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November 2019 Poplarville pistol match results

Dawson PrecisionThe weather could not have been more perfect today if we had pre-ordered it. This meant there were no excuses for not having a good time. We saw 30 shooters make the trip and enjoy 6 stages that made you shoot, move, aim and just do all those core USPSA skills that we do so well! The road is still in bad shape but we should have that fixed before next month.

With 6 stages and 3 squads, I don’t think anyone had to wait on a stage. My group didn’t and it was pretty nice. The stages seemed well balanced with a couple of fairly low round count ones with challenging shooting and manipulations in the mix. The field courses were also challenging without being mean, and also required the core skill set to be used.

There were some changes in the air with the locals today, and they were all for the good. Jason Welch has found a new division in Limited after success in Production and PCC. The Henn Brothers (actually father and son) returned from a long shooting hiatus while they opened their wonderful new fish store in Biloxi (https://www.facebook.com/justfishbiloxi/) this summer. For the second or third month in a row, George Hemstad brought out some brand new shooters, and that deserves a huge thank you! Things are going well. So, let’s see who won today.

Marking his triumphant return to Poplarville with an overall and Open division win is Roger Henn. His margin of victory was a bit over 3% to second with 3 stage wins, and 3 second place finishes. That’s the consistency you need to compete at the highest level these days. Roger seems to be getting everything dialed in these days. In Limited, we saw David Pape take first place, while the new kid in Limited (Jason) was second. Single Stack was won by Ethan Boudreaux and Carry Optics by Brian Dolly. And, finally, Charles Alexander rounded out the winners with his 1st in PCC.

If you liked the stages today, please let me know, and if you didn’t, I need to know that as well. I can always do better but your feedback is important to me. You can comment here or on Facebook.

I would like to thank everyone for helping me get things picked up today. I usually leave a lot of stuff up for the next month, but we were due for a complete changeover, so there was a ton of help getting everything undone and put up. That’s always greatly appreciated. With so much help, it just took minutes. Setting it all up was hours and hours and hours. So, thanks!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Hattiesburg match to be held next Sunday, November 17, 2019 at the Brothers N Arms range (same place as before). You can use this link to register.

For the complete match results from today, click the score computer at the right.

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