the squad leaves. Whatever it takes…

Last month and this month, we had a bunch of new shooters, who also were generous enough to join the club. We really appreciate this and remind you that this is how we continue to support the club activities. Thanks again to all of the renewing members as well. We are up to about 45 members for 2010-2011. Our finances are significantly better compared to just a couple of years ago, so we are planning on investing in lots of new props. A Texas Star is tops on our list, but if you have other requests, please let me know.

Updated 07/11/10

Yikes! Somehow, two sets of scores for Squad 2 did not make it into the score box in my truck, so I won’t have the scores for the entire match for a while. I haven’t even located them yet, but I suspect they are in one of the clipboards. So, please check back later to see if they have turned up.

Updated 06/13/10

The pistol scores are here.

Commentary will be added later, but the scores are up. NOTE: there was some concern that a shooter got to reshoot the gully stage because of an equipment malfunction. He did shoot this with a different gun, but he was scored with a 0 on the stage for the match results. This was his first match and he wanted to get the experience. Remember, this is a local match and we are trying to grow new shooters, so we can be a little flexible with the rules. His score of 0 means his reshoot will NOT adversely affect anyone else’s scores.

Updated 05/09/10

Thanks to all the shooters who attended the annual “Doghouse” match. If you shot today, you were probably in the doghouse, because you neglected Mom, the Wife or someone significant in your life. But, you had a good time today. The weather was great and we had good stages and things went well.

The pistol scores are here.

We had 17 shooters today for the tune-up for the Mississippi Classic, which will be held in Jackson, MS on May 15 and 16, 2010. Today’s match was oriented around practice for the Classic and it was a bit different than most typical matches. Coincidentally, we shot the same classifier stage that is scheduled to be shot next week! Wow! Hopefully, that will help those shooters who are shooting next week.

The scores today were hot and cold. Stage 2 was designed to help with practice on drawing and firing quickly, as well as changing magazines. These two skills are vital to scoring well but most people don’t get enough practice on either. With targets just beyond contact shooting range, the shooters were tempted to blaze away. More than a few struggled as they found the upper limit of their skills.

And now, the winners. Our overall match winner and Limited Class shooter was Joe Jones, who screwed up the least of anyone. Winston Freeman took Open, Michael McDonald took Limited 10, Don Evans took Production and the venerable Tom Duchmann took Single Stack.

The shotgun match was cancelled due to the lack of shooters.

There was a suggestion that we change the format of the afternoon match (currently alternating between rifle and shotgun) to something like IDPA or concealed carry style shooting. Since we are shooting the three-gun match every month, the turnout for the rifle and shotgun matches is dwindling. If we were to shoot a different style match, we might get more shooters to come out. The idea would be to let people shoot a carry gun that isn’t high cap or long range, but still needs the practice. If you have any thoughts or opinions, let me know. NOTE: THIS WOULD NOT AFFECT THE REGULAR USPSA MATCH IN ANY WAY.

Remember the MS Classic next week, and if you go, shoot well!

Updated 04/24/10

The rifles scores have been posted here!

The next handgun match is May 9. Please note that this is Mother’s Day. We will be shooting because it is the last weekend before the Mississippi Classic, so practice will be the order of the day. The next Three-Gun match is May 2.

The pistol scores are here.

Your webmaster wasn’t there, so I don’t have too much commentary, just scores. Once I interview a few shooters, I will add a few words of wisdom.

One great comment is the exceptional turnout. We have 40 shooters this weekend, which is great. Thanks to everyone who came out.

A special thanks goes to Tom Duchmann, who had the unenviable task of scoring the match. Forty shooters make a lot of score sheets. Thank you very much, Tom, for taking care of this. If he hadn’t done this, these scores would be a few days later.

Updated 03/14/10

The next handgun match is March 11. The next Three-Gun match is March 28.

The pistol scores are here.

What a great match today! Well, at least weather-wise. There were a few problems with the scoring that affect the result. Somehow, squad 3 (shooters 20-29) managed to omit one paper target on Stage 3, so every shooter ended up with 2 shots too few. And, one of these shooters was the stage designer. I really don’t know what happened, but we can’t reshoot it, so we are throwing out Stage 3 for this match. There was also one score sheet on this stage that did not have the time recorded. If you had a good run on Stage 3, then you lost. If you had a bad run, then you got a break, but with 9 shooters missing a target, it wasn’t a one shooter accident on scoring. They just didn’t shoot it. This was the last squad to shoot it, and maybe a target blew off. It was a paper target that was missed, not a mystery steel.

Also, we are missing a score sheet for Stage 2. Somehow, Adam Bossier’s score sheet for 2 is MIA. So, his scores do not reflect a score for Stage 2, so his and everyone else’s scores are subject to change when we find the score sheet. Oh well. Stuff happens.

We had six stages (before 3 was tossed) for a round count of 157 minimum. Once again, Gerald and Josh Benton and Bryant Willet set up a fantastic field course worthy of national level consideration. Thanks!

Back to the important stuff. We had a great turnout today, with 29 shooters making the grade. We also had a great turnout of new shooters. There were 10 shooters that shot their first match at SMPSA today, and we really appreciate you coming out. We hope you enjoyed our match, despite the stage 3 miscue.

Now, the result’s please! Our overall match winner and Open division winner was Max Michel. In Limited, we had a big upset. Joe Jones squeaked by to take this division by less than 0.5% over Bryant Chaffin, who struggled with ammo problems on one stage. Production was the most competed division today with 13 shooters. The winner was new SMPSA shooter, Jeremy Jouette. Gerald Benton was the only revolver shooter as was Allen Hoover in Single Stack. Congratulations to all winners!

Thanks to everyone who set up a stage, or helped tear down. We really appreciate your efforts

Next month, we renew our membership. Your annual membership is only $25, and for this you get a key to the range to use any time. You also get a $5 per match discount on your fees. Please help support our club by joining. Financially, we are back on our feet, and hope to be buying some new props in the near future. We will also be electing officers next month, so if you are interested in serving, please show up.

Thanks again to all the shooters who came out today, especially the new shooters to our club and extra thanks to those that helped with setup and tear down.

Updated 02/16/10

The next handgun match is March 14. The next Three-Gun match is March 7.

The report will be brief this time. The webmaster was out of town again and could not participate in the fun, so it’s just scores this month.

The pistol scores are here.

Since we didn’t shoot a classifier this time (sorry, I had planned to be back in time but I was delayed by the bad weather and spent too much time in airports that weekend), we will shoot two classifiers next month.

Updated 01/24/10

The next match is February 14th.

The first match of the new year was a trial by cold. The temperature as kickoff was approximately 17° F. That’s !!COLD!!. There were only 5 shooters crazy enough to brave those elements. There isn’t much else to say, so…

The overall match winner was Wayne Alcock, who also took Limited. Alan Sullivan captured first in Production.

The pistol match scores are here.

The shotgun match saw four of the pistoleros stick it out as the temperature rose to above freezing. The shotgun match winner was Wayne Alcock. The shotgun match scores are here.

Updated 01/02/10

The 2010 match schedule has been posted here. Download the schedule in PDF form here.

Remember that the three-gun matches are shot on the first Sunday of each month.

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