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2009 SMPSA pistol match results (archive)

The entire match commentary for 2009 is archived in this post. The links to scores may or may not work.

Updated 12/12/09

The match for December 13, 2009 has been cancelled, due to bad weather.

Updated 11/11/09

The scores are up!

I am sorry for the delay in getting the scores posted. Sometimes work has to take a priority over shooting and this week was it. Anyway, enjoy!

The commentary will come a bit later, here are the pistol scores.

Updated 10/11/09

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Our range is NOT open to the public, it is only open to members who shoot our matches. This is due to our insurance policy.

The pistol scores for the October match are here. Next month’s match will be on November 8, and will feature pistol and shotgun.

The threat of rain may have kept a few people home, but it was actually a great weather day. It was mild and overcast, so no one sweat or froze. We had 16 shooters and we breezed through the 4 stages in record time.

For the past couple of months, Team Benton (Gerald, Josh and Bryant Willet) have set up a huge killer stage each month. Today may have been the best (so far). It featured 40 shots, scattered between 15 paper targets and 10 steel targets. There was a doorway, haulin’ butt, ramp-climbing and for some, jumping. It was great! I speak for everyone when I say, “Thanks, guys!”

And now, on to the results. Our Open and overall match winner was Max Michel (no surprise there). In Limited, Jeff Chunn breezed to another easy win, with almost a 14% margin of victory. Chris Brown took Limited 10 and Don “I may be slow but I hit my targets” Evans took Production. Don actually had a bad day, hitting a record high FOUR Charlies. You might want to concentrate a bit more, Don.

There were no divisions that were particularly close today, so don’t feel bad if you missed a shot here or there. It wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

Rifle scores will be posted later.

Congratulations are in order to Max Michel, Jr., the son of Max Michel, one of our regular shooters. Max Jr. recently won the USPSA Nationals in Open division.

**IMPORTANT** This month, we started shooting Multi-Gun matches on the first Sunday of each month. Multi-Gun features as many as three different guns (pistol, rifle and shotgun) on each stage. The match will start at 9 AM and the match fee will be $10. We hope to pay out at least 50% of the match fees. The next match will be November 1.

ATTENTION: Joe Jones, please send your email address to Bill Jackson at bjinpass@gmail.com. I can’t read what you wrote on your information form.

Updates 09/13/09

Typos corrected!

The pistol scores for the September match are here. Next month’s match will be on October 11, and will feature pistol and rifle.

The weather wasn’t the best today, but the road in was the worst! Heavy rains over the past few days made the road in all but impassible to anything except 4-wheel drive vehicles. A few lucky (crazy) shooters did manage to slide up the hill with just 2 wheels engaged, and no one ended up in the ditch. The ruts in the roads are going to be a problem when they dry out for the cars, so be careful when you come next month.

We did get the pistol and shotgun matches in, but the rains caught us just before we finished the last shotgun stage and everyone got soaked to the skin. Not great. But, up until then, it was a pretty nice day, with the biggest complaint about the love bugs, which were thick as flies.

Eleven shooters braved the hill-climb to shoot today and we had a pretty good pistol match. We only had three divisions represented, so this will be quick. Overall match winner and Limited champ was Jeff Chunn, who won by a wide margin. Limited 10 was taken by Wayne Alcock, and Production division was won by Gene Babin. Of note was the classifier stage, in which only one shooter, Bill Jackson, shot it clean. He won the stage, proving that at least on some stages, speed kills. He wasn’t the fastest, but no Mikes made the difference.

Although the iffy weather kept some shooters away, the USPSA Nationals are going on at the same time and at least a few of our regulars are shooting there. We wish them good luck and safe shooting.

In shotgun, our perennial winner, Wayne Alcock, won again. Today’s shotgun match was really an exercise in reloading. Each stage requires extensive reloads and most shooters found the bulk of their time dedicated to getting their thumbs unstuck from the tube of their scattergun. With a mix of birdshot and slugs on 2 of the 3 stages, just loading shells in the right order was a real challenge. And if you missed a shot, well, that really screwed things up. But, in the end, fast accurate shooting paid off for Wayne.

There is something significantly more satisfying to shooting a clay pigeons with a shotgun when compared to shooting a cardboard target with a pistol. On stage 3, there were multiple STATIC clay birds are pretty close range. Seeing them vaporize in response to a well placed shot almost made up for getting really wet. It was interesting, though, to watch several shooters miss birds from no more than 15 feet, several times in a row. You would think you could hardly miss but we proved otherwise. A well placed shot was rewarded with clay dust, however.

The shotgun scores are here.

**IMPORTANT** We will begin holding Multi-Gun matches on the first Sunday of each month, starting in October, Multi-Gun features as many as three different guns (pistol, rifle and shotgun) on each stage. The match will start at 9 AM and the match fee will be $10. We hope to pay out at least 50% of the match fees in prizes, so if you are really good (and Wayne really screws up!) then you might win gas money! Come on out and give it a try.

Updates 08/11/09

The pistol scores for the August match are here.

Once again, I missed a great match so there is no brilliant prose about the match, just the facts. I will be back next months, so don’t screw up, or you might become famous!

Division winners for the august match are:

Open: Max Michel

Limited: Gerald Benton

Production: Kayln Ulmer

Single Stack: Tony Adams

Updates 08/06/09

Pistol scores for the July match are here.

Your webmaster wasn’t at the match. so there is no sparkling commentary or snide comments this time.

The next match will be August 9, 2009. Bill and Wayne will both be absent so Roger will take over the match administration and fast-fingers Tom Duchmann will do the scores again. A hearty pre-thanks to both guys for helping out so you can sweat your butts off once again.

The scores for the August match will be posted as soon as I can get back in town and get the file from Tom. Please check no sooner than late Sunday night, but expect Monday night.

The scores for the June rifle match are here. Sorry again for the delay in posting these

Updates 06/29/09

Pistol scores are here.

While it was seasonably hot, brief cloud cover and a slight breeze made the shooting action today somewhat bearable. And, Mr. Tractor, aka Gerald Benton was out this weekend moving and shaking. Gerald and his team of landscapers leveled out major areas of the range and made it down right nice. Big thanks go to the Bentons and Bryant Willet for helping restore order to the dirt and clay.

Team Benton and Willet were also responsible for some new props which gave us a great, and memorable (or was it forgettable) stage! Thanks, guys! Great job!

We had 22 shooters turn out today, with just one new face. Welcome to Darrell Wallace from Mobile. Thanks for coming all the way and shooting with us. Everyone else had more or less established their place in the pit before today. The overall match winner and high Open shooter was Max Michel (once again). It must be in the genes. Actually Max, Sr. is a great shooter in his own right and a consistent winner at our matches. Today was no different. What was different was our second overall shooter. With 4 Open shooters, you would have expected one of them to take second, but it was actually Wes Croxton, in Limited that took second overall and High Limited. It was close for second overall, with less than 3 point separating 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall. Wayne Alcock took first in Limited 10, Alan Sullivan topped the Production class, while Tom Duchmann actually beat someone for top Single Stack. And, last but not least, Gerald Benton aced the Revolver group.

There were a couple of interesting stages today that caused more than a few people to pause. The Team Benton stage was just plain tough to plan out. Most people stuck their gun into each port and shot whatever didn’t have holes in it. Sometimes this resulted in engagement of the same target multiple times. Sometimes targets were completely ignored. Heck, the first group to shoot it was so bad off that even the scoring crew couldn’t find all the targets, so they had to number them! In reality, the stage was really challenging because quite a few targets were visible from multiple ports, making a plan hard to come by. It was balanced out with high round count so points and seconds were both important here. The other interesting stage was the classifier. This was pure and simple Draw and Shoot, FAST! The furthest target was at a whopping 10 feet, so there weren’t too many misses, but there were more than a few brain farts. I believe the best was from Coral Bordelon, who may have achieved the largest negative point total on a stage ever (if we actually went negative, that is). He forgot to reload on the first string, so he fired an ADDITIONAL 5 shots on the first string. Extra hits, Procedures… Ouch! He passed on the second string, opting to conserve ammo. Needless to say, he zeroed.

As we progress into the new membership year, it is important to thank each and every shooter who comes out and supports this club. Our finances are doing pretty well, especially compared to this time last year. We have upgraded our props and it seems to be drawing more shooters. We really appreciate the support of all of our shooters.

Wayne installed a new chain and lock on the gate so there will be a new key. He didn’t have enough keys to pass out today, so please don’t go to the range outside of the normal match times until you get a new key. We are trying to keep it locked to keep out the vandals. If you want a key just ask for it at the next match.

From now on, the night matches will be held on the fist Saturday night of the month. However, the July night match will be moved to the fourth Saturday due to scheduling conflicts. This will serve as the July and August night match.

I don’t have the scores for the rifle match from today, but maybe Wayne will send them to me…

Updates 5/10/09

Pistol scores are here.

Summer has officially arrived, as least according to the Gravel Pit groundhog. It was our first hot match of the year, and I don’t mean the shooting was hot. The wind that had plagued us the past few months was gone, replaced by a deathly calm stillness and lots of sweat.

It was Mother’s Day, so the turnout is a bit light, but we did have 14 shooters show up. We had a couple of new faces, and they managed their way through the match reasonably well. Thanks for coming and please come back again!

So, on to the results. It wasn’t much of a contest, division wise, but at least overall, it was bit bit closer. The Overall Match winner was Coral Bordelon, in Limited, who is really coming on strong after a long layoff. Coral bested Wayne Alcock, of Single Stack division for the win, but only by less than 1%. Considering Wayne could only load 8 at a time the mag, he shot pretty well. Don Evans took Production with a convincing win, While Gerald Benton tops Revolver class.

The steel was flowing fast and free today, but at least in Squad 2, it wasn’t falling very fast. Many shooters fired lots of shots at steel and found that they weren’t falling very often. That’s pretty tough when you realize that most of them weren’t all that far away. But, that’s the breaks.

Next weekend is the annual Mississippi Classic, held in Jackson, MS. Many of our regular shooters will be attending, so we wish them all the best of luck and safe shooting. As a reminder, the Pearlington club will not shoot next weekend.

Updated 04/13/09

Rifle and Shotgun matches

The rifle match scores are here.
The shotgun match scores are here.
The pistol scores have been corrected for two entry errors on Cliff Gaddis and Gerald Benton. Sorry, guys, but you really aren’t quite that good! Here are the new scores.

Updated 04/12/09

Pistol match

The pistol match scores are here. The commentary and rifle and shotgun matches will follow later. It was a looonnnnggg day.

Updated 03/12/09

Pistol match

The next match is April 12, 2009. It will be a three gun match with pistol in the morning, and rifle and shotgun in the afternoon. That Sunday happens to be Easter, but we will still have the match. It is our annual membership renewal match and we will be asking once again that shooters join the club and enjoy the savings for the rest of the year.

The pistol match scores are here. I have updated the scores from the first posting, but only to reflect changes in classifications. No actual scores have changes.

The match today was a great success, and there many reasons why. The weather cooperated, other than a few brief sprinkles. It was never hot nor cold, but pretty much just right all day. We had another great turnout, with 31 shooters and 5 great stages. We were a bit late getting going, but it was the anniversary of the Tim Lott memorial match and we again recognized Tim with a special salute shoot. We had shooters in all six USPSA divisions compete and each was competitive. We had some controversy and people shooting new guns (at least, new to them). Lots to enjoy and lots to talk about.

There were a couple of unfortunate events, and we had to DQ two shooters. Even worse, they were both new shooters to us and to the sport. One occurred during the Tim Lott memorial shoot with an accidental discharge and the second occurred during the match when the 180 degree rule was broken. Our system failed as much as the shooters in that we didn’t provide adequate training for these shooters to ensure they followed and understood the safety rules. I spoke with Wayne and we need to come up with some system that can provide the level of training and mentoring to new shooters so they have an enjoyable and SAFE shooting experience. I hope that both the shooters who got DQ’ed will come back again, because it does happen to everyone at least once in their career.

And now, on to the match results! With 31 shooters (29 after the DQ’s) we had lots of action going on in the respective divisions. The overall match winner was one of our regular Open shooters, Max Michel. His score was a little more than 13% higher than the next best shooter in any division. You might say that Max cruised today, but he earned the victory as usual. Max took 4 of the 5 stages and was a close second in the 5th. He just performed at a level that exceeded any other shooter. In Limited, we welcomed back Delman Walker as a winner. The last time we saw Delman was in 2007 and he was shooting his Open gun then. Clearly, he has mastered the Limited class as well. Alan Sullivan took Limited 10, while Cliff Gaddis topped the Production division. In Revolver, Gerald Benton the cripple, easily took his division, and in Single Stack, Wayne Alcock beat three other 1911 folks. Congratulations to the winners and to all the shooters who participated today.

Of note was George Stevens, who showed up with a comp on the business end and a red dot on the top side of his gun. He had purchased an Open gun for a great price and although he had a few problems with getting it to run smoothly, he seemed to enjoy the ease of visibility afforded by the dot sight. The Limited group has probably lost George to the dark side for good, unless he just can’t get the bugs worked out. But, the best of luck to George with his new gun.

We owe special thanks to those people who not only helped set up but took the bull by the horns and did their own stage. Coral and Anthony came with a stage and props, and Derek Flores brought the prop trailer from Tom Duchmann’s match in Pearlington and set up a nice field course with walls and decisions galore. This really helps Wayne and myself when we have people that put forth this much effort to help us set up.

Next month is the membership renewal match. For a mere $25 for an entire year of membership benefits, you enjoy a discount of $5 per match, which can save you up to $60 in the coming year. Your $25 gets you a year’s membership, plus the day’s match fee of $18 (for non-members). This means that it really costs you only $7 for a potential savings of $60! Even President Obama and the Democrats can’t offer that kind of return! Our match will be a three gun match, with pistol in the morning and rifle and shotgun in the afternoon. You don’t have to shoot all the guns, you can just shoot whatever you want.

Shotgun match

The shotgun match was actually held yesterday and we had 8 shooters participate. It was a good second match turnout for a change, and we had three good stages of fire. **REVISED scores posted – It was too good to be true. Wayne managed to coast to another victory, once the scoring problem was corrected. The scores are posted here.

Updated 02-08-09

Pistol match

The next day match is March 8, 2009. The second match will be shotgun in March.

The pistol match scores are here.

Sorry for the delay in posting the results, but there is a lot to write about today.

Mother Nature smiled upon us once again. Sunday was a picture perfect day for weather, and that brought out a bunch of shooters. Lots of regulars, and a decent handful of new shooters. Cliff Gaddis was responsible for bringing 4 new shooters by himself. If everyone could just introduce one or two people a year to our sport, we could grow our matches. Thanks, Cliff. We ended up with 31 shooters overall, a great turnout by any measure. Thanks to all the shooters who came out today.

We had five stages today, all fair and reasonable (well, not everyone would see it that way), and most people enjoyed them. Some stages challenged your brain, others challenged your body. Winning the battle with the brain is often tougher that the one with the body. Once again, we owe thanks (or blame, as the case may be) to Coral and Anthony, who came prepared with a ready made stage. This really helps!

The overall match winner was Max Michel, who also took the Open division, but only by a scant margin over Charlie Black, who was second overall and in Open. First place in Limited went to DC Alcantara with a very strong performance, and it was good enough for third overall. In Production, the battle was won by Gene Babin, who beat our Cliff Gaddis for the top honors. Gerald Benton took Revolver, and Chris Brown took Single Stack. Our four new shooters, courtesy of Cliff, all shot Limited 10 with Andrew Phillips coming out ahead of the rest of his friends. Congratulations to Andrew on his first match victory!

Another hearty thanks goes to Tom Duchmann, who was kind enough to keep the scores, so your humble webmaster could concentrate on wasting his ammo today. It really helps when you don’t have to rush to shoot through a stage, but it also helps to have an excuse when you dump it. I needed that today, but it wasn’t available. But, it wasn’t Tom’s fault I stunk up the place.

A couple of important notes for everyone to remember. Next month will be our Tim Lott memorial match. For those that didn’t know Tim, he was the glue that kept the club together for the path many years, until his untimely death around this time last year. Tim was always the first one to the range and the last one to leave. He brought the prop trailer and set up the classifier, without fail. And, he was a pretty good shooter in his own right. He won the Mississippi state title in revolver just a few years ago. He is missed by all. We will have a special gun-style salute to Tim at next month’s shotgun match.

The April match will be our membership renewal match, when you can pay your dues and get discount match rates for the next 12 months. We will continue our $25 membership fee, which includes your match fee for that day. If you are a member, you will save $5 every time you shoot. April will also be a three-gun match.

We used to shoot night matches on the third Saturday night of the Summer months. Last year, there was no turnout at all. If anyone is interested in shooting the night matches, please let Wayne or Bill know.

As some of you know, we also had a USPSA club in Gulfport that shot for years at the Gulfport Police Department range until Katrina heavily damaged the range. We have been working with the GPD to get back there for quite some time. We have been offered the use of the range once again, but this time, there will be a few restrictions that may cause us to rethink using that range. I would like anyone who is the least bit interested in shooting at Gulfport to please click this link for a detailed summary of what we would be facing if we were to resume shooting at the Gulfport range. If you are interested, please email me to let me know of your interest. Unless there is enough interest by shooters to ensure a successful club, we won’t restart. So, read the proposal here, and let me know what you think.

Unfortunately, we had a match DQ today. While this is always a hard thing for any RO to do, we all can also learn something from it. The incident today brought into question the USPSA rules, so I think it is appropriate to review the safety infraction and the rule that covers it. We all work at being safe, and accidents do happen. That’s why we emphasize safety the way we do. So, here’s what happened. A shooter was reloading on a stage, and as he seated the new magazine in his gun, it went off. His finger was out of the trigger guard at the time, and the gun was pointed down range, slightly up in the air, but above the targets on the stage. The shooter acknowledged that the gun went off by accident, but he was immediately disqualified. The reason provided by the RO at the time was that his bullet did not strike the berm. The shooter questioned the fact that at our range, many of the berms are not high enough to catch all shots, which is correct, if you consider the dirt to be the berm. We are fortunate to have a large tract of land surrounded by trees which act as backstop (one of the specified terms in the rule book) for bullets that may not impact the dirt. However, the rule in question here is not one regarding where the bullet did or didn’t impact. In this particular case, USPSA rule 10.4.3 clearly states as one of the accidental discharge scenarios that results in match disqualification, as per section 10.4, “A shot which occurs while loading, reloading or unloading a handgun. This includes any shot fired during the procedures outlined in Rule 8.3.1 and Rule 8.3.7.” The right call was made by the RO, but possibly the wrong rule was quoted. Understanding the rules is an important aspect of any sport, and ours is no different. The learning today was that at least the shooter had his gun pointed in a safe direction and no harm came to anyone or anything. Remember, there are two kinds of shooters, those who have had an accidental discharge, and those who will have an AD. If you shoot long enough it will happen to you. Make sure you always follow that basic rule of gun safety that says to never point your gun at anything you don’t want to destroy. When your AD happens, your gun should at least be pointed in a safe direction.

Thanks again to everyone who came out, and especially to those who helped in some way to make the match run smoothly. Also, thanks to the new shooters. We hope you will come back soon.

Rifle match

We also had a decent rifle match today, with seven pistol shooters sticking around for long gun fun. We only shot two stages of short courses, so we could get out before dark, but it was fun, nevertheless. The winner (big surprise) was Wayne Alcock, who smoked the rest of the field with blazing times and good hits. In fact, the nearest shooter to Wayne was at only 67% of Wayne’s score. The rifle match scores are here. Next month is shotgun.

Updated 01-11-09

Pistol match The next day match is February 8, 2009.

The pistol match scores are here.

It has taken me a week to get the time to do the commentary, and usually the wait makes it worth just that much more. Well, not in this case. It will be the same old drivel it always is. Just making fun of the people who messed up and lauding the same old winners. But here goes.

It wasn’t the best day, weather-wise we have had, but it wasn’t the worst either. It started out cool and windy and while the wind wasn’t so bad in the woods, it was still cool pretty much the whole morning. It even tried to rain for a minute or so, but thankfully, we dodged that bullet.

We had another good turnout this Sunday, so a hearty thanks to all the shooters who braved the elements and popped some caps with us. We had 21 people make it out, with some of the regulars, some of the irregulars and some of the (hopefully) soon to be regulars. Normally, this is where I would start listing the winners, but there is something more important to do first.

As most of you don’t know, trying to score the match and shoot it at the same time can be challenging. Yeah, I can just appear on a stage, and ask to go next, and then disappear, but that doesn’t give me any time to relax or get in the flow or watch how others are shooting the stage. It works, but it is not my first choice. However, having scores in real time is also pretty nice. On this fine Sunday, though, I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. Tom Duchmann recently has carpel tunnel surgery on both of his wrists and is not yet able to resume shooting, so he volunteered to take care of the scoring for me. Since Tom runs the match in Pearlington, and does this for a living, I decided that for a change, I would shoot like the rest of you. So, for this match, the scores are on Tom. No one noticed but me, and it was GREAT! Tom, thanks a million!

Now, on with the awards! Our only even semi-regular Grand Master shooter, Bryant Chaffin, made it back to our humble ranch and showed us why GMs get paid the big bucks. Oh, wait. We don’t pay out at this match. Anyway, he flat-out whooped the two Open shooters, who are not slouches themselves, for overall match winner, and Limited winner. In the Open group, Max Michel beat Charlie Black for the honors. In Production, Roger Follette dominated, as did Wayne Alcock in Single Stack. Most notable was Gerald Benton’s win in Revolver. It was the first time he has shot that particular gun, ever, and he won with it. Our old buddy, Charlie Stokes, took first in Limited 10 to round out the field.

Because we had a short course in score keeping before the match, the written scores were a whole lot better this month, compared to last month. Tom appreciated it and, therefore, so did I. Great job, scorekeepers!

We have averaged slightly over 25 shooters for each of the last three matches, and this has greatly helped our financial outlook on life (possibly along with the modest increase in match fees), and the club officers greatly appreciate it. We now have the funds to meet our obligations for the coming months without too much worry. I also want to personally thank each an every one you you who has come out to support the club and especially those of you who have made an extra contribution. I won’t mention them by name, but they know who they are. Thank you!

We did not have enough people stay for the shotgun match, so maybe next time…

The new 2009 schedule is now available for downloading here.

Thanks to all the shooters who joined as members for the 2008 year. Memberships renew in April, just a few months away. We have managed to keep up with the membership this year reasonably well, and it seems to be working out. We will keep annual dues at $25, which covers your match for the day. The best deal in shooting.

And, finally, many of the regular Poplarville shooters also shoot in Pearlington at Tom Duchmann’s club, Mississippi Gulf Coast Practical Shooters. As a benefit to Tom and his shooters, we will be posting the scores for his match on this web site in the very near future. You might not get the sparking commentary, but you will bet to see the details of the match along with the overall match scores, which aren’t available on the USPSA web site. Check back soon for this very important information.

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